“War Against the Hijab”… Now Playing in Somalia

I hope I don’t have to one day say, “coming in a city/state/country near you”.

It seems that the new government in Somalia, supported by the Ethiopians and the West, feels that the hijab represents their biggest obstacle. I mean give me a BIG break! You have a country embroiled in a war, you have a country in tatters, you have no system of governance or any real peace, and you are worried about a sister with a hijab?? Are you kidding me? Suppose for a second that the reverse was happening, i.e. if the hijabs were being forced upon women, the whole world would be up in arms, even Muslims with “brother, where are the priorities?”. Well, then, brother where are the priorities on this one? Why the deafening silence, esp. from our “secular, liberal, ardent, progressive, humanist Muslims”? Why is this becoming yet another war front against Islamic traditions?

If true, and I don’t have a reason not to believe so, then this is a very troubling development. May Allah protect our sisters from the wrath of the disbelievers and the hypocrites. The following is the article from Awdal News:

Ban on hijab begins in Somalia

Posted on ANN on 21 Feb. 2007

afrol News, 19 Feb. 2007–Two months after the Islamic Courts Union regime was flushed out in the country, the transitional federal government is now at the brink of transforming Somalia into a secular state. This action begins today as security officers have started removing the hijab or veil from women’s heads on the streets of major cities in the country.

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With a heightened violence and explosions against the federal government in Mogadishu, Somali authorities said the ban on hijab is their efforts to beef up security. The hijab, which does not have much tradition in Somalia, is mostly seen as a political expression of support for radical Islamism.

The government posted security officers in key strategic locations of the capital Mogadishu. These officers could be seen stopping veiled women walking on foot or on board cars, asking them to remove their veils.

Though the government is economical in defending the move, it is however believed that it has been precipitated by fears of the Islamists remnants using veiled women to hatch their plot against Somalis.

Recent violence in Mogadishu has killed 8 civilians and wounded several others.

The veiled women, who said they were not fairly treated, would not walk home without protesting against the forceful removal of hijab, which according to them, should be worn by all pious Muslim women.

They said security forces forcefully unveiled them after they initially rejected to unveil themselves. Islamic leaders are yet to react to the issue.

In a separate development, Somali officials have been accused of censoring the country’s three independent radio stations – ‘Shabelle’, ‘Horn Afrik’ and ‘Banadir’ – warning them that they must not report on anything relating to Somali/Ethiopian military operations in Mogadishu, which they consider as “top secret.” The stations have received instructions asking them to censor themselves on the fleeing of civilians, a direct consequence of the same operations.

The deputy Commander of Somalia security operations, General Nour Mohammed Mohmoud, presented the written instructions to the officials of the three stations that serve as the population’s only source of public information.

Under the new order, the government is mandated to select editors from the three radio stations who must cooperate with security department agents.

The Somali government has held anger against the stations for allowing some people on air to pin down the allied troops of Somalia and Ethiopia for shelling residential areas when unknown gunmen attacked them with mortars.

In January, the Somali government shut down three radio stations but they were allowed to resume operations.

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16 responses to ““War Against the Hijab”… Now Playing in Somalia”

  1. Nuqtah says:

    This is really messed up…May Allah help the muslimin, ameen.

  2. Where the hell is the freedom?

  3. Manas Shaikh says:

    I agree that there is double standard on the parts of some people. But I do think that there are people who are also sensitive about it.

    It is just that these people who shout for freedom/(remains silent if possible) when something is hurting Islamic/Muslim culture we get hurt.

    Let us remember Allah and not be affected by these people.

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  5. AmatulWadood says:

    SubhanAllah, it’s so ironic because when the islamic courts union were running the city, a woman would be whipped in public if her back showed, and now hijaab is banned.

    La huwla wa la quwwata illa billah.

    And I don’t believe that hijaab didn’t have a place in Somalia, there are some cities where the women would not only be wearing hijaab but niqaab as well.

    wa Allahul Mustaan

  6. ibnabeeomar says:

    even in the west you see somalis who have come over still hold strongly to wearing hijab. i dont know where they got that from

  7. ummtaymiyyah says:

    Hijab had a place in Somali, it was just seen as a cultural thing and you didnt really need to put it on.

    Alhamdulilah if you look at Somali now compared to the past it has come along way with the hijab.

    All this talk about hijab in the media now its starting to scary me. SubhanAllah they have started to ban hijab in some places.

    • Mimi says:

      Somali before the hijab: -economy was running, had a government, no war, slowly trying to eliminate clan-ism, educated youth and elderly, overcame colonialism

      Somalia with hijab: Al-Shabaab, war, killings, re-surge of clans, refugees, uneducated mass.

      I WANT PRE-HIJAB SOMALIA BACK! Somalia was 1000000…0x times more beautiful than the hideously enforced jilbaabs, look at pre-Taliban Afghanistan to Post! SAME STORY!

      Islamism needs to go! Somalia needs to take back its culture and throw away this disgusting Wahabbi/Arabized Islam.

  8. Umm Ibrahim says:

    Subha’allah, the muslims have hard times to come, May Allah protect and unite us ameen.

    Somali women dress modest anyway its in their culture. Most of them masha’allah are covered head 2 toe..

    If they think of actually banning Hijab in Somali, they have a long fight ahead of them.

  9. Mathen says:

    Somalis have always honoured the hijab even when their government didn’t (think back to the secular communist regime of Siad Bare). In the west Somali women have become synonymous with long flowing colourful shawls & dresses. These are strong women that in any environment choose to wear hijab whether its in a foreign country or under Somali dictatorship. InshAllah may Allah make it easy for them.

  10. Umm Layth says:


    They plot and plan but Allaah is the Best of Planners.

  11. Farida says:

    Assalamu alaıkum

    the same action exactly happened in Turkey. and the hijab is still banned in Turkey. this is why so many sisters had to quit their Universities and colleges. while some preferring to SIMPLY “take off” their hijabs. Why on earth muslims cant make a demand on their rights. I know it is not easy but let me say a thing whihc I really find terrible, a year ago a muslim “star” came to Istanbul/Turkey and like 50.000 muslims especially “muslimahs” went to this concert and they danced but this 50.000 people got really afraid of going to “demonstrations about hijab”… this is why the muslim UMMAH is in danger today. we dont care about our prior matters but we are simply able to go to concerts. when it comes to speaking, yes we speak, yes we save the world, but when it comes to action, some muslims only think of themselves which is selfish. We are not able to go to the hijab demonstrations but we are able to join the concerts and dance there. the latter doesnt attract attention huh??
    such crap…. shame on us…

  12. anon says:

    “Suppose for a second that the reverse was happening, i.e. if the hijabs were being forced upon women, the whole world would be up in arms, even Muslims with “brother, where are the priorities?”

    Isn’t this already happening in multiple countries including Iraq? I don’t particularly think anyone (especially muslims) really cares all that much so not quite sure what you’re talking about

  13. MUSLIMA SHEIKH says:

    Somalia is an Islamic country and there is no way those people will inforce Muslim women to take off their scarves. It’s not a cultural ideal wearing the scarf but a “RELIGIOUS OBLICATION” for all who believe in ALLAH (GOD).
    Maryama (Mary) Radiyallahu Caanha (May GOD have mercy upon her!) wore a headscarf herself that should show you the right way way to dress properly!!

    edited for language

  14. hussein says:

    Hijaab is not part of Islamic culture. Stop with this lies. Finally one country has sense enough to move forward. Allah be praised.

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