Non-Muslims & Islamic Finance

Seems there is a chunk of the non-Muslim population interested in Islamic financing. Not because it is more attractive in terms of return or cost (usually it isn’t), it is because these non-Muslims want an ‘ethical’ route to investing, where no part of their money goes to tobbaco, arms, etc. Interesting article in the BBC, hat-tip to a commentator on Austrolabe.

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3 responses to “Non-Muslims & Islamic Finance”

  1. Avatar sheHATEme2 says:

    Alhumdullah, Hopefully Ms Dellaway will find the true meaning behind the Islamic way of dealing with money and she will turn back to Islam.

    “In Malaysia up to 25% of Islamic accounts are opened by non-Muslims.” >

  2. Avatar Abdul Aziz says:

    Interesting article. It makes more sense to promote Islamic finance as “ethical” than as “Islamic” if you want to get non-muslims to support it.

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