Boycott Israeli Dates

I was shocked to learn that Israel is a major producer and exporter of dates to the European market!

They are grown in the Jordan Valley, West Bank, and are the most profitable crop of the illegal Israeli settlers, who exploit the desperate poverty of their Palestinian workers – including children – with appalling working conditions. One company, Carmel Agrexco, even boasted about producing an early crop in time for Ramadan!

Imagine: to be proud that Muslims are breaking their fast with such blood-soaked dates. A product of illegal, oppressive apartheid!

How very, very, very sad… and sick.

Watch the videos below the sleeve to learn more:

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[youtube wzT8a_ZTMso&fmt=18]

Information from the Inminds Campaign Website:

What else can we do?


  • Post this information onto your websites, blogs and forward onto your contacts.
  • Join the event on Facebook, and invite others.
  • If you spot these brands in your local shops, complain to the owner (download sample letter of complaint, produced by Inminds) – ESPECIALLY IF THE SHOP IS MUSLIM-OWNED!
  • If you spot these brands in someone’s house, POLITELY point out their origin. Most Muslims don’t know about this (I didn’t), and would not have bought these dates if they had known. So please be polite.
  • Remember our Palestinian brothers and sisters in your dua, when placing a date in your mouth this Ramadan.

I know this may seem like just another average Muslim-lead boycott – and oh how we Muslims do love our boycotts – but in this case, it is clear that this is the most direct means of action we can take. It targets the offending companies that are mistreating their workers, as well as the illegal Israeli settlers. Plus, do you really want to be buying dates that were grown on stolen land? Stolen at gun point. It’s just not right, is it?

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7 responses to “Boycott Israeli Dates”

  1. Cookies says:

    yikessssss! jazakallah for letting us know

  2. Bint Bashir says:

    Many of the packets will have “Produce of Israel” or “Jordan Valley” if you cant remember all the brands.

  3. Jazaki Allahu khayr
    That is pretty sickening to hear. :(

  4. concerned_date_eater says:

    Just to clarify, I had two questions:

    1. Are these dates sold in the U.S.?
    2. Are all dates that says “Jordan Valley” is made in Israel? I received on box as a gift and bought on from a local Muslim store that had on it “Jordan Valley”. Strangely, when I received the box 2 weeks ago, I tried to see where they were from but there was no mention of where it is made. Usually the U.S. ones say “California” on it. It does have Medjool written in different European languages.

  5. iMuslim says:

    I am not sure about the US market, c_d_e, but I advise you to write to Inminds and ask them. If you visit the following page, and scroll down the left-hand sidebar, you should see a feedback box. Write your question in there, and hopefully they will respond, insha’Allah:

    Inminds Boycott Israeli Dates Page

  6. Abu says:

    Many thanks, thank you for the poster.

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