UPDATES (1/13) ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk?

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Updated: 1/13/09 (rallies)

Bismillah, before continuing, please check all pessimism and hopelessness at the gate, otherwise do not read any further. Feel free to use this post, in part or entirety, and circulate as much as possible. Copyright rules are waived for it.


FAMILIARIZE : Familiarize yourself with the Gaza situation if you are not already up to speed. You can read MM’s complete coverage by clicking here.

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ACTION PLAN : We have compiled a list of action-items (many from readers’ comments) into one list that, inshaAllah, will empower us all. We have all read enough about Gaza to know the grave situation that our brethren find themselves in. Now, it’s time to do something. This is OUR 60-90 minutes action-guide that WE should go through at least once. Repeat one or more of the actions as often as you are able to. Do as much as you can, whenever you can. NO ACTION IS INSIGNIFICANT.

Once you are done taking ANY or all actions, come back and add a comment to record your small contribution(s), but with great reward towards OUR cause. The purpose of checking back in is to encourage others to do the same. A small logo for this post will be added to front page, on the right side:

OUR 60-Minute Action-Gaza Plan (one-time, not daily):

  1. MAKE Du’a | 10 minutes | REPEAT Everyday

    • Print out the du’as in this attachment and post it on your fridge or any other prominent location. Read the du’as now and move on.
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  3. DONATE | 10 minutes |
    Make a donation. Every one of you can make a small donation, even $5.

    1. Islamic Relief USA
    2. KinderUSA
    3. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
    4. Mercy USA for Aid & Development
    5. American Near East Refugee Aid
    6. In UK: Islamic Relief and Human Relief International
    7. Helping activists/movements: International Solidarity Movement (ISM)
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  5. JOIN MM’s new DIGG Club on FACEBOOK | 5 minutes |
    This is a means to increase the power of the word-of-mouth for important news articles or analysis:

    1. Learn about these tools: DIGG and Stumbleupon.
    2. Join the new FB group by clicking here (make sure you ONLY join if you are COMMITTED to spending 5 minutes maximum per day). Here’s how it will work:
      1. As soon as there is a significant/fair article (on MM or elsewhere) brought to our attention, we will send a message on FB to the entire group.
      2. All members of the group are required to do their part: to DIGG, SU, Reddit, whatever, within 48 hours of receiving notice (it takes only 1 minute to do it).
      3. You have suddenly become part of blitzing truth over falsehood.
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    • Call any random number in Gaza, and tell them that you are calling from North America (or wherever you are), make Duaa for them and tell them all their brothers and sisters around the world are with them; this will give them moral support and courage ! How to call? > Very simple!
    • Dial any of these number and replace the last 4 digits by any random ones, try 4 or 5 times and you’ll reach a family insha’Allah ! Even if you don’t speak Arabic, talk to them with very slow and simple English. Here’s what you can say in Arabic. We’ll have an audio version of this by tomorrow i/a:
      (011)9728284-XXXX (011)9728282-XXXX (011)9728255-XXXX
    • PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF TIME-ZONES! (7 hrs ahead of US EST, 2 hrs ahead of UK)
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    • CAIR has launched an online petition drive to collect one million signatures. Be part of it by clicking here.
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  11. WRITE or CALL your Congressional Representative | 15 minutes |

    • Click here to locate your U.S. Representative, and click here to locate your Senators. Talking points at the bottom. You can be much more detailed than the letter to the editor.
    • You should also consider sending a quick note to the Saudi Arabia’s ruler (see MR’s post on this).
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  13. WRITE a Letter to the Editor | 20-50 minutes | REPEAT for other newspapers
    Letters to editor is the most-read section in the entire newspaper, and is read by local leaders as a means of keeping up with the pulse of the community.

    1. Write a letter to your local newspaper (you can find it from the list here). You have a better chance of getting published than writing to one of the national newspapers.
    2. Consider these guidelines to increase your chance of getting published. The most important point: Make ONE point, even if you have a hundred swarming in your head. Be very succinct and add some “color” or “reasoned emotion”, it may increase your chance of getting published.
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    1. Cross-post on your blog. Email it. Post to your facebook profile.
    2. Print out this hard-copy of this “Action-Gaza”, make copies and distribute.
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    • Post your ideas in comments. Also use this space to inform people of any rallies or special events in your area for Gaza.

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Talking Points for Letters to Editor & Congressional Representative [remember keep scope of letter limited]:

  1. President Bush and Secretary Rice should exert diplomatic pressure to immediately re-instate a ceasefire. Israel’s military assault is disproportionate, inhumane, and immoral. The U.S. is the only country that has the capability to effectively halt this vicious cycle of violence.
  2. All human life is sacred. Israel must stop its collective punishment of Palestinians, and allow critically needed medical supplies and food to be delivered to the residents of Gaza.
  3. The Gaza Strip is smaller than the Isle of Wight, but it is crammed with 1.5 million people who can never leave. They live out their lives on top of each other in vast sagging tower blocks, jobless and hungry. From the top floor, you can often see the borders of their world: the Mediterranean Sea, and the Israeli barbed wire. When bombs begin to fall — as they are doing now with more deadly force than on any day since 1967 — there is nowhere to hide.
  4. The Israeli government did indeed withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 2005 – in order to be able to intensify control of the West Bank. Ariel Sharon’s senior advisor Dov Weisglass was unequivocal about this, explaining: “The disengagement [from Gaza] is actually formaldehyde. It supplies the amount of formaldehyde that’s necessary so that there will not be a political process with the Palestinians… Effectively, this whole package that is called the Palestinian state has been removed from our agenda indefinitely.”
  5. The election of Hamas was in a free and democratic election, and it was not a rejection of a two-state solution. The most detailed polling of Palestinians, by the University of Maryland, found that 72 percent want a two-state solution on the 1967 borders, while fewer than 20 percent want to reclaim the whole of historic Palestine. Rather than seize this opportunity and test their sincerity, the Israeli government reacted by punishing the entire civilian population. They announced they were blockading the Gaza Strip in order to “pressure” its people to reverse the democratic process. They surrounded the Strip and refused to let anyone or anything out. They let in a small trickle of food, fuel and medicine – but not enough for survival.
  6. According to Oxfam, this November only 137 trucks of food were allowed into Gaza this November – to feed 1.5 million people. The UN says poverty has reached an “unprecedented level.”
  7. It was in this context – under collective punishment designed to topple a democracy – that some forces within Gaza did something immoral: they fired Qassam rockets indiscriminately at Israeli cities. These rockets have killed 16 ordinary Israeli citizens. This is abhorrent: targeting civilians is always murder. But it is hypocritical for the Israeli government to claim now to speak out for the safety of civilians when they have been terrorising civilians as a matter of state policy.
  8. Only 16 civilians have died due to the small unsophisticated rockets in all these years. Israel killed that many civilians in less than 24 hours. Only one in 500 Qassam rockets causes a fatality. How many thousands of Israeli bombs, missiles, rockets, grenades and tank-shells have been blasted into the crowded city and towns of the Gaza Strip by Israel’s high-tech weaponry?
  9. Hamas offered a ceasefire in return for basic and achievable compromises. According to the Israeli press, Yuval Diskin, the current head of the Israeli security services Shin Bet, “told the Israeli cabinet [on the 23rd] that Hamas is interested in continuing the truce, but wants to improve its terms.” Diskin explained Hamas was requesting two things: an end to the blockade, and an Israeli ceasefire on the West Bank. The cabinet – high with election-fever, and eager to appear tough – rejected these terms.
  10. The sound of Gaza burning should be drowned out by the words of the Israeli writer Larry Derfner. He says: “Israel’s war with Gaza has to be the most one-sided on earth…. If the point is to end it, or at least begin to end it, the ball is not in Hamas’ court – it’s in ours.”
  11. “Israel left Gaza in order to create an opportunity for peace.” FALSE. Israel never left Gaza. It still occupies Gaza’s airspace and coastal waters and controls all entrances and exits.
  12. Israel had failed to abide by the terms of the cease-fire. For the overwhelming majority of the six-month truce, Israel had refused to ease its military blockade of Gaza to any significant degree. In addition, it was the initial violator of the cease-fire when it sent tanks and aircraft into Gaza and killed six Palestinians on November 4, 2008.
  13. In the interest of peace, Hamas, and especially Fatah, have firmly established that they are willing to participate in negotiations that are based on internationally recognized borders and rights. The Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said in November that his government was willing to accept a Palestinian state alongside Israel within the 1967 borders. Haaretz Israel News, Nov. 9, 2008
  14. Institutions of higher learning are supposed to serve the needs of their countries and are also supposed to be a place where diverse views are debated. The indiscriminate bombing of this university simply cannot be justified. Last year, when there was a British proposal to boycott Israel universities, and the speed and enthusiasm with which certain American universities and academics jumped to attack the proposed boycott of Israeli universities was a spectacle to witness. They claimed they were championing academic freedom. I wonder where these same universities and academics are now, when an entire University is bombed, its facilities destroyed, and professors assassinated. The only reasonable answer seems to be that in the eyes of these academics, Palestinians don’t really deserve the same freedoms as Israelis do. In other words, some freedoms are just more sacred than others.
  15. five-sisters-gaza.jpgThe claim that only 60-odd people were civilians out of the nearly 400+ killed is utter misinformation. The UN yesterday issued a “conservative” estimate of the number of civilians killed in three days of unprecedentedly fierce aerial bombardment, putting the death toll at 62. It is a deliberately conservative estimate because it excludes all men in the Gaza City area to ensure that it does not accidentally include uniformed personnel. The Palestinian Centre of Human Rights said that “most” of the more than 300 casualties were civilian but their tally includes Hamas policemen. Under the laws of war, police and police stations are presumptively civilian unless the police are Hamas fighters or taking a direct part in the hostilities, or police stations are being used for military purposes. We already know that some of the police officers targeted were mere cadets/recruits, let alone fighters!

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Talking-points Gathered From:

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Hard-copy of Action-Gaza

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212 responses to “UPDATES (1/13) ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk?”

  1. Amad says:

    salam… a few minutes ago we called a few numbers in Gaza, got through using the last suggestion, (011)9728255-XXXX, and talked with two households. Needless to say that, they were happy to hear from us and we were happy to connect on a personal level with those under this awful siege and violence.

  2. Hassan says:

    -Edited. This is a PERSONAL action-item list. Pls lets stick to the topic.

  3. Hassan says:

    Hmm, can we write as individuals and groups to muslim governments about my edited comment? Would not it come under personal action item? And if they do indeed follow through, then we may have more personal actions to do. Just the thought.

  4. […] take action.  If you didn’t or couldn’t do anything at all, then check out this post here from MuslimMatters.org on some things you can […]

  5. Amad says:

    Hassan, you are free to do what you wish on your own personal basis. But I think sometimes one needs to think of things practically.

    Let’s focus on the items that is within our capability and that we can actually accomplish. That is the purpose of this post inshalah.

  6. Amad says:

    inshallah, I’ll match the first $250 donation to Gaza to get our fund-raising kicked off.

  7. umtalhah says:

    as salam alaikum,

    jazakAllahu khairan br. amad & mm 4 this list. due to traveling & some personal issues i was completely cut off from the news. afer arriving in saudi late wednesday night, i was very surprised to hear ‘qunoot’ prapyer in the fajr prayer. (not just the adhan but the entire prayer takes place over the microphone here in saudi.) after connecting to the world i realized why all the masjids for the past few days have been reading qunoot (mostly in the fajr prayer). may Allah ease their situation.

    all the majids in my vicinity have been making duaa for the muslims in palestine and against the oppressors. may Allah accept the duaas.

    personally, i started praying just 2 rakah’s everyday asking Allah to aid teh muslims. this is the least we can do after spending an entire day safely, peacefully, with our loved ones, our faimilies, with much more than enough food on our tables (and in our pantries), with a solid roof on our heads, working ac/heaters in our homes to say the least and the list goes on.

    allahumma laka alhamd wa ya rabbana fansurna ala alqawm al kafireen.

    the site http://www.ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/dec08.html has a downloadable flyer about the massacre in gaza. perhaps u can add thtat to the list too.

    wassalam alaikum,

  8. AnonyMouse says:

    Talk to your children about what’s happening in Gaza. Yes, it’s harsh and horrible and we don’t want to expose children to that kind of gruesomeness, but it’s the truth. Make them aware of what their brothers and sisters in Islam are going through… ask them, “How would you feel if this was happening to Mama and Baba? To your baby brother or big sister?” Teach them to make du’a.

    Encourage them to donate. SubhanAllah, something incredibly inspiring is that after talking to the Madrasah students about the Gaza crisis, we recieved several envelopes of donations from the children themselves. Their parents told us that the kids were saving up for iPods and toys and other special items, but once they heard about what was happening in Palestine, they gave it all up for the Sake of Allah.

  9. Amad says:

    dont forget to digg post

    We’ll use the new FB DIGG club once is got a 100 members inshallah.

  10. Organica says:

    How should we bring forth this action plan on our blogs? Should copy paste the list or only the link? Please advise.

  11. Amad says:

    salam Sr. Organica, you can copy and paste the entire list if you feel that will be more effective. Whatever you feel is more effective. Our usual rules of only posting excerpts are waived for this post… the point is to maximize its exposure.

  12. Organica says:

    Okay, I am going to take some important points (to make it easy for people to read on my blog) and refer them to this post and all the other links. I am making profiles on all the websites you suggested. It was very easy to join and edit. I encourage everyone to do it as well!

    Jazzakum Allah Khair on behalf of Islam and Muslims!

  13. Yaser Birjas says:

    We did few random calls as well and they all worked alhamdulillah. People were surprised and will really appreciate your support.

  14. Yaser Birjas says:

    I would really recommend for all Imams and Khateebs, to dedicate this upcoming Friday khutbah wisely to explain the situation in Gaza and give our brothers and sisters there the support they deserve. And until then, start their practice of Qunoot “du’a in Salat” on regular basis to keep this case alive in the minds and hearts of people.

  15. AnonyMouse says:

    Use an inspiring poster as your profile pic

    If anyone has good posters that we can use as profile pics like Kulna Gaza (we are all Gaza/ all for Gaza); or Quds Tonadeena (Quds is calling), please post them to the MM facebook group.

  16. Ibn Abu Aisha says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Brother Amad,

    May Allah reward Shaykhana Yaser and you for calling our families in Gaza. I’m wondering if there’s a “Collection Box” for MM donors whereby we can keep track of the $10,000 we’re hoping to raise Insha Allah. If yes, where is the link? Or should I make the donation on one of the websites listed above? I want to join you by donating $250 right now.

    May Allah pour Sabr on our brothers and sisters in Gaza and grant them protection and safety. Ameen.

    Wassalamu Alaikum.

  17. Mohammad S. says:

    Amad, or whoever is in charge of this article, can I please copy-paste some of the points mentioned above into my email? Does reference need to be cited?

    I’m trying to mail the Canadian PM, Stephen Harper. Any Canadian who wants his email:pm@pm.gc.ca

  18. […] from MuslimMatters has compiled this excellent Action Plan that I encourge you all to implement. [Copied with permission from MuslimMatters]  This entire list should take less than an hour to […]

  19. Abdalaziz says:


    This list will inshallah come in handy for anyone and everyone who wants to do whatever they can in attempt to mitigate the Muslim Crisis. All of our efforts will not go unnoticed by The Almighty.

  20. Reem says:

    I am 11 years old and I made the call and i talked in Arabic.. the first call a man picked up and the second one a woman picked up, she had family and children…she sounded like she was sad and depressed…

    i am donating 80 dollars from my money…may Allah help them.


  21. Amad says:

    Mohammad S.
    Feel free to copy anything you wish. You don’t need to cite references if its not helpful in the specific case.

  22. not telling says:

    salamualaikum, i am 8 years old and i will donate 20 dollars, my one months allowance, well that’s all………………………salam………..i am not telling who i am……………..

  23. Amad says:

    Ibn Abu Aisha, jazakAllahkhair
    we’ll keep track… just see the new thumbnail in the post… between you, the match and a couple of other donations, we have kicked this off

    $800 (8% there)

  24. Amad says:

    We’ll also add links to any photo albums of rallies or any other form of “ACTION”. The link to photos of the rally in Philadelphia has been added.

  25. Tanveer says:

    Jazakallah Khair for this well organized steps to do, InshaAllah we will get there in our goals and be successful, Ameen.

    Question or Idea:
    – are there any list of stores or business who support by donating their profits or revenues to Israel
    – got few emails but I am not sure if those are authentic, so would like if you could post those, so that we boycott and be aware that our spending in a way is also used to destroy our own brothers.


  26. Organica says:

    Rally pictures.

    If you have pictures please post them on http://picasa.google.com/ and email them to MuslimMatters admin.

    I am working on getting photos of:

    Toronto, ON-Canada
    Chicago, IL

  27. Amad says:

    Tanveer, boycotting may be helpful though there is some question about whether collective punishment in response to collective punishment is the right moral strategy. In any case, there will be an article posted tomorrow on this subject inshallah.

    The website I can refer you to is: Boycott Israel Campaign

    iMuslim referred to them in her post on MM concerning boycotting Israeli dates.

  28. ALGEBRA says:

    MashALLAH impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It takes a lot of generousity from an 8 year old to donate 80 from their allowance.
    May ALLAH REWARD you for your GENEROUSITY.

  29. Suggestion says:

    Assalam Alykum

    If the audience are non-Muslims, it’s good to diversify the message.

    So, buying unbiased books then giving them to your friends, book clubs, teachers, … inshaAllah is good.

    Here are some suggested books

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
    Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid
    The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

  30. Amad says:

    Excellent “suggestion”. I think there is a video too:

    Occupation 101

    is excellent. Sh. Yaser suggested a campaign to collect money to buy these in bulk and send to officials, etc.

  31. ALGEBRA says:

    Oh what a great idea. I really like the summary of all the steps we can take.
    1. petition
    2. digged
    3. donated—- anonymous amount
    4. Duas
    InshAllah I will write the newspaper tomorrow.
    THank you for ORGANIZING everyting in a LIST AMAD

  32. Reem says:

    i think you got mixed up between me and my bro (not telling [that is his name] ).. he is 8 and he is donating 20 dollars from his allowance.. i am 11 and i am the one donating $80.. and its not from allowance, it is from savings..


  33. Slave says:

    Assalam Alaikum

    Adding to the list:

    1. Additional Donation Organizations:

    * Human Appeal
    * Ummah Welfare Trust
    * Muslim Aid
    * Islamic Relief
    * Islamic Relief > just Giving
    * Interpal
    * IRFAN – Canada
    * Red Crescent

    Google Them for Links

    2. U.S. Citizens – WITHOLD Taxes
    – Much of this goes to Israel Military – DON’T AID THEM
    – There are 299.1 Million Muslims in the US – there have been various Protests, but this Silent Protest harms them economically and will bring more force to get them to listen

    3. Contact the Media

    Friends of Al-Aqsa calls on everyone to contact the media and demand more balanced and fair reporting of the conflict. This should include demands that the Palestinian side of the story is given adequate coverage, which the media can achieve by contacting organisations which support the Palestinian cause such as:

    Friends of Al-Aqsa – 07711 823524
    Palestine Solidarity Campaign – 020 7700 6192
    Stop the War Coalition – 07939 242229


    Friends of Al-Aqsa calls on everyone to contact all the media agencies, who are providing imbalanced reporting, including:

    BBC News
    020 8743 8000 / 0870 0100 222

    0207 833 3000

    Sky News
    020 7705 3000 / 08702 403000

    4. Support Fair Trade Initiatives:

    Make every penny count by support long term projects which help give Palestinians economic independence. Companies like Zaytoun sell Fair Trade olive oil and related products here in the UK. Check out the Palestine Fair Trade Association for more information.

    5. Raise awareness in Mosques, Institutes, Social Networks etc. to collectively Fund Raise

    Someone previously mentions Occupation 101 – Very good documentary for those who are unaware of the situation
    To watch news on computer – Download Livestation

    May Allah give vistory to the Muslims, and aid Hamas.

  34. […] is one really concise program started by Muslim Matters. Here is the Facebook […]

  35. Amad says:

    At the bottom of the post,
    Added rally/protest photos links to Philly, Toronto
    Also, added a link to brutalities in photos. These are some of the starkest, and most poignant pictures I have seen yet. Discretion advised.

  36. aarij says:

    Flagging YouTube Videos

    Hunt down the videos on the YouTube Channel of the Israeli military and flag the videos as “Violent or Repulsive Content”, or “Hateful or Abusive Content”. By God, its repulsive content at its worst. Some of the videos from the Channel are already taken down.

  37. student says:

    JazakumuAllahu alf khairan for compiling this list!!!!!!!! We just tried the last number and we were able to reach someone. AlhamduliAllah, it touched our hearts.

  38. Where are the American Ulema? says:

    Yaser Birjas briefly gave his 2 cents in a post on this column.. but I have yet to see our American Ulema speak effectively about the crisis.. where is Yasir Qadhi?? Where is Suhaib Webb (apart from posting articles published by other authors)??

    What do they have to say? Any words of wisdom ?

  39. Noor Syed says:

    May Allah protect our brothers and sisters. Excellent reminders masha’Allah, I will definitely encourage others to act upon it…

  40. Wow, I’m happy to see such an effort. This is great.

    I think we should all personally raise money at the mosque, get a stand and a box, make some posters and ask people.

    For me, a practical problem is that many of the Desi uncles and aunts do not really look online..are computer-illiterate and thus handicapped in donating.

    I think if people go to mosque and personally ask we can reach out to a group that is not donating to its full potential.

    Just an idea.


    -The Muslim Kid-

  41. A Sister says:

    Jazaakumullaahu khairan for your coverage and efforts.
    Are there any relief organizations that accept paypal payments?

  42. bismillah. Amad, i have dugg this article.

    and i was about to share the tiny-url with others for dissemination, but when i cut and paste: http://www.tinyurl.com/action-gaza into my browser, i get to MM, alright, but to an MM-404 message. in any case, please double-check the tiny url!

    may Allah deliver the Gazans and the rest of Palestine from the oppression of Israel. ameen.

  43. ar.m says:


    jazakh Allah khayrun all helping

    remember do not render your deeds fruitless by showing off

  44. hidden souls says:

    My family tried calling from the numbers above and alhamdulillah after some tries it worked…The only problem was that we never accounted for the time difference so we think we woke them up in the middle of the night? oops!
    It was really nice though to connect with them for a few moments (the lady sounded really tired and didn’t say much, may Allah strengthen them)..The feeling I had is near impossible to describe…I think everyone should try doing it!!

  45. Rose Madder says:

    I will surely go through You Tube and label sites as objectionable, repellent, violent, bigoted, racist…. but they’ll all be the ones starring those Moron Muslims who are flaunting those stupid “kill the juice” signs. May Gaza be cleansed of the murdering Hamas thugs who took over the legitimate government and hold Palestinian civilians hostage – cowards all who hide behind their mommy’s birkas, good only at killing little girls. The sooner they’re all dead the sooner Palestinians can breathe again. May it be very, very soon.

  46. Idris says:

    After trying several times. I got through to a family in Gaza, and despite my poor Arabic, they appreciated the call and the dua!

  47. shaam says:

    May Allah Bless you all for the ideas….especially the calling idea. Me and my husband just called one random number. My husband couldn’t talk, he started to cry. We both cried so much after talking. We talked with only one sister. She is probably our grandparents age. She sounded just like one of us. My husband is Turkish and I am Bengali, we talked with one person from Gaza and we felt like as if we are family. SubhanAllah. Alhumdulillah, we are Muslim. Alhumdulillah we love our brothers and sisters. Alhumdulillah we are one.

    I want to call the same person again and again…after I hung up I felt soooo sad, I felt like I lost a Grandma forever. I didn’t want to hung up, I was afraid of losing her. I started to think what if she dies just like othes…. I don’t know her but now i feel like as if I know her for ages. Me and my husband feel conntected more after just talking with one person. InshAllah from now on we will try to do all that we can… We will try to walk the talk. Ameen

  48. abu Rumay-s.a. says:

    One further suggestion is Community Outreach. It is a good to time to educate the local community centers, churches, synagogues, universities, schools, etc. about the facts and about the plight of the suffering Palestinians. This can be done in a form of inviting them to the local masajid or holding public events, this can be done with many other non muslim organizations.

    Second, also inviting the local news papers and TV stations to the Masajid or to the outreach events to show the solidarity of the community against this carnage and crimes against humanity.

    Just as a side note, you can read from Arabnews, the following (from Saudi Arabia):

    Total donations collected so far exceed SR125 million, excluding several truckloads of relief supplies such as blankets, clothes and basic provisions.

    “The Kingdom has sent seven planeloads of aid to war-torn Palestine so far including two relief planes that took off from Riyadh Air Base yesterday for Areesh airport in Egypt, carrying more than 24 tons of medical supplies,” said Dr. Khaled Al-Mirghalani, spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

    “A total of 14 severely injured Palestinians have been airlifted and admitted to different hospitals in the Saudi capital as I speak to you,” he added.

  49. […] Re: Aftermath of Gaza Attack Muslim Matters has put up a list of things we all can do withing 60 minutes to help. Please check out the link and InshAllah, we will all pitch in whatever way we can. ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk? | MuslimMatters.org […]

  50. islam blog says:

    Can anyone provide feedback on Muslim Hands [muslimhands.org]. Are they a good charity to donate to? I asked because I could not find them on your list of sites to donate to. Jazakallah.

  51. Slave says:



    Boycott all Israeli Companies: http://theunjustmedia.com/Islamic%20Perspectives/Jan09/Bc/Boycott%20Israel%20Campaign%20Brands%20&%20labels%20to%20Boycott.htm

  52. Abdur Rahman says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    How about also talking about what is going on in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Kashmir, Xinjian, the Caucauses and the Philippines? It is no doubt important to focus on what is going in the Land of Al-Aqsa but the situation is dire in these places as well and there is no mention of them. If we begin to talk about these issues it will really help to understand events that are going on in the world. I never even heard anyone talk about making qunoot for, say, Somalia where they were implementing shariah(and are to some extent now), and the situation there is perhaps worse or atleast on par with Somalia.

    I hope we will not be selective once we begin to discuss what is going on with the Ummah and I sincerely hope that our imaams and leaders take up this important task of educating the Ummah.

  53. Khan says:

    Asslamo alaikum…

    Mashallah very good ideas but we should not only confined ourselves to ideas and words only we should take some practical steps too like donating money is the most effective tool that every one can use to help our brothers and sisters but donation should not stop ,, it doe not mean that me donate few dollars and then start thinking that i fulfill my duties .. no it should be in long term because the people are suffering there from very long time our one time few dollars cannot help them, me live in Pakistan in tribal areas and we have the same situations USA drons attacking and killing innocent people .. and i remembered when i was in university two years ago we students made a group and from our pockets money and some of us doing jobs too and we collect money from our friends and then we students who belongs to those areas we said them that they provide us the ten families addresses whose earning family members died in those attacks .. and thus wer about 7 months send them monthly expenses so they can buy basic goods for their living.. . any thing we can do for our brothers in Gaza we should keep the long term strategy .. i shall like to say that and suggest that we can and we should at least over here from MM can start some thing practical rather we search some one else.. … may Allah help and protect our brothers and sisters in gaza and all those part of world where they have difficulties . and may Allah give us strength that we can do some thing more than words for our brothers.. ameen..

    Well done is better than well said…


  54. Slave says:

    To AbdurRahman,

    Subhan’Allah! For certain, your words are true. No doubt that these areas are just as important, however, could you please indicate as to where we find sufficient covering of the situation there? Sadly, as you say, we tend to focus on exactly what the media is covering. At the moment there is massive massacre done by an opposing party on the people of Gaza, and there are numerous ways in which we can assist. However, I am dumbfounded when it comes to ways to assist them in their struggle.

    Du’a, of course, is unbeatable. Especially one which is sincere.

  55. Slave says:

    The Malaysian President (or former president) said to Boycott the US Dollar. I don’t know how us civilians can do that, but we CAN BOYCOTT Israeli companies and WITHHOLD TAX MONEY

  56. Khan says:

    and one thing more i often read may be i wrong that MM only talk or focus on muslims who live in USA and motivate them towards good deeds.. i think here in Pakistan people also want to help and in whole muslim world people want to help too so there is a need that MM and its members try to reach out every where in muslim world . and its members should tell their friends in other countries .. ..too.

    lets make a unlimited chain..


  57. anonymous says:

    how to withhold tax money when they deduct all taxes from our paychecks every quarternight.

  58. Khan says:

    MM should tell that how people can donate them from outside USA …?

  59. Molham Aldrobi says:

    Very good ideas, may Allah help you all;

  60. Abdur Rahman says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Akhee, ‘slave’ the best places I have found are:

    http://www.islamicawakening.com – especially there forums: http://forums.islamicawakening.com/



    Plus, reading lots of different newspapers, I mainly read the ones in the US and UK.

    As for what we action we should be doing I highly recommend reading the different approaches that are out there and sincerely asking Allah (swt) for guidance. I am in no position to direct you, but one should realize that when a shaykh is speaking he has a certain methodology when it comes to treating the ills of the Ummah and there is no doubt truth to what most say but we have to hear what all say in order to make a decision and beware of the fact that each shaykh or group has its own strength and weaknesses but this does not necesssarily delegitimize their “Islamicness.”

    I hope this make sense and I hope that someone will find benefit in what I have said.

    Allah knows best.

    BarakAllahu feekum

  61. UmmUmar says:

    Fasting and prayer for Gaza on 9th and 10th of Muharram (Tues and Wed according to moonsighting.com)
    This appeal for worldwide Muslim prayer and fasting is from Islamictube.com and is posted on my site: http://muslimwritings.wordpress.com/2009/01/05/fasting-and-prayer-for-gaza/

  62. Dawud Israel says:

    Kalimatu tayyibatu sadaqa
    A good word is charity

    Imagine you are an Israeli soldier and you go into houses of Palestinians and every house you go into has a phones ringing, from Muslims around the world calling to comfort them.

    Wouldn’t that make the Israelis think twice? I mean, they are Bani Israel–they have brotherhood too, but if they see brotherhood on this scale, while if I were an Israeli soldier I would get pretty nervous. As if the Muslims are already closing in on them…as if they can already see the sparks of emaan growing brighter and fuller…

  63. […] article titled, “Action-Gaza. Can we spare 60 minutes? Can we walk the talk?”  http://muslimmatters.org/2009/01/04/action-gaza-can-we-spare-60-minutes-can-we-walk-the-talk/    Let us all do whatever we can to be with our dearest brothers and sisters right now; we have […]

  64. […] Actions You Can Do to Help the People of Gaza […]

  65. Jana says:

    For brothers and sisters in the UK, you can donate to Islamic Relief’s Gaza Emergency Appeal here:


    The page also includes updates about the situation on the ground.

  66. Jana says:

    Salaam all, just to add, I just came across this now:


    “QassamCount’s sole purpose is to let the world know about the number of Qassams and other rockets that hit Israel every day. We update our and Facebook status that have been donated every time a Qassam hits Israel”

    Does anyone know if a similar application is around for the number of rockets being fired into Gaza, or the number of Palestinian deaths?

  67. anon says:

    “Imagine you are an Israeli soldier and you go into houses of Palestinians and every house you go into has a phones ringing, from Muslims around the world calling to comfort them.”

    I heard one of pakistan’s top political commentators, Dr Shahid Masood, on his Geo News show last night point out that Gaza does NOT have its own telecom infrastructure, but even that is controlled by Israel.
    (aside: while I’m not a fan of Dr Masood’s Pakistani political commentary which is always incindiary, his coverage of gaza is the best I have seen so far, looking at not just whats happening on the ground and why, but also at the failed responses of the arab and muslim world. for those who understand urdu, i would highly recommend it.)

    If that is the case, then If i were an israeli soldier (i would personally rather be a pig – even if im unclean and impure, i wouldn’t be barbaric and heartless), I would inform whoever was incharge and tell them to cut off all communication channels, which if they are under israeli control, is even easier to do, and even if it isnt, i dont think it would be too difficult to do, given that the city of Gaza is surrounding on 3 sides by israel and the 4th by the sea.
    It may be that the noble intention of trying to give some people a little bit of emotional support may deprive them of one of the few remaining essentials (communication) that they still have access to, so I really don’t think that a mass outpouring of support is in the best interest of palestine. I know it comes across as me being heartless, but I would feel awful if i heard that people with their own parents and loved ones in gaza could no longer get through and have no idea whether they’re even alive.

    another issue: The problem with the humanitarian crisis is not just that there’s not enough money, the much much bigger problem is no access to these areas. I could empty out my pockets without a second thought to charities like islamic relief, but I’m wondering, if there’s no access to the area to provide aid,are the charities in place inside gaza with enough relief materials? does anyone know? I raise this because I remember reading about how a lot of donations after the earthquake in pakistan never got to where it was intended for, and because I did a lot of fundraising on a personal level, I felt responsible for other people’s money not being used for what they wanted it to be used for, eventhough i know the organizations i gave to were legit and were on the ground doing relief work. Are any of the relief agencies providing any updates on what they’ve done, apart from $ figures they’ve raised?

    also: coverage from a UAE based newspaper is pretty good too:
    http://thenational.ae/ i particularly found this editorial thought provoking: http://thenational.ae/article/20090104/OPINION/361845413/0/ART

    and al jazeera english: http://english.aljazeera.net/

    i think it is important to not just rely on US/UK news sources on this matter.

  68. […] ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk? Share This Article With Others: […]

  69. Chaz Qaasim says:

    My question and perhaps answer to all this is, “Where did they GET a bomb to do this sort of damage?”

    If this question is answered the way I believe it will be answered…then we know just how touched the evil people are who are attempting to change Devine Prophecy. The true people who should rightfully dwell and own the land are clearly the Palestinians. It is sacred land and they have had to fight against world powers over their own soil and its valuable resources since before I ever knew anything.

    Allah will have final say.

  70. Umm Reem says:

    this was on google top stories…surprisingly…

    they are short of “body bags”…iyyadhobillah…how many bodies they must have had…

  71. […] from MuslimMatters has compiled this excellent Action Plan that I encourge you all to implement. [Copied with permission from MuslimMatters]  This entire list should take less than an hour to […]

  72. bismillah. [abu abdAllah]

    jazak Allah khayr for the reminders to fast on 9/10 of Muharram. may Allah accept from all of us, especially our duas for the Gazans.

  73. […] MuslimMatters, Palestine, Politics, Society, Terrorism, War MuslimMatters.org has posted an excellent action guide for those who want to help the people of Gaza. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments […]

  74. Reem says:

    Did MM reach their goal in the fundraising yet?


    http:/reemosworld.wordpress.com > Reemo’s Rainbow.. check it out!

  75. Muslim Girl says:

    Assalam o alaikum,

    May I have permission to paste some of these points onto my blog, and also linking this page and/or citing it if necessary, to raise awareness?

    Jazakum’Allah Khair.

  76. Muslim Girl says:

    Sorry, I just read again and saw that we are allowed.

  77. […] promote his work is very heartwarming and one of the best posts I have seen in this aspect is Muslim Apple’s post giving away “1 or 2 free copies of from Faith (Foundation for Authentic Islamic Texts and […]

  78. Miako says:


    Hamas is the legitimate government of Gaza. End of Message.

    When you want to get a clue, come ask your Jewish friend here! But that would take kidneys…

  79. Shahed says:

    I would really recommend for all Imams and Khateebs, to remind people on praying five times at the Mosque. With all other efforts let’s also approach THE DOER OF ALL THINGS as one. As Prophet Muhammad (SALLAL LAAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM) asked us to join foot and shoulder in Salah, so that it joins our hearts and InshaALLAH with this unity let’s fill the Masjid with five Salahs (at least the following weekend) and we all together standing in humiliation in front of ALLAH tala, RABUL ALAMIN praise and thank HIM and beg for HIS mercy

  80. Umm Sumaiyya says:

    Assalaamu alaykum,

    The North American media outlet shows a clear bias towards the Israeli viewpoint. None of the major news sources here in North America maintain any presence in Gaza, and so they cannot offer us a true picture. We should refuse to be spoon-fed their watered down version. Rely on reports from al-Jazeera, English and Arabic. They are the only news agency with reporters inside Gaza. If you want to watch their news broadcasts in real-time, you can do so by downloading LIvestation.

  81. Sarah Nasir says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    * Dua
    * Dugg
    * Facebook Status Message linked to this website
    * Facebook Profile picture

    * Donate
    * Dua

  82. Sarah Nasir says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    I also sent a thank you note to the local TV channel that showed some clips of the Gaza suffering. I know they can show more but maybe inshAllah this good will snowball into more.

  83. mulsimah says:

    journalists are banned by israel. so I guess we can never know the depth of what is happening. source: http://www.antiwar.com

  84. Miako says:


    Spread this. I wish i could front page or put this link into the article, but it is important. Important to understand what is going on, and important to understand that there are voices for peace on all sides.

  85. Thanks and SUGGESTIONS says:

    jazaakumallaahu khayran for all these wonderful tips!!! may Allah reward you all,ameen.

    So I really want to call but can some Arabic speakers please post some brief sentences we can tell them in Arabic (if we are non-Arabic speakers)? I don’t want to cause them more distress with my bad Arabic!!

    -If you can post this in the article itself (i.e. some comforting words and du’as we can say for them, that’ll be good)

    -Another suggestion is to post differnet time zones and how they compare with the Gaza time zone

    –> I think these action items will help us in the phone calling since it’s a great way to strengthen our brothers and sisters’ morale with a simple call.

  86. Thanks and SUGGESTIONS 2 says:

    -can we add a PDF file of different protests going on?

  87. Slave says:

    JazakAllah Khair brother Abdur Raheem for the links. I think you took my post in a wrong way – I was certainly not opposing you. Simply asking of places where I could gain more information and places to donate for their affairs.

    Livestation.com for live news

  88. Abdur Rahman says:

    BarakAllahu feek! I did not mean to sounds aggressive and I apologize if I did! Insha’Allah you will find those links beneficial. I would like to point out some articles that show the types of weapons the Israelis are using in Gaza. They are the same types of weapons the US uses (such as in its intentional destruction of Fallujah) and the weapons are quite likely US supplied. I am not even talking about some of the rifles, or planes, drones and helicopters the US has given Israel.

    The last link shows how the US is actively helping in the war with it’s own soldiers with the permission of the Egyptian government!



    I hope that we can start being pro-active and not see what is going on in Gaza as isolated from what is going on in other countries. The enemies of Islam regularily target any groups who refuse the dictates of tyrants; the most gross expression of this war on Islam is the destruction of the houses of Allah the Almighty and the schools where the Deen of Allah (swt) is being taught. The US regularily does it in Pakistan and Iraq for example. While the Hindus destroy the houses of Tawheed in India and then build house of polytheism in their stead!

    I would suggest to our scholars to talk about how amazing it is that the Jews could not face our brothers in Gaza until bombarding it for nearly 8 days and proceeded by that a blockade of the entirety of the Gaza Strip. Then, they cowardly attacked at night. I hope that when we talk about the martyrdom, insh’Allah, of Shaykh Nizar Rayyan, we will understand the ‘izza Allah (swt) bestowed upon him. The enemies of Allah (swt) would not dare face him and so they had to killl him from a high altitude with a 2 thousand pound bomb! No different are the stories of Shaykh Ahmed Yassin and Abdul-Azeez Rantisi. May Allah accept them as martyrs!

  89. Amad says:

    First a couple of requests:
    1) If anyone has written or can write a template letter to the editor (meeting the conditions of a good letter), we can use them, as examples to the post. Pls email them to info at muslimmatters dot org

    2) to “thanks and suggestions” regarding arabic message from gaza
    That is good idea. We’ll try to get it done inshalah. Meanwhile if any Arabic speaker/writer can do this and put it in a pdf and email it to us at info at muslimmatters dot org, that will be great.

    Concerning donations and actions outside America:

    Most of these are applicable to everyone. For reaching your political representative, just google that in your country. For donations in UK, someone here has already added that information. And I just added it to the main post. If you are living in South Asia, I would urge you to find out who’s the best local outfit in your country. For those from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, please feel free to provide any recommendations here. But still buyer beware.

    Concerning calling Gaza:

    Pls be mindful of time-zones.

    to “A Sister”
    Paypal: I believe Palestine Children’s Relief Fund accepts Paypal payments.

    to “ar.m”
    Regarding donations in private.
    jazakallahkhair for the reminder, but if mentioning your donation openly helps others, there is a precedent in the Sunnah from that too. One way to help do both is to mention your donation here on MM, but use “anonymous” as your name. That way we can count your donation and you can remain anonymous.

    to “islamblog”

    Don’t know anything about muslimhands. if anyone else has any information, pls comment.

    to “abdur-rahman”
    Yes Muslims are facing trials and tribulations all over the lands. But lets confine this action-alert to gaza inshallah. Focusing our efforts will help us.

    to “khan”
    I would encourage you to spread the word of this action-gaza or any other means of helping gaza to your friends and family. As I mentioned many of the things are doable from any part of the world inshallah.

    to “Sarah Nasir” and “algebra”
    Your comments symbolize what this action-gaza message is about. Do the deeds and then report and encourage others. Pls keep it up.

    In closing, let’s not forget the fast of Ashoora and use that as an opportunity to make lots of dua’ for our brethren.

  90. Amad says:

    Got this message from the International Solidarity Movement. Seems worth supporting definitely. I will be adding them to the list above:

    ISM Gaza have been in the strip since September, breaking the siege by bringing in supplies, re-establishing a passenger service to and from Cyprus, and acting as human shields for Gazan fishermen under attack by the Israeli Navy.

    Now, they are some of the only foreign witnesses to what is happening. They are providing much of the video footage and witness testimony which is appearing on 24h media, when I spoke to one of them a few days ago she said that she had already given over 30 telephone interviews. Most accounts of civilian massacres which I have seen so far in UK Newspapers have originated with ISM Gaza and their ability to get on the scene, take photos, videos and statements, and convey these to the media. They have also been doing a great job of supplying Gazan doctors in particular to speak to the international press.

    Since the ground invasion started, they’ve been accompanying Palestinian paramedic teams, deterring the all too common (and illegal) attacks on them by the IDF. This is something ISM activists have been doing for years in Gaza, in Jenin, in Nablus, and other cities over in the West Bank. You can read more about their work here: http://www.palsolidarity.org/main/category/gaza/

    These people are right there, putting their white privilege at the service of people in Gaza, deterring attacks, and drawing in the media. That is the essence of what they do.

    People can donate by paypal on the ISM website: http://www.palsolidarity.org/main/donations/) using the ‘quick donor’ button.

    They can also transfer money directly into the ISM Palestine bank account;

    ACCOUNT #673589

    Other organizations working on the ground right now include The Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (ambulances, health clinics etc), and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

  91. Abdur Rahman says:

    To our brother Amad:

    My point is so long as we keep up this paradigm we will never accomplish anything. So long as we do not connect the dots we will keep re-acting. This is not about the place called Gaza this is about an attack on the dignity of Muslims, and attacking the Deenn of Allah (swt) with their destorying His houses.

    My suggestion would be to develop an overall strategy in regards to what is going on in the world and see what we in the West can do. Why do we look at these events in isolation when our enemies do not? When the Israelis act they carefully plan things out and think of consequences while we just react. Why do letters we often send to goverments or the UN etc, always talk about international law? Why have we adopted this methodology which has not worked. The Israels nor the Americans adhere to it fully, and wasn’t ‘international law’ that legitmizes Israel, or the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? .

    Also we should notice that Obama was quick to criticize the attacks in Mumbai when Hindus, Jews and Christians were deliberately targeted, but now that people who worship Allah alone and have chosen to adhere to Islam in its entirety are massacred he is silent! What is going on in Gaza is far worse than any alledged crime Muslims have committed in recent times, I might add. Should we not be rethinking things?

    I respectfully disagree with you brother Amad, we need to think outside of this box that we have put ourselves in.

  92. Organica says:

    Allahu Akbar!

    Please don’t forget to fast tomorrow.

  93. Abu Abdurrahman says:

    To MM:

    Salaamu alaikum about Action # 4 Calling people in Gaza, would that be a good idea? Because as I heard on the news here in Holland the Israeli army gives a call to a house they think there are weapons hidden and they give that family 3 min. to remove themselfes from their premises before its bombed by airplanes. This happens so much that whenever people see a number from outside Gaza they get shocked (thats of course if they happen to have a number display on their phone). So could one of the brothers and sisters check if this is true as not to place unintentionally even more burden on our dear brothers and sisters in Gaza. jazakallahu ghairan.

  94. Asim says:

    Assalam u alaikum,


    FYI for those calling the brothers and sister in Gaza.

    From US East Coast (EST): +7 hours. ie….Midnight (12am) in New York is 7am in Gaza
    From US Central (CST): +8 hours. ie…11pm in Dallas, TX is 7am in Gaza
    From US West Coast (PST): +10. ie…9pm in San Francisco, California is 7am in Gaza

    Thought I share the time difference incase you are waking up our tired brothers and sisters in Gaza!

    May Allah forgive the Muslims of any sins we have committed and guide us all to the right path to Jannah, insha’Allah.

    Wa alaikum assalam.
    Br. Asim

  95. A Sister says:

    Jazaakumullaahu khairan br. Amad for pointing out that fund – I thought only credit was accepted but bank worked too.

    If Americans Knew – what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine

  96. Yaser Birjas says:

    To make the boycott effective and realistic, we should focus on one company, brand or country at a time. Make this an international effort.

    For instance…call all people everywhere to boycott brand X or company Y, based on what we know of their public support to Israel.
    Make a goal in terms of number of supporters and timeframe, three months for instance to reach your target.
    Open a webpage to support that and have as many people possible from around the world to sign up and show their support to know how many are there with you. One page per brand or company.
    Make a study and research, create numbers and data based documents and look up facts to show the goal needed to reach, and how much damage this can cause the targeted company or brand. Look for facts not spam info. from the emails we receive all the time.

    Once this goes in the millions, it becomes a reason for you to contact the brand name manufacturer or the company with your request in regard to the situation in Palestine.

    General boycott, is really a dream we wish to come true to teach these companies a lesson. But let’s be realistic and work one brand at a time.
    We can call this campaign “One Brand For Justice” or something like that.

  97. Umm Reem says:

    JazakAllah khairan katheeran sh. yaser…

    come on everyone…let’s start this effort from right here…home of MM?

  98. Yaser Birjas says:

    Here is a brief message you can call with.

    السلام عليكم

    أنا (أخوكم / أختكم) ………..من (أمريكا /كندا/بريطانيا

    أتصل لأسلم عليكم وأخبركم بأننا ندعوا لكم ونناصركم.

    المعذرة فأنا لا أتكلم العربية جيدا ولا أستطيع الإجابة بالعربية.
    ولكنني أحببت أن تعرفوا أن لكم أخوة هنا يدعون لكم ويقفون معكم.

    أرجو أن تسلموا لنا على جميع الأخوة والأخوات في غزة. ووفقكم الله.

    in translation:
    As-salamu alaykum,

    I’m your (brother, sister….your name) from America/Canada/England….(your country)
    I’m calling to convey my salam to you, and inform you that we are here making dua for you and support you.
    My apology, I do not speak Arabic that well, and don’t know how to reply in Arabic.
    I just wanted you to know that you have here brothers and sisters who are making dua for you and stand by you.

    Please convey my salam to all the brothers and sisters in Gaza. And may Allah give you all Tawfeeq.

  99. Umm Reem says:

    called another family in Gaza again today…
    subhanAllah it is such a strange feeling talking to them…we feel happy and sad at the same time…
    how we wish we could just pull them here through the phone line…

  100. Amad says:

    Abu Abdurrahman, good point about unintended consequences.
    inshallah, i hope someone can check that out, and I’ll try to ask specific people too.


    By the way, we have the new DIGG group in full swing with over 200 members… and we were just able to double the # of diggs on a couple of articles. Just this article for instance went up from like 40 to 70 already, and hopefully heading towards double-digits.

    As we digg new ones, I’ll try to add the list of the dugg stuff here as well.

    This is a great effort… so if you can join and willing to commit, don’t be a stranger:

  101. […] cost more than $1/day, and you can decide how long you want it to run for. i linked them to this: ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk? | MuslimMatters.org here’s the ad: __________________ There is no charge for awesomeness… or […]

  102. […] ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk? | MuslimMatters.org. Possibly Related Reading: Ghalib, shinas-i Malik Ram: Malik Ram yadgari khutbah The Meaning Of […]

  103. Mohammed says:

    It is very sad & heart-breaking on seeing the horrible pictures from Gaza due to Brutal Aggression by Zionists. It is more heart-breaking when we are seeing that the WHOLE WORLD including ARAB WORLD is not taking any step to stop the brutal aggression by Zionists. It is a Shame to the Human Race.

    The UN which is suppose to be in front during these kind of calamity is NO WHERE to be seen also.

    Allah ONLY & WILL save the Palestine Land & Muslim World.

  104. Thanks and Suggestions says:

    jazaakallaahu khayran for the Arabic so we can converse with our Palestinian brethren. Can we also get a transliteration (Arabic written out in English) to make it easier? I’m sure many more people will feel comfortable calling that way.

    baarakallaahu feekum.

  105. A Sister says:

    Thanks and Suggestions…transliteration follows. Jazakumullaahu khairan sh. Yasir

    سلام عليكم

    أنا (أخوكم / أختكم) ………..من (أمريكا /كندا/بريطانيا

    أتصل لأسلم عليكم وأخبركم بأننا ندعوا لكم ونناصركم.

    المعذرة فأنا لا أتكلم العربية جيدا ولا أستطيع الإجابة بالعربية.
    ولكنني أحببت أن تعرفوا أن لكم أخوة هنا يدعون لكم ويقفون معكم.

    أرجو أن تسلموا لنا على جميع الأخوة والأخوات في غزة. ووفقكم الله.

    assalaamu alaikum

    ana (akhookum/ukhtukum)…. min (country).
    attasilu li-usallima ‘alaikum wa ukhbirakum bi anna-naa nad’oo lakum wa nunaasirukum.

    al-Ma’thirah, fa ana laa atakallamu al-‘arabiyyah jayyidan, wa laa astatee’u al-ijaabah bil-‘arabiyyah.
    walaakin-nanee aHbabtu an ta’rifoo anna lakum ikhwatan hunaa yad’oona lakum wa yaqifoona ma’akum.

    arjoo an tusallimoo lanaa ‘alaa jamee’ al-ikhwati wal akhawaat fee ghazzah. waffaqakumullaah.

    (please do look at the Arabic too… (‘) = ع and (H) = ح)

  106. […] MSA: How can we help with the situation of Gaza? ACTION-GAZA: Can we Spare 60 Minutes? Can we Walk the Talk? | MuslimMatters.org __________________ we ARE virginia tech […]

  107. A Sister says:

    Sorry…that should have been sh. *Yaser – with an “e”! Moderator can edit my prev. post and delete this. Jazaakumullaahu khairan.

  108. A Sister says:

    [Sorry there was a problem with my posts/browser…last attempt]

    Thanks and Suggestions…transliteration follows. Jazakumullaahu khairan sh. Yaser.

    assalaamu alaikum

    ana (akhookum/ukhtukum)…. min (country).
    attasilu li-usallima ‘alaikum wa ukhbirakum bi anna-naa nad’oo lakum wa nunaasirukum.

    al-Ma’thirah, fa ana laa atakallamu al-’arabiyyah jayyidan, wa laa astatee’u al-ijaabah bil-’arabiyyah.
    walaakin-nanee aHbabtu an ta’rifoo anna lakum ikhwatan hunaa yad’oona lakum wa yaqifoona ma’akum.

    arjoo an tusallimoo lanaa ‘alaa jamee’ al-ikhwati wal akhawaat fee ghazzah. waffaqakumullaah.

    (please do look at the Arabic too… (’) = ع and (H) = ح)

  109. mulsimah says:

    10 Steps to Help Gaza from CAIR. These are Important too, so please check them out!


  110. […] a good list of ways you can help, please check out: Action-Gaza […]

  111. Muhammad Ameen says:

    -MOVED TO THIS POST. Please do not use this post for “auxiliary” comments. This post is for actions and encouraging actions.

    jazakallahkhair -editor

  112. mulsimah says:

    These are steps from my friend. She works for Islamic Relief

    What we can do to help the people of Gaza:

    1. Donate generously to help the victims – https://www.irw.org/donate_now/

    2. Call in to radio talkshows and write letters to the newspaper/magazine editors to express your views.

    3. Call Senator Dick Durbin at (312) 353-4952 and politely but firmly express that you want the U.S. to call upon Israel to halt its excessive and brutal assault on the Palestinian people of Gaza. *If not your in IL Contact your senator here: http://www.senate.gov/

    4. Call Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at (202) 647-4000 and politely but firmly insist upon the U.S. following the lead of the United Nations and the European Union in condemning Israel’s use of force against the Palestinian people of Gaza

    5. Call Egyptian Ambassador Sameh Shoukry (312) 828-9162 and politely but firmly insist that Egypt permanently open its border with Gaza to allow food and medicine to pass through to the suffering Palestinians of Gaza.

    6. E-mail the Obama-Biden Transition Team at http://change.gov/page/content/contact

    i. Copy the letter below and paste it into the “message” section of the email.
    ii. Fill out the form.
    iii. Enter an appropiate title in the subject box (Suffering in Gaza or Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza)

    7. Contact President George W. Bush
    Email: comments@whitehouse.gov// vice_president@whitehouse.gov

    8. And, last but not least, Keep the suffering of our brothers and sisters who have been affected by this crisis in your prayers ♥

    -Letter to be sent to President-Elect Obama

    Dear President-Elect Obama:

    You were elected under the banner of “Change” and the world embraced you. As your inauguration nears, the world is watching and praying that the hope for change that inspired millions around the world becomes a reality and not just rhetoric. The 1.5 million innocent civilians in Gaza are desperately in need of hope and ultimately “change”. The recent air strikes and bombardment of innocent civiliansby the Israeli government must immediately end! The blockade and siege that has destroyed lives and prohibited access to food, water and medicine is a tragedy that has been left to continue. The United States and the world cannot stand by in silence and complicity and allow for the systematic eradication of an entire people. As you prepare to take the reins of power on January 20th, we ask you to show the people of Palestine, and the world, that the core values on which America was founded are once again at the forefront of foreign policy.

    (ATTN: Forward this note/message to all your contacts)

  113. Islamasaurus says:

    Asalamualaikum Warahmatullahi,

    An excellent post with so many different approaches to helping the people of Gaza. JazakAllahKheir. And as other posters have said, it’s very important our actions materialize, a way to do this is maybe make a check list, to ensure all avenues have been used.

    The idea of calling them is very nice, very innovative and useful. Insha Allah it will give our brothers and sisters hope, making them realize that we hear their cries and we are doing what we can, even if our treacherous leaders have turned their backs.

    We make the effort, Allah grants the victory.


    [I will copy paste this article with the MM link if that’s ok?]

  114. Mushowish says:

    read this diary of an islamic relief worker on the ground in Gaza, again showing the horrors and shocking humanitarian crisis unfolding.


    May Allah (swt) make it easy upon them all

  115. AbdalAziz says:

    -MOVED TO THIS POST. Please do not use this post for “auxiliary” comments. This post is for actions and encouraging actions.

    jazakallahkhair -editor

  116. AsimG says:

    I feel so useless. I am losing all motivation to do anything.

    We can protest, boycott, donate, but this will only get so far.

    I have firm trust in Allah (swt), but I worry about on the day of judgement, will the Palestinian people speak against me and fellow Muslims in the west for living luxury and continuing on with life as they suffer?

    I just don’t know how I can get ready for school when my brothers and SISTERS are dying in Palestine

  117. A Sister says:

    Do not lose motivation…

    Allaah does not burden a person beyond his/her scope. Keep doing whatever you can…big or small…and make lots of du’aa that Allaah rectifies our affairs (personally and affairs of our Ummah as a whole)…and that He grants our brothers and sisters safety and victory…and not take us into account for what’s happenning to them.

    And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sâbirin (the patient ones, etc.). (Al-Baqarah 2:155)

    A sister I know said she saw Sh. Muhammad al-‘Urayfee on Qatar TV in a Q&A program, and someone asked him about the situation in Gaza and why the killing is not stopping after all this time…and he mentioned in his answer the following aayah…

    So do not become weak (against your enemy), nor be sad, and you will be superior (in victory) if you are indeed (true) believers. If a wound (and killing) has touched you, be sure a similar wound (and killing) has touched the others. And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns, that Allâh may test those who believe, and that He may take martyrs from among you. And Allâh likes not the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong­doers). (Aali Imran 3:139-140)

    And said (paraphrasing, not exact quote) that victory will come, but it is delayed because of what’s mentioned in the aayah: testing the believers, and taking martyrs from among their ranks.

  118. umtalhah says:

    as salam alalikum,

    to AsimG and all others who might be feeling what he/she is feeling – useless, depressed, losing motivation:

    please seek refuge in Allah SWT from the accursed shaitaan (i.e. read aaoodho billahi min ashshaitaan ar rajeem) as this is a trick of shaitaan.

    please don’t underestimate the effects of any action you might be doing as an individual. as sh. yasir once said in a speech (paraphrased) that if a person were to light up an only match stick he had in a room full of darkness, perhaps not much would be achieved. but if everyone started to follow his example and started lightening whatever they had, the collective result would be great.

    remember that each raindrop in itself cannot bring about any change whatsoever. but if every raindrop thought itself useless and refused to come down what would happen??

    please know that as individuals we are responsible for whatever is within our capabilities. there are responsibilites that are of an individual and then there are responsibilities that Allah has placed on a state/ruler.

    we can do whatever is withing our ability as individual and then for the latter, we can make du’aa. yes, we can make du’aa to Allah azza wa jalla to guide us, the masses of the muslims AND guide our leaders.

    often we are very quick to criticize the muslim leaders whereas that won’t bring any benefit. please remember to make du’aa for them as when we are making du’aa for them, we are in fact making du’aa for our ownselves.

    sitting depressed and brooding over the situation won’t do any good. in fact shaitaan will achieve his goal of rendering another good muslim useless.

    so get up, make wudu, pray 2 rakahs and then turn your frustration, helplessness towards Allah and beg Him, implore Him to correct our situation. remmeber the more the du’aa is coming from the heart, the more effect it has.

    your not going to school won’t do anyone any good.

    it will definitely not bring our suffering muslim bros and sis any good. thank Allah for the blessings He has given us and use those blessing in serving Him alone. indulged in the luxuries we tend to commit more sins. surely each one of us can think of at least 5 sins we are committing and vow to stop them. and we can think of 5 extra good deeds we can start doing.

    what benefit will it bring?

    – it will pull you out of your current mind frame
    – this way you will fulfill the rights of the blessing He has given you
    – it will bring you closer to Allah
    – it will bring peace to your heart
    – if all of us did that, our situation as ummah would improve and in sha Alllah bring us more help from Allah.

    and that is exactly what we need – more help from Allah SWT.

    please know that a believer never, ever loses hope in Allah. don’t let shaitaan take over you.

    so get up and take on the day!

    may Allah guide us all and improve our situation.
    wassalam alaikum.

  119. ar.m says:

    mashaAllah Amad, great point, i agree.

    let us be consistent, let us not forget them a few months down the line.

    we all know small deeds done consistently are better than…..

    may Allah reward you all, ameen.

  120. […] following action plan is adapted from muslimmatters.org, a website that is doing a great job of leading the effort in this […]

  121. […] can do much more! More action items from MuslimMatters Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Gaza action demanded: CEN 3.07.08 p […]

  122. -MOVED TO THIS POST. Please do not use this post for “auxiliary” comments. This post is for actions and encouraging actions.

    jazakallahkhair -editor

    P.s. Please note that future comments that are not directly related will be just moderated, because it is a rather tedious task to move comments.

  123. Amad says:

    In order to keep the focus and prevent this thread from going off in a tangent:
    Please Note that any comments not related to the ACTION-GAZA, actions, alerts, “to-dos”, will be deleted.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please use other posts on the subject for unrelated comments.


  124. abu Rumay-s.a. says:


    Good read.

    Avi Shlaim is a professor of international relations at the University of Oxford and the author of The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World and of Lion of Jordan.

    Excerpt (conclusion) from article
    “This brief review of Israel’s record over the past four decades makes it difficult to resist the conclusion that it has become a rogue state with “an utterly unscrupulous set of leaders”. A rogue state habitually violates international law, possesses weapons of mass destruction and practises terrorism – the use of violence against civilians for political purposes. Israel fulfils all of these three criteria; the cap fits and it must wear it. Israel’s real aim is not peaceful coexistence with its Palestinian neighbours but military domination. It keeps compounding the mistakes of the past with new and more disastrous ones.”

    Also an interesting link:

  125. […] 7, 2009 at 12:19 am (Uncategorized) First I want to point out the great post on MuslimMatters about what you can do about the Gaza situation. This will be the first and last time I bring this […]

  126. Amad says:

    If anyone finds more links to pictures of the massacre or rallies, please post them here so we can add it to the post inshallah.

    Also, we need to keep collecting funds inshallah… i know we are donating, but if we can share the news, it will help encourage others and help all of us get to our goal of $10k for this site for the sake of Allah inshallah.


  127. fazil says:


    Jon stewart is a jew, but describes the reason for this war more accurately than cnn bbc and all the other israel propaganda news channels.

  128. David says:

    -MOVED TO THIS POST. Please do not use this post for “auxiliary” comments. This post is for actions and encouraging actions.

    jazakallahkhair -editor

    P.s. Please note that future comments that are not directly related will be just moderated, because it is a rather tedious task to move comments.

  129. //If anyone finds more links to pictures of the massacre or rallies, please post them here so we can add it to the post inshallah.//

    You will find more pictures here In Sha’ Allaah!

  130. abu Rumay-s.a. says:

    -MOVED TO THIS POST. Please do not use this post for “auxiliary” comments. This post is for actions and encouraging actions.

    jazakallahkhair -editor

    P.s. Please note that future comments that are not directly related will be just moderated, because it is a rather tedious task to move comments.

  131. Admirim says:

    This compilation that will hopefully initiate an entire chain of activities is an awesome contribution of yours to this sacred cause!

  132. Helpless says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I managed to get thru from asia.

  133. sana says:

    asalaamalaikum brothers ans sisters this is the best thing that can be done staying away from the place which is facing all the problems inshaallah watever i can do i will try my best to help ur group inshallah Allah help those who help themselves and i pray to Allah subhan watalah to answer the prayers of innocent people in the world who are crying for His help inshallah ameem sumamin
    May ALLAH forgive our sins and protect the people in gaza and all the true muslims who fear one lord Allah .

  134. jo says:

    [Sahih Bukhari: Volume 8, Book 76, Number 472 & 470]

    Narrated ‘Aisha (Radi Allah Anha): The Prophet (sal-allahu-alleihi-wasallam) was asked, “What deeds are loved most by Allah?” He said, “The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few.”

    I also wanted to share a video I found about jidf censorship on the web concerning the crisis:


  135. Umm Reem says:

    A message from a brother in Gaza:

    My daughter called another family today and a man picked up…he asked her “are you all praying for us”, and Reem said, ‘yes we are’, then he said:
    ‘make sure you tell everyone there to make du’a for us, that Allah azzawajal help us…’

    let us not forget that the victory of this ummah is given through the weak, by their dua’s, and their salah and their ikhlaas (as the Prophet sallallahu alihi wasalam said).

    weak we maybe right now but even in our weakness we have a power…so let us all use this power…

  136. Adil says:

    Demonstrations in Montreal


    contact info for those in Canada:

    Take advantage of your democratic right and contact the Prime

    Minister’s Office – you can request an immediate cease-fire, and
    lifting of the siege imposed on Gaza. Call 613-992-4211 and email

    Call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Phone: 613-944-4000 – and/or
    send a FAX: 613-944-4500 – and/or email to
    L.Cannon@international.gc.ca ; Cannon.L@parl.gc.ca , and CC to

    Obhrai.D@parl.gc.ca ; Ignatieff.M@parl.gc.ca ; Layton.J@parl.gc.ca ;
    Duceppe.G@parl.gc.ca ; leader@greenparty.ca ; RaeB1@parl.gc.ca ;
    Zed.P@parl.gc.ca ; Patry.B@parl.gc.ca ; Martin.K@parl.gc.ca ;
    Goodale.R@parl.gc.ca ; Leblanc.D@parl.gc.ca ; Dewar.P@parl.gc.ca ;
    Paquette.P@parl.gc.ca ; Faille.M@parl.gc.ca

    Contact your local MP at the following site:

  137. please says:

    i was just wondering for the people who can’t READ arabic, would someone be able to traslate (english letters but still in the arabic language, get it?) that link of “how to speak to someone is arabic.” i would like to call too but i cant read arabic well.
    that would be very helpful. thanks !

  138. MuslimahCA says:

    100 Muslim Students Stormed City Hall in Davis, California!! Thats walking the talk if you ask me!

    I want to put pictures up of the SF and South Bay rally.. can someone give me the link to do so!

    BarakhAllahu Feekhum

  139. ilmsummitee says:

    Salams ya Jama’ah-

    I highly encourage everyone to read this very well written article (among several now he has written about Gaza) by the award-winning prominent British journalist Mr. Robert Fisk, ” Leaders lie, civilians die, and lessons of history are ignored”.


    Just a heads up, make sure for those of us going to the Rallies and protests to be well versed on the current stats, and have good talking points in case some journalists want to interview you, iA…….

    Also, for those able to fast on Mondays and Thursdays please do so to make duaas during those blessed hours esp before iftar.


  140. A Sister says:

    to “please”…
    The transliteration has already been posted – perhaps drowned – for those who want to call…

    assalaamu alaikum

    ana (akhookum (your brother)/ukhtukum (your sister))…. min (country).
    attasilu li-usallima ‘alaikum wa ukhbirakum bi anna-naa nad’oo lakum wa nunaasirukum.

    al-Ma’thirah, fa ana laa atakallamu al-’arabiyyah jayyidan, wa laa astatee’u al-ijaabah bil-’arabiyyah.
    walaakin-nanee aHbabtu an ta’rifoo anna lakum ikhwatan hunaa yad’oona lakum wa yaqifoona ma’akum.

    arjoo an tusallimoo lanaa ‘alaa jamee’ al-ikhwati wal akhawaat fee ghazzah. waffaqakumullaah.

  141. Sarah Nasir says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    * Fasting Ashura fi sabilillah
    * Dua
    * PE Barack Obama messaged
    * Updating FB status message with number of Palestinians killed with link to Action-Gaza
    * Thanked CBS5 (my local station) & encouraging my friends to do the same. To approach people with good manners in emulation of Rasulullah (S) who was sent to perfect good manners… They replied back. I want to share it with you!!

    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you so much for the compliment, and thanks for the feedback.

    Wilson Walker
    KPIX 6pm Producer

    —–Original Message—–
    From: viewerfeedback@cbslocal.com [mailto:viewerfeedback@cbslocal.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 6:56 PM
    To: @KPIX News Producers
    Subject: Comment – 6 PM News

    Visitor IP:

    Sarah Nasir

    I wanted to thank you for covering the conflict in Gaza and for the
    neutral coverage. Please show more of this as I am following this issue
    and praying for the victims of this conflict.

    Thank you once again!


    Sarah Nasir

  142. Sarah Nasir says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    jazakAllahu khairan Sh Yaser for your awesome suggestion regarding one product at a time. It will help us also because I received a list of products to boycott… and it was like everything we can use… socks, underwears, shoes!

    I think boycotting Coke would be really good. Everyone around the world drinks it, Muslims & Americans alike are addicted to it unfortunately, too much sugar contributing to obesity, it cannot be good for the bone. If we all boycott this product, even just the soft drink, that would resonate!

    Br. Amad, can you start something on that please? jazakAllahu khairan.

  143. […] This action alert relates to the “Social Networking” aspect of the 60 minute ACTION  GAZA plan. […]

  144. Ammar says:

    You might wish to add the following (http://www.cjpme.ca/action_gaza_2008_12.shtml) to send email to the Canadian PM, foreign minister etc.

  145. Abdelkader says:

    Assalamou alaikoum

    The first thing we can do together, is to rise our hand and prie, prie and say : Hasbouna Allahou Wa Ni3ma El Wakile !

    The night read sorate El Fath, (sourate 48)
    And wherever you are, be proud of who you are : A Muslim !! this may help !

    Teach your children the history, remind your friends the history, the history of a couple of “SDF” to whome England promised a land in Palestine, a land where they will be able to leave and build. Today as we say : dja kari wella shari !

    Remember the ayat : A3oudou billAhi mina elshaytane erradjim, Bismillah Arrahmane Errahim :”Wa la tahsibanna Alladina koutilou fi sabili Allahi Amwatanes, Bal ahyaoun 3inda Rabbihim yourzakounes”

    Allah promises victory my friends, its a question of time, inchaAllah soon,

    Hasbiya Allahou Wa Ni3ma Elwakile !

    Assalamou Alaikoum Wa Rahmatou Allahi Wa Barakatouh

  146. brodmans says:

    hello friends
    I got a link to a list of websites which donate to israel a part of their income though i cannot confirm its veracity.Pls Amad if possible pls help out.We should not fund Israel to kill our own brothers and sisters.
    The link is

  147. Saquib says:

    I contacted frank pallone of new jersey and left a message for him to do as much as he can to stop the killing of the Palestinians. I asked the customer representative if my message will get to the congressman and he said it will if I give my name and address which I did.

  148. mulsimah says:


    This is not from the website, I got it on email so I had to copy and paste. I dont know if they will later add to their website but I thought it was important:


    Urgent Action: Contact Congress Right Now on Pro-Israel Resolutions

    (WASHINGTON, D.C., 1/08/2009) – CAIR today called on all Americans concerned about peace with justice in the Middle East to urge congressional leaders to ensure that resolutions on the current crisis in Gaza are balanced and help promote a just and durable peace for all parties to the conflict.

    A resolution passed in the U.S. Senate today failed the test of balance and peace-building. The House is expected to take up a similarly unbalanced pro-Israel resolution tomorrow.

    SEE: U.S. Senate Supports Israel’s Gaza Incursion (Reuters)
    SEE ALSO: Dems Plan Pro-Israel Resolution

    President-elect Barack Obama recently said that he is “committed” to being “engaged effectively and consistently in trying to resolve the conflict in the Middle East.”

    CAIR believes Congress should support the incoming administration by mirroring President-elect Obama’s statement, “the loss of civilian life in Gaza and in Israel is a source of deep concern for me.”

    “Our elected representatives should focus on American interests first, not on offering uncritical support to a foreign power engaged in the illegal and immoral use of military force and collective punishment of a civilian population,” said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. “The widespread perception that American officials support Israeli brutality compromises our nation’s ability to act as a mediator and peace-builder. Peace in this region is a national security issue.”


    1. Call your U.S. Representative and urge her or him to ensure that any resolutions or statements coming from Congress are balanced and promote peace with justice. This will ensure that the international community does not perceive that the U.S. government is divided on the goal of bringing a just and durable peace. (Find suggested talking points below.)

    Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask for your representative’s office.

    2. Call the House Speaker and Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and urge them to ensure that any resolutions or statements coming from Congress are balanced and promote peace with justice. This will ensure that the international community does not perceive that the U.S. government is divided on the goal of bringing a just and durable peace. (Find suggested talking points below.)

    (If you are not a constituent be sure to mention that you are calling them in their leadership roles. If you reach an answering machine, feel free to leave a message.)

    Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Speaker of the House
    Phone: (202) 225-0100
    Webform: http://speaker.house.gov/contact/

    Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA)
    Phone: 202-225-4695
    Webform: http://www.house.gov/berman/contact/
    Berman is chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Call the committee at: 202-225-5021

    Sample talking points:

    * I urge you to ensure that any congressional resolutions or statements relating to the Middle East conflict are balanced and promote peace with justice in the region.
    * Balanced statements will ensure that the international community does not perceive that the U.S. government is divided on the goal of bringing a just and durable peace.
    * As you may know, Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians block efforts to bring peace with justice to the Middle East, harm our nation’s image and interests worldwide and strengthen voices of extremism in the region.
    * The Palestinian people must be given some hope of freedom from Israeli occupation and domination and Israel’s immoral and illegal collective punishment of the Palestinian people living in the Gaza Strip must end.
    * I also believe American taxpayer dollars should not be used to for weapons that kill civilians.

    3. Sign CAIR’s Online Petition urging our nation’s leaders to speak “in favor of peace and justice for all parties in the current humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip.” When completed, the petition will be sent to elected officials nationwide and will be given to members of the current and incoming administrations. Go to: http://petition.cair.com/

    4. Pray for all those who are suffering and oppressed.

  149. mulsimah says:

    I just got this email today so if you want to muslimmatters you can make another thread on the proIsrael resolutions they are doing.. have another action alert so everyone can focus on emailing them ect. I think its very important. (u can make my last post a different thread inshAllah)

  150. Mujtaba says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post; wanted to add that we can also start ‘recommending’ comments in BBC’s “Have Your Say” section: http://www.bbcnews.com/haveyoursay

    Current question is: How can a truce be achieved in Gaza?
    And the most recommended comments are mostly all propaganda and untruths about the situation.

    You don’t have to write up your own comment but at least “Recommend” ones that portray a truer message of reality.


  151. AbdalAziz says:

    To mulsimah,

    I don’t think making a plea to Rep. Howard Berman will change much as his political and religious stance is quites clear. He is a democrat but once he was appointed Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, he told a Jewish newspaper that, “Even before I was a Democrat, I was a ZIONIST”

    iNSHALLAH there are other means such as contacting other authorities,

    Contact the State Department at: 202.647.5291
    Contact the White House at: 202-456-1111
    Contact the Egyptian Embassy: 202.895.5400
    Email the Egyptian Embassy: embassy@egyptembassy.net
    Contact the Obama Transition Team: 202-540-3000 then press 2 to speak with a staff member.

  152. Hala says:

    Islamic Relief Fundraiser for Palestine Humanitarian Crisis this coming weekend around the states… See which one is in your area and help out in any way possible insha’Allah. http://www.irw.org/events

  153. Amad says:

    Mujtaba, I signed up for the BBC “have your say”. The mostly pro-Israeli recommended comments were sickening. All it takes is a thousand dedicated (or paid IDF agents) to stay on their computers and just keep recommending any pro-Israel comments. And that is what they are doing. Muslims need to stop fighting internet jihads with each other, and concentrate on the campaign of hearts and minds… which Israelis are playing to a T.

  154. A Sister says:

    Check out half way through the video…the Israeli old man says that al-Jazeerah FAKES the children’s pictures…hmmm…


  155. bismillah. everyone who dugg this article should invite at least one friend to digg it, too, inshaAllah. why? zionist-supporters out there are clicking bury. the digg count has gone down over the last few days, so if you want to keep getting out the truth, make sure people you know digg this page, inshaAllah.

    just look at how the zionists have trumped up the digg article of the forlorn Palestinian sister cursing Hamas — as though the grief-stricken cry of that one sister should justify the bombardment, justify the blockade, justify the mass murder carried out by Zionist-Israelis who do their best to restrict fair and accurate reporters from covering the atrocities of Israeli military attacks.

    this is the most-dugg pro-Gazan, pro-truth article on digg hosted at MM. stand up and get your friends to digg this article before it gets buried by the zionists.

  156. mulsimah says:

    salaam brother Abdulaziz they are all proisrael but we still have to contact them bc they have passed pro israel resolution. ITS REALLY IMPORTANT AT THIS POINT MUSLIMMATERS. if CAIR sais we should I really believe we need to do that. Pelosi and others said they are backing Israel.. Im so abosultely disgusted. everyone else has condenmed these attacks. what has happened to US morality?! even red cross, human rights organziations UN , foreign leaders, everyone. where is the change?! I was so for obama now im not celebrating his inaguaration because he may not be president but he still has lots of influence which he could have used.. its still going on ! can you believe it.. people r stil getting kiled and the UN stop[ped delievering aid because Israel killed the UN worker. its too sad.. it breaks my heart. EVERYONE should be outraged… all people say is dont inform us (muslims in particular) because they ‘dont wanna be depressed’ can you believe that? we should not stop being informed bc we feel depressed , these are all reminders for us

  157. Algebra says:

    OK let me clarify, one can’t help but get down and feel helpless when we feel we can’t just pick up those children and bring them here………..
    Its frustrating………….. i mean seeing those pictures of the children under rubble and laying there its just sickening to the stomach……….. i was stating a feeling……… and yes i do try to avoid those pictures, BUT in no way am I advocating that we should stop discussing the topic or fighting for their liberty and peace……………
    i am sorry if i sounded like i didnt’ care its just i rather not see but i am trying to do everything else.

  158. UmmN&R says:

    Photos of rally in Melbourne, Australia : http://www.flickr.com/photos/takver/…85793346/show/

  159. ShaamPeace says:

    This is from Aljazeera,
    **** We should stick to boycotting these: Starbucks, Coca-Cola and MacDonalds as well****

    ” Boycott call

    In Malaysia and Italy, critics of Israel’s Gaza assault have called for a boycott of Israeli and US goods.

    “We cannot remain silent about what is happening in Gaza. We had thought of drawing up a list of businessmen who have links with Tel Aviv because people do not know who they are,” Giancarlo Desiderati, a member of a small group of Italian traders who called for the boycott on its website, said.

    At least 5,000 people protested outside the US embassy in Malaysia on Friday, and around 300 held a noisy protest outside the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur to urge Arab countries to cut off oil supplies to the US and boycott goods from Coca-Cola, Colgate and Starbucks.

    Addressing the crowd, Mahathir Mohamed, a former prime minister, told Malaysians that they “will not die if they do not use the US goods” and urged those working for US companies such as fast-food giant McDonalds to quit their jobs.

    “I hope Starbucks and McDonald’s employees will stop working there,” he said.

    Coca-Cola officials said any boycott would only hurt the local economy and its citizens.”

  160. mulsimah says:

    heyyyyyyy Algebra when I said about being depressed I wasnt talking about you!!! I didnt even see your other post when I wrote this one, but I just did now lol and I did answr without knowing you had commented here.

    stray strong, knwing you are doing something and spreading the word will help your depression inshAllah

  161. Mona says:

    salaams to all
    jazzakum Allah khair for everything..alhamduilah we called a number in gaza and mashaAllah we spoke to the family…the brother was so humble mashaAllah and kept saying that all they need is our du’aas… nothing more just du’aas
    subhanna Allah…
    it was defenetly an experience…the mother cried and I cried..it was very moving…
    also alhmaduilah my children go to a muslim school in london and we were going to have an even on sunday for eid…they decided that all the proceeds will be going to gaza instead of the school inshaAllah…may Allah reward everyone for the little they do… their is goodness in this ummah mashaAllah..which keeps me going everyday…
    wa assalam
    Um Shayma

  162. Saquib says:

    I think we should call the jews in israel and curse them out…make their life miserable as they are to the palestinians…make sure to block the call.

  163. JA says:

    There is a rally in Orlando Tomorrow: EMERGENCY PROTESTS TO STOP THE ATTACKS ON GAZA

    Saturday, January 10, 2009, 1:00PM
    March at Lake Eola Park (Lake St & Central Blvd)
    Organizers: Arab American Community Center of Orlando; Act Now to Stop War and End Racism/Florida; Muslim Student Association Florida Council; South Florida Palestine Solidarity; St. Pete for Peace; Rise Up Tampa Bay; Florida Peace Action Network; Iraq Veterans Against the War: St. George Church, Council on American Islamic Relations; Project Downtown Orlando; Orlando Dawa’ah Project; Muslim Youth Community Center of Orlando; Society for a Just Peace in Palestine (SJP) at Rollins College.
    Contact details: South Florida 954-707-0155, Tampa 727-488-7473, Orlando 407-590-9952

    Calender of Statewide Rallies can be found here:


  164. ar.m says:

    ya Allah help us

    about hearts and minds, do you think flyers/leaflets/posters are a good/bad idea?

    barbers, butchers, takeaways, grocery store, petrol pumps, malls, churches, synagogues, temples, masjids, lamp posts, road signs, etc etc

    gaza gaza gaza

  165. […] action alert relates to the “Social Networking” aspect of the ACTION  GAZA […]

  166. Sarah Nasir says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum Br Saquib,

    even Allah (swt) calls the Jews & Christians with the honorable title of “Ahlul Kitab” and instructs us to debate with them with the best of manners. Please don’t harbor hatred collectively towards a nation for the actions of a few idiots. inshAllah Allah will bring these people to justice.

    I hope this makes you feel better inshAllah: http://www.sources.com/Releases/NR135.htm

    Jewish Women Occupy Israeli Consulate in Toronto
    January 7, 2009
    Toronto: Wednesday January 8, 2009 Time: 10:25 am

    A diverse group of Jewish Canadian women are currently occupying the Israeli consulate at 180 Bloor Street West in Toronto. This action is in protest against the on-going Israeli assault on the people of Gaza.

    The group is carrying out this occupation in solidarity with the 1.5 million people of Gaza and to ensure that Jewish voices against the massacre in Gaza are being heard. They are demanding that Israel end its military assault and lift the 18-month siege on the Gaza Strip to allow humanitarian aid into the territory.

    Israel has been carrying out a full-scale military assault on the Gaza Strip since December 27, 2008. At least 660 people have been killed and 3000 injured in the air strikes and in the ground invasion that began on January 3, 2009. Israel has ignored international calls for a ceasefire and is refusing to allow food, adequate medical supplies and other necessities of life into the Gaza Strip.

    Protesters are outraged at Israel′s latest assault on the Palestinian people and by the Canadian government′s refusal to condemn these massacres. They are deeply concerned that Canadians are hearing the views of pro-Israel groups who are being represented as the only voice of Jewish Canadians. The protesters have occupied the consulate to send a clear statement that many Jewish-Canadians do not support Israel′s violence and apartheid policies. They are joining with people of conscience all across the world who are demanding an end to Israeli aggression and justice for the Palestinian people.

    The group includes: Judy Rebick, professor; Judith Deutsch, psychoanalyst and president of Science for Peace; B.H. Yael, filmmaker; Smadar Carmon, an Canadian Israeli peace activist and others.

    Spokespersons for the group will be outside the Israeli consulate.

    For more information contact:
    Dr. Miriam Garfinkle
    Phone: 416-731-6605

    Cathy Gulkin
    Phone: 416-697-0768
    Email: cgulkin@rogers.com

    Judy Rebick
    Phone: 647-388-1053

  167. Huda Khattab says:

    Assalaamu aleikum
    What an excellent article, jazakum Allahu khayran.
    My daughter attends an Islamic school and last week the assignment in English class (Language Arts as they call it nowadays) was to write a letter to the Prime Minister and local MP voicing concerns and asking for action on Gaza. A great way to teach the kids to use their language skills for a good cause in the real world, not to mention teaching about citizenship and taking part in society and making one’s voice heard. The school is also planning a book sale to raise funds to help people in Gaza, as well as asking kids to bring in toonies [$2 coins] every Jumu’ah.
    I disagree with the suggestion to call random Jews in Israel and “curse them out”. I don’t think that will achieve anything except fanning the flames further. We should remember that not every Jew in Israel or elsewhere approves of what Israel is going in Gaza. There was a rally in a Toronto synagogue this last week AGAINST what Israel is doing. Taking the higher road and acting with dignity will be far more effective in sha Allah.

  168. umtalhah says:

    as salam alaikum,

    if ShaamPeace’s report is true

    quoting: ‘Coca-Cola officials said any boycott would only hurt the local economy and its citizens’ (don’t know how to make it all fancy)

    then i think we should make coca-cola our no. one on the boycott list. and in sha Allah give them a piece of humble pie.

    ideas anyone?

  169. one root says:

    I would shunned of the idea calling Gaza. Imaging the situation where the language barrier persist with a distress on air raid/artilery bombarment on the Gaza, It’s a bad idea. They had much much better things to do.
    On the second thoughts, a whole lots of them not even at home, if such houses still exist of course. even if it barely survive, what about the infrastructure?Is those caber and lines still intact??

  170. Faiez says:

    CAREFUL WITH CALLING…the Israeli monkeys are using it to fool the Palestinians and extracting info about them.


    And the Israelis, too, are resorting to tricks.

    Israeli intelligence officers are telephoning Gazans and, in good Arabic, pretending to be sympathetic Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians or Libyans, Gazans say and Israel has confirmed. After expressing horror at the Israeli war and asking about the family, the callers ask about local conditions, whether the family supports Hamas and if there are fighters in the building or the neighborhood.

    Karim Abu Shaban, 21, of Gaza City said he and his neighbors all had gotten such calls. His first caller had an Egyptian accent. “Oh, God help you, God be with you,” the caller began.

    “It started very supportive,” Mr. Shaban said, then the questions started. The next call came in five minutes later. That caller had an Algerian accent and asked if he had reached Gaza. Mr. Shaban said he answered, “No, Tel Aviv,” and hung up.

  171. SaqibSaab says:

    Allahumma ‘alayka bil Munafiqeen, wa bil Mu’tadeen, wa bil Zhalimeen.

  172. […] aid is needed now for treatment of the wounded, food, clothing, shelter and power.  You can easily donate from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.  In Egypt you can head over to the […]

  173. […] interesting project to raise awareness as well as funds for Gaza is MuslimMatters.org’s post, which talked about an Action Plan (to see if we can walk the talk). It’s basically an […]

  174. Ahmad says:


    I haven’t read all the above comments…but just wanted to add my two cents:

    Firstly, it might interest others that there are organisations that are particularly aimed at swaying public against any criticism of Israel. These are some:


    Secondly, as one who frequents some of the social media mentioned in the opening post, I have, alhamdulillah, noticed that a lot of the non Muslims are coming to see the themselves the surreptitous actions of zionists…so working on these products should inshaAllah, have a greater improving impact. Wasalam.

  175. Ahmad says:



  176. Abdalaziz says:

    Israel is trying its best to demolish the spirit of all the Muslims in Gaza, and one of its methods is using Chemical bombs although it does not refer to these as chemical bombs they of a surety must be. They are called White Phosphorus Bombs, they have a horrendous affect on humans. IT has been used many times…..especially AGAINST MUSLIMS



    May Allah show his wrath upon those who are enemies to his religion..

  177. Al-Madrasi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum wr wb,

    Here is the photos from Orlando Rally on Sat afternoon:


    MashaAllah the turnout was great, about 2000 people participated…

    May Allah protect us and save us from all the fitnah…

    Some Info about the Rally (as already posted by someone)


    Saturday, January 10, 2009, 1:00PM
    March at Lake Eola Park (Lake St & Central Blvd)
    Organizers: Arab American Community Center of Orlando; Act Now to Stop War and End Racism/Florida; Muslim Student Association Florida Council; South Florida Palestine Solidarity; St. Pete for Peace; Rise Up Tampa Bay; Florida Peace Action Network; Iraq Veterans Against the War: St. George Church, Council on American Islamic Relations; Project Downtown Orlando; Orlando Dawa’ah Project; Muslim Youth Community Center of Orlando; Society for a Just Peace in Palestine (SJP) at Rollins College.

    P.S: If someone finds some photos objectionable, kindly let me know, inshaAllah will remove them if need be.

  178. Al-Madrasi says:

    News Related to Orlando Rally:

    MSNBC (and Wesh.com)

    Central Florida News 13

  179. umtalhah says:

    as salam alaikum,
    i think this should be dugg


    may Allah have mercy on the muslims.

  180. […] Other blogs and websites are coming up with things that we can do for Gaza and for the Palestinian cause as a whole. One of my favourites is over at Muslim Matters. Please check it out. […]

  181. Al-Madrasi says:

    Worth Watch: An Old video Rabbi’s protest against zionism


    On Nov. 27, 2007, in Annapolis, MD, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a spokesman for the Neturei Karta International, ripped into Zionism. He blasted the Zionists for its supposed “fearmongering.” He also accused the Zionists of “beating” Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. His remarks were made outside the U.S. Naval Academy, on Randall Street, near Gate I, close to the waterfront, in this port city. A Middle East “Peace” conference was being held inside the Naval Academy.
    For background on Neturei Karta International, see: http://www.nkusa.org/ and on the “Middle East Peace Conference,” check out this analysis:

  182. lahss says:

    Call the IDF, tell the them to stop the killing
    Written by AUPHR
    Monday, 12 January 2009

    The Israeli army has spread flyers in the air in Gaza that give a number for Palestinians to call to report on Hamas activities.

    Here is the number. Everyone is invited to call it to protest the war on Gaza instead.


    From the U.S. you dial:


    YOU CAN ALSO SKYPE IT (+972-2-5839749) !!! I just did it and told him that the IDF is killing children and innocents and that there is only a political solution to the conflict !

    I encourage others to make the call sooner rather than later bec=use surely they’ll change the number once these kinds of calls start=20 coming in.

  183. […] action alert relates to the “Social Networking” in the 60 min ACTION GAZA […]

  184. umtalhah says:

    as salam alaikum all,

    this is a pole to see whether israel is supported or palestine.

    pls. vote for palestine, it is trailing behind:


  185. umtalhah says:

    this is w.r.t. the last alert sent out by br. amad.

    ma sha Allah he has an excellent writing style. (i would personally prefer a little easier words so that i don’t go scurrying for my dictionary everytime i get an alert from him ;)). he sould write public speeches. as my son says, ‘he is an expression type guy!.

    on a serious note, a turn out of even a 20% is very sad. i’m sure we can do better. as he says, all we have to do is convey the truth and not the bodies!!

  186. RM says:

    In The Name Of Allaah
    The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

    As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa raHmatullaah wa barakaatuhu

    I hope you don’t mind me providing these humble suggestions as to what we can do. Apologies if these have been included elsewhere:
    1. Revive a Sunnah – perform Qunoot in obligatory prayers.
    The sister who mentioned returning to Saudi, reminded me of this. I learnt about it from the book, The Night Prayers: Qiyaam & Tarawih, (specifically pp116-124, chapter 7) by Muhammad al-Jibali, ISBN:1-891229-82-6. Perhaps the scholars have commented on this being an appropriate time, which another contributor can comment upon.
    2. Donate goods as per your business or profession – advice requested.
    My relatives are involved in pharmaceuticals. We have medicine & clinical goods which are ready to be distributed, plus access to suppliers which enable us, by Allaah’s permission, to donate in larger quantities. It may be, for example, you know a clothing manufacturer who is able to do the same. I have checked with four charities; all preferred monetary donations. Clothes were sold in their shops & any items unsold are recycled. It seems a terrible waste that we have items which we have no use for that may be desperately needed elsewhere. Any suggestions are gratefully received. JazaakAllaahu khayran.
    3. Call to Allaah (da’wah).
    I am a lay-person with limited knowledge, but even I have, by the grace of Allaah, found opportunities to speak about the current situation to convey the true beauty of Islam. Ask the knowledgeable ones of your locality as to how you should respond, perhaps use some of what was said during Friday’s khutbah. For example, I have heard that there has been an increase in anti-Semitic incidents in London since the action in Gaza, yet came across those who sanctioned such behaviour. This is clearly wrong and does not help our brothers & sisters who are suffering. Indeed, it may be that non-Muslims, sympathetic to the tragedy in Gaza, could temper their view & due to this action, be turned away from learning about Islam as taught by our Prophet (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Indeed, I heard that The Observer newspaper (11th January 2009) carried a letter from a number of individuals within the Jewish community which condemned Israel’s campaign. No Muslim can be anything other than grieved by the murder of innocent women & children, and our hearts pain with every janaazah taking place in that territory, for we are one body, as our Prophet (sallaAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) reminded us so eloquently. Please remind ourselves, something I should frequently do, that we are all representatives of Islam. We may be the means by which Allaah Guides someone to Islam.
    4. Learn the du’aa to be said at such times.
    None of us can begin to know the Wisdom of Allaah, azza wa jal, but all of us are assured & comforted that He Knows the true reality of this and all situations. There are two books that I have, one was published in Florida by al-Essa (I scanned them rather poorly but was unable to attach it as I have limited Internet access at the public library), & the other by Shaykh bin Baaz (rahimahullaah) called Tuhfatul-khayaar, (Selected beneficial Supplications) published in English by Dar-us-Salam.

    May Allaah, Glorified is He Most High, help us to worship Him properly, as He Alone is worthy of worship, forgive us and save us from the Hell Fire.


  187. Mustafa says:

    (Background Note: The Palestinians have two major parties, Hamas and the PLO. The Israelis have two major parties, the Likud and Labor parties.)

    Zionists claim that it is impossible to negotiate peace with Hamas because Hamas rejects the right of Israel to exist. This catchy slogan (“how can we negotiate with people who reject our right to exist”) is repeated by the American propaganda machine (which they call the media). I say: why do they neglect to mention that the Israeli Likud party rejects the right of a Palestinian state to exist?

    The Likud party platform reads:


    The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.

    The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel’s existence, security and national needs.

    Note: West of the Jordan river includes all of Palestine/Israel. See map:

    Hamas rejects the right of Israel to exist. The Likud rejects the right of Palestine to exist. Yet the media only ever mentions Hamas’s stance, not the Likud’s.

    Once again, the hypocrisy of the Zionists (and America’s foreign policy) knows no bounds.

  188. ShaamPeace says:

    Salaam to all,

    One among many reasons why Israel wants GAZA: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=11680

  189. Umm Reem says:

    Bolivia cuts Israel ties over Gaza

    SubhanAllah…Bolivia can do this…i wonder what happened to 60+ “Muslim” countries…


  190. […] action alert relates to the “Social Networking” in the 60 min ACTION GAZA […]

  191. Al Iskandarani says:

    It’s truly unbelievable that BOLIVIA is standing up for our brothers and sisters more than most of the majority-Muslim countries’ leaders. If, for instance, there was a significant Jewish community in a foreign country being openly mistreated – let alone massacred – do you think Israel would hesitate to AT LEAST cut relations? How can they (our “leaders”) remain so chummy with a state that sees fit to mow Muslims down at will??

    W’Allahi I don’t know what these individuals, charged with protecting the Muslims, will say when they are held in account.

  192. umtalhah says:

    as salam alaikum all,

    – remember to make du’aa for our leaders. i know it is hard and frustrating and we feel angry and all that BUT we must make du’aa for them. just as we have shortcomings, so do they. they are human beings after all. make duaa to Allah to guide them.

    – remember to correct/better our actions. Allah SWT will give us better leaders when we deserve better leaders. let us start taking better/proper care of whoever/whatever is under our care. if we improve, so will our leaders, in sha Allah.

  193. […] Also, see muslimmatters.org for more ways to help (particularly this post.) […]

  194. Atif says:

    For those that are Digging, you can get the Digg Firefox Add-on and click on “Random Story”. If it’s okay, you can digg it; that way your diggs will be “balanced” and you won’t get “locked out”

  195. […] responding to the dire situation. Starting with political and media coverage, revive-a-sunnah and action-alerts, and special posts by Sheikhs Yaser Birjas, Yasir Qadhi, and Dr. Ali Shehata, we have done our […]

  196. […] Networking Action Alert #7 – 01/27/20097 By proptruth This action alert relates to the “Social Networking” in the 60 min ACTION GAZA plan. To make recommendations for DIGGs, please join this FB Group. […]

  197. mansoor says:

    im sorry for the plight of ppl in palestine,i too want to donate but don know hw.pl let me know ,will appriciate hel[p

  198. Islam Blog says:

    Assalamualikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    Alhamdulillah,Excellent advice! May Allah reward you with good! It pains me to no end when I try to advise my ‘zealous’ Muslim brothers (my family included) about the level of political involvement that an ‘aami Muslim is expected to have.

    It’s sad that everyone thinks revolution and ‘activism’ is the way to go in Islam these days. Because of this, purifying the Nafs has taken a back seat.

    Besides, how else can one be patient without first gaining knowledge and then training oneself.

    I’m going to make my family read this post! Zazakallah for your work.

  199. naim says:

    Pls provide full list of these words like..Inshaallah, subhanallah, mashallah..zajakallah

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