Flashback: Gujarat Massacre of 2002

The video below (you MUST see it) refreshed my memories of the Gujarat massacre that occurred in Spring 2002. On the pretext of a “Muslim attack on Hindus” that later turned out to be an accident, extremist Hindus went on the rampage… killing, burning and raping any Muslim in sight in Gujarat, India. The crimes were so reprehensible, so extreme that it reminds me of that school reading, “Lord of the Flies”… how human beings can turn into savages and animals. Actually worse than animals, because animals usually kill for subsistence. The “official” dead-count was around 800, but most believe that the number was closer to 2000 (including independent human rights organizations, US Congressional Research, etc.- see footnotes 4-9). The number is less important than the savagery employed by the seemingly-possessed Hindus.

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I must add that we Muslims cannot fall into the same stereotyping that we ourselves are victims of and despise. I have known many Hindus, in the workplace, in school and elsewhere, who are good, decent human beings, just like anyone else. As you can see in the video, there continues to be a section of the Hindu populace who are being brainwashed with messages of hate and intolerance: not just towards Muslims, but towards Christians and other non-Hindus. The Gujarat animals cannot represent the majority of Hindus, just like Muslim extremists cannot represent the majority of Muslims.

Furthermore, the video itself was produced by Hindus, and I am including articles by Hindus. I am assuming that the average Hindu would rue this black mark on India’s history like anyone else.

kar_sevak.jpgNevertheless, herein lies the problem: justice still has not taken place for the victims of this genocide. India has not lived up to its purported “democratic” standards in providing an adequate redress for the savagery and killing spree. So, we have to continue the education and we cannot forget the Muslim’s equivalent of 9/11 (or worse)… that happened in Gujarat in 2002.

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20 responses to “Flashback: Gujarat Massacre of 2002”

  1. MR says:

    May Allah (swt) make things easy for the survivors of this monstrous attack. May Allah (swt) provide justice for them. Ameen!

  2. Dawud says:


    Do you think handing out those fliers at Hindu temples is a good idea?

  3. Faraz says:

    Good post, masha-Allah. This is really a terribly underreported, misunderstood conflict that should rank up there among the worst crimes of this century.

    May Allah grant the victims jannah, and grant justice to those whose lives will be forever changed by this tragedy.

  4. abu ameerah says:

    a really important post…

    i think many Muslims have forgotten that this slaughter even took place.

  5. Gambit says:

    salaam aleikum,

    old article written at time that seemed kind of poignant given the anniversary of the event:



  6. Manas Shaikh says:

    Thank you for this short but meaningful post, Amad.

    Gujarat is not a memory. It is a reality. Now.

    Muslims in Gujarat are second class citizen, along with the lower castes. (funnily enough, the lower casts took foremost role in killing Muslims during the pogrom.)

    There is no justice in sight.

    For more on this issue, here’s a good archive.

    In this regard, let me bring another related incident- in 1993 after the demolition of a old Mosque by Hindu mobs there started a riot. Mostly Muslim killing- outnumbered, outgunned, out-armored, out-sworded and unorganised, Muslims stood no chance.

    Situation got very bad in Mumbai. A leading political figure there- Bal Thakerey- took front role in Muslim-killing. The police was largely standing by.

    The Muslims in the underworld responded by planting several bombs that killed a number of civilans. The shocked city saw riot stopped.

    I have no arguments against bringing the bomb-planters to the court. But what happened to those who were killing Muslims in broad daylight? Bal Thakerey is unharmed.

  7. sindbad says:

    An extremely important post.

    Thank you.

    Also to Manas Shaikh for those links.

  8. ExEx Blogger says:

    yes very impotant. the little boy is so cute

  9. […] systematic killings of people has been in the Indian province of Gujarat. Thanks to Amad for reminding us. In the words of the extraordinary writer Arundhati Roy, winner of the Booker Prize and more […]

  10. muslim says:

    We are followers of Muhammed(peace be upon him) and not followers of Gandhi. If only we were united and brave we would have fought them.

  11. […] If Muslims can forge a coalition with Sikh, Christian and mainstream Hindu organizations for this specific purpose, it will definitely be enough heat for Obama to reconsider. If nothing else, it puts Sonal on alert that people are watching very closely and that she should not even think of inviting Modi (the Gujarat Chief Minister complicit in the Gujarat Massacres of 2002). […]


    insha allah,

    revenge is near.

  13. […] seven people were burnt alive. If the situation were reversed, and Muslims were killed (like in Gujarat where 2000 were burnt alive), we, the Muslims would be outraged and would not be patiently waiting for facts. We should equally […]

  14. mohd nadeem says:

    allha na muslim ko muslim ke help ka leya pada keya so please help all muslim >koi bhe vastu ya samaan buy tho muslim sa kha redoo not hindu any thing my address> india>u.p. >meerut>mawana>9997711191 kull allha hu ahad

  15. Alexander says:

    I agree with Abu ameerah that muslims have forgotten this massacre…..

    the funny thing is that muslims think by ignoring other muslims massacre we will be saved…. and secure

    save and secure from whom, not from Allah

    look at what happened in Iraq…. sanctions from 1991 on children food items and water purification,..and food items…. for more than 12 years….. more than 10 million Iraqi children died cuz of lack of medicine and malnutrition.

    even the Phiraons of Bani Israel were not this barbaric in their Genocide of people of Moses…..

    other muslim nations thought by simply ignoring, hiding this genocide will keep this trouble away from them…

    now every muslim nation is un stabble and these forces are threatening every other muslim nation without a mercy…

    which ever nation they wanna destroy they say that, this nation has a WMD or ghost of Osama bin Laden is hiding there… and thats it …

    they are planning to repeat their iraq story in pakistan. because of India’s insistance…. because india told these forces that indian films and herions have got pakistan army sleeping and masturbating …

    they are weak now…. cuz pakistani people and Army alike watching non stop indian movies 24/7

    they are completely brain washed by india…..

    in next 2 years Pakistan’s national anthem will be Bunde Matrum…..

    so pakistan is also in trouble… american jewish media throughs one blame in the morning and another in the evening …. india guides them how and where to through the blame…..

    pakistani media is controlled by 2 brothers of Maj. General Ather Abbas…(another Irani in pak army just like yahya khan)

    one brother controls Geo TV

    another brother controls Dawn News…..

    if this is true… then all this indian influence on pakistani society is done with the pak Army’s support…

    and there is nothing any one can do about it …

    saudi Arab is in trouble, Malaysia is in trouble, muslim christian roits in Nigeria,

    some accounts on systematic Muslim Genocide that i remember

    1991 -2003 Iraq Barbaric Sanctions on children food, medicine, water purification, food items….

    more than 10 Million Iraqi children died due to sanctions of lack of medicine, lack of food

    2003 till today… systematic genocide is underway in iraq- Billionaires next door are doing nothing who are given this wealth by Allah. Instead they are spending money on camel race, gambling, horse race…. and pretending to be the leaders of Muslim Ummah….

    1993 – 1995 Bosnian Muslim Genocide(In Europe) by Serb and Netherland troops under UN disguise… who knows these Nether land troops might be going as Serbs after changing cloths and helmet….

    more than 10,000 known killed, raped, concentration camps

    2002 Gujrat – India

    more than 5000 dead, Raped, than hands and legs cut off, then burned. pregnant woman’s abdomen was cut open and child in the fetus of killed and then the woman was killed…

    their souls and Allah will ask fellow muslims….. and other muslim nations what did you do about it…

    and Allah is certainly not happy with us….

    thats why the devil is throwing one false blame after another and killing and bombing innocent children women and men….

    its been happening for the last 20 years…..

    i am not aware if pakistan ever protested about Gujrat Massacre…. because the culprits are still at large no trial, no punishment…

    • Zahid khan says:

      this is a must read letter

      Don’t worry, when things like mentioned above happens frequently, then unbelievable will happen, you forget what happen in this Gujarat how Allah in a fraction of a second 100’s and 1000’s vanished in a sec. and most of them buried alive without a trace, this is the power of AL-MIGHTY, and you cannot match a fraction of his power, what happened in USA, you forgot Katrina and other like those, what happened in Haiti, you have forgotten the tsunami, still don’t believe in the power of ALLAH, then go to you tube and see by your blind eyes, during this tsunami, everything was destroyed even the most powerful buildings collapsed like a piece of straw, BUT A SMALL BUILDING WE CALL IT MASJID, YOU CALL IT MOSQUE, STAND IN BEETWEEN ALL DESTROYED BUILDING THIS MOSQUE AND THIS IS STILL THERE FOR UNBELIVERS YOU CAN GO AND SEE IT BY BLIND EYES,ALSO THIS EARTHQUAKE DESTROYED SOME OF PAKISTAN’S AREA. These things happen when we Muslims forget our religion and very rightly said by Mr. Alexander.
      that the slow poison is spreading very fast in the form of Indian movies and dramas, which Pakistani Muslims are now addicted, you don’t see the most dirty man is now the ruler of Pakistan govt. it happens when ever we don’t follow the rules and regulation give to us by AL-MIGHTY ALLAH, but very soon we will start realizing what we are doing and what we have forgotten.
      And Bunde Matrum, believe in me SIR, will disappear soon from the face of this earth, no one will remain inshallah to sing this song, maybe rather surely we will not be there to watch this transformation, but our children’s will defiantly witness it, this is not my dream or in other words I am not exaggerating, it is written so it will happen, go read the book by hazrat shah waliullah,some part you can acquire from brasstacks.pk, though I am not a supporter in any way of this site. its only for you.

      But brother having said all this i request you that please for god sake don’t create hatred by giving ugly comments like in 2 years of time Bunde Matrum, will be sung in Pakistan, forget all this i extend my hand for a clean friendship, let us give this world a place for our children’s and your children’s to live peacefully even if we goes away from this world, you people don’t understand that what is the agenda of big powers, whatever they are now it is all because of us, we purchase WMD from them ,we are getting poorer to poorest and they are become from rich to richest, we as a combine force can bring them on their knees, we two country if get united no one can stand in front of us, we are approximately nearly 2 billion in physical strength, we can face them, believe me if we particularly my country if stop buying hardware from them then you will see if not in months than in years they will become worst then soomalia,we was living happily before 1947, with respect and strength, what happens then, incomplete peoples ran away from this part leaving behind too many problems between us, and since that day the race to buy military hardware started, forgetting our poor’s who don’t have clean water to drink.
      Please let us become friends again like, before 1947, I wish this can happen only one time that we with clean hearts meet each other and not one or two we walk from this side and you start walking from other side in 110’s and 1000’s. let the world know that if we fought in the past, from now onward now ISI, no RAW no MUSSAD, only we two angry brothers and sisters will change the history, let the historian rewrite the true history, i wish and i pray for a very happy healthy and prosperous life for you and for all angry Indian brothers and sister, may Allah give all Indians prosperity healthy and happy life.
      I take permission from you Brother Alexander, because I cannot sit for a long times I am living on a 30% heart, rest 65% had been destroyed by our so called great Doctors, plus spinal stenosis, which have restricted my walking to 30-35 steps. Plus insulin dependent diabetes, my list is very long but i am living on a life which i had taken a loan till my kids doing mech. eng. and daughter dong bio medical engg. i Hey brother wait one last thing,
      one day we will sing together Bunde Matrum we will sing, and pak sir zameen you will sing, and then seperately we ,you and all of us sing both one after the other
      I have requested ALLAH to allow me till they complete their education, and stand on their feet’s.

  16. yogi says:

    very good !!!!

    u deserve this.

    First Babri masjid

    Second Bombay Riots

    Third Gujrat Riots

    Lets see whats in store for u.

  17. fayaz says:

    believe in God and do the right. it is extremly shameful what’s happening around the world even in this age. Gujarat, Burma killings,Assam ,Israel, Afhanistan, Pakistan everywhere Muslims are targeted and killed.But inshallah God is seeing and will justice

  18. […] The justification from the Muslim Indian community comes from the events in Gujarat 12 years ago. Here’s a quick recap: in late February 2002, there was an incident between Hindus and Muslims that resulted in the burning of a train in Godhra, a town in Gujarat. A train car full of Hindu activists died in this unnecessary event that set off a chain of violence. Muslims were blamed for the deaths, so there was a series of extremely violent riots full of anti-Muslim sentiments. The riots were brutal. “Mothers are skewered, children set afire and fathers hacked to pieces,” during this time. Two of the worst events during these following weeks were the killings at Naroda Patiya, where a little over 90 people were killed and the killings at Gulbarg Society. In this small Muslim area, many were seeking refuge in former Indian National Congress party member, Ehsan Jafri’s, home. In the end the mob would overtake these people, leaving 69 people dead. Countless homes were burned as well as mosques in the Gujarat region. In the middle of all this was the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. He did nothing to suppress the riots or violence. Many of his officials that were under him during this time have received heavy sentences since then. Even now, Modi says he would have done nothing different. In fact, he supported the Hindus’ call for a general strike after the train burning in addition to allowing them to display dead bodies in Ahmedabad, a large Gujarat city. Official records state that the overall Muslim deaths were around 700-800. It is widely believed that the number of Muslim deaths are close to 2000. […]

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