Galloway & Ridley: We’re Going to Gaza [Video]

On February 14th 2009, after only four, short weeks of preparation, the Viva Palestina convoy finally left for Gaza from its starting point at London’s Hyde Park (click here for a background video explaining the initiative).

This latest video contains interviews with the founder, George Galloway MP, and the journalist, Yvonne Ridley, filmed at the departure event, last Saturday.

At the time of publishing this entry, the convoy had already reached Morocco. Receive daily updates and send in your donations via

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18 responses to “Galloway & Ridley: We’re Going to Gaza [Video]”

  1. mohammed says:

    Great work ..May Allah guide Galloway to ISLAM….

  2. khawla says:

    MashaAllah, wonderful job.
    Can someone edit and remove that Shirki phrase from the video clip: “keep your fingers crossed” please.

  3. Umm Reem says:

    mashaAllah…may Allah reward them and make them successful.
    loved the accent :)

  4. innalhamdolillah, wa bismillah. this is a convoy of good people, standing up for a just cause. may they find peace on the road ahead of them, and peace behind them. peace to the right of them, and peace to the left of them. peace above them, and may their way be paved with peace.

    lol, Galloway said “Allaho Akbar.” may Allah guide him soon to say “la ilaha illAllah” with his whole heart.

  5. AnonyMuslim says:

    IA the mission to distribute aid and raise awareness will be successful. I’m troubled by the fact that Galloway has chosen to align himself so closely with Ridley in light of her twisted views. I guess it’s safe to assume there will be no Sami Yusuf played on this long road trip.

  6. MR says:

    Good cause, mashaAllah!

    Sidenote: linking to HD videos is not a wise decision. Most PCs can’t handle HD streaming on YouTube, unless they wait at least 5-15 minutes depending on their connection. Then after that, the playback will be choppy if they don’t have a good graphics card.

    Providing two links would be better. One for HD and one for regular quality.

  7. iMuslim says:

    That’s a good point, MR. If anyone has more tech recommendations, I’d appreciate your input on my HD dilemma:

    But there isn’t really a need to provide two links, as the link to watch the normal quality version is automatically placed beneath the video by YouTube, upon loading.

  8. bintashraf says:

    Yay! May Allah show them the fruits of the their efforts and allow their endeavor to be of maximum benefit to the people of Gaza. This is so exciting, I wish I was there.

  9. Abdurrahman says:

    Yay! Maybe now the occupation of Palestine will come to an end!!

  10. iMuslim says:

    @khawla… jazakumAllah khair for pointing out the “shirkiness” of that statement. It’s such a common expression, it completely passed me by. I have now edited out the offending statement.

    @MR – I took advantage of the fact that video needed to be edited, and uploaded a standard def version instead. So now the new video URL is:

  11. lol, sister, you trashed my comment, too, when you replaced the video, and i was the first one. but i am glad you got rid of the shirky stuff. so alhamdolillah. :)

  12. lol he said ‘wa Allahu Akbar’. MashaAllah what an initiative, amazing.

  13. IbnAbbas says:

    what software do you use in making these videos? good stuff!

  14. iMuslim says:

    @abu abdAllah Tariq Ahmed – Sorry brother. I didn’t actually delete the original video; I just made it private. Though either way your original comment is no longer visible!

    @IbnAbbas: I use Final Cut Express on my MacBook.

  15. iMuslim says:


    Morocco and Algeria open their borders for the first time in 15 years, to allow the Viva Palestina aid convoy to pass through. Truly amazing, Allahu akbar!

  16. Muhammad ud-Deen says:


    I was at a gathering where George Galloway was asked if he believed in one God and the message of Rasoolullaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wasallam) and that ‘Eesa (alayhis salaam) was a prophet of God. He agreed and as the questioner was saying the shahadah, he repeated mashaAllaah.

    I know he doesn’t talk about his faith, but I’ve always taken that shahadah as confirmation of his islaam.

    May Allaah guide and protect him and our sister Yvonne!

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