Allah’s Beautiful Names…

Great for kids to pick up some names of Allah… if someone can list the names mentioned with their meanings, that would be awesome!

[youtube Ix0Gc7zqrDM]

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7 responses to “Allah’s Beautiful Names…”

  1. Dawud Israel says:

    Sorry for the side-track but I wouldn’t mind hearing what you guys have to say about Harun Yahya vs. Seems very related to Muslims.

    Removed one of your links— rather not give some folks the hits they crave -Amad

  2. Dawud Israel says:

    Also how common is this?

    May Allah have mercy!

  3. Dawud Israel says:

    Jazaka Allahu khayran for that.

    Well what about censorship in general. Pakistan blocks blogspot. Bahrain blocked GoogleEarth and Morocco blocked youtube. What’s the Islamic standpoint on that? Shouldn’t those porn websites be blocked instead?

    This is almost similar to not exposing children to evil for fear it may corrupt them but also leaving them unprepared to handle it on their own.

  4. abu ameerah says:

    @ Dawud Israel

    “…Bahrain blocked GoogleEarth…”

    Seriously? When did that happen?

  5. hema says:

    i double checked these names and meanings, and they seem right:

    i can’t stop listening to this version:

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