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Elevate the Discourse Before Voting Becomes The New Halal Meat


Every single conference. Every single lecture. Every single guest speaker. Every single gathering of friends… …Every single time, a halal meat discussion. Is it halal? Is it zabihah? Why should you pick one or the other? For the last 20 years, the level of discourse on this subject has stayed the same. We still have the same arguments, the same ... Read More »

Is Voting for Barack Obama Wajib?


So there I was, in zen harmony with my Muslim-American (or American-Muslim) identity, choosing to be all that I could be and exercising my right to abstain from voting altogether when my Facebook feed was buzzing with a strange idea (not a fatwa, but an idea) – voting in elections was wajib! What! Holy moly! If don't vote in the ... Read More »

America’s First Muslim President

Muslim Americans helped elect George W. Bush, but now they're leaving the Republican Party in droves. It didn't have to be this way. BY  Suhail A. Khan who serves on the board of directors of the American Conservative Union and as chairman of the Conservative Inclusion Coalition, an organization dedicated to the political involvement of Americans of all ethnic, racial, ... Read More »

Brass Crescent Awards 2008: Voting Now Open

Just a quick note to let you know that the final voting round is now open on the BCAs 2008. You may notice that we have been nominated under the “Best Group Blog” category, alḥamdulillāh. JazakumAllah khair to all those who nominated us! Polls close on the 19th December. Read More »

Open Thread Sunday 11/9/2008

Did you know we were trying to raise some money on MM for Dr. Aafia's legal expenses? See this post.  We started with a $1000 target, but then that was extended to $3000 (we are up to $2300). I hope we can get that to $10,000 soon. The following comment is from a brother who walks the talk… we hope ... Read More »

Update#2: MM’s 2008 Presidential Elections Post-Mortem: Yes We Can, Insha’Allah

We should feel optimistic, at all times, and take the best from every situation. And between the two candidates that were running for the highest office in the most powerful country in the world today, it was clear in the eyes of many, which of these two was more inclined to peace, and which was more inclined to war. It was clear who was able to inspire with hope and optimism, and who was more inclined to inspire through fear and hatred of 'the other'. - Yasir Qadhi Read More »

President Obama– Elections 2008 Open Thread: The Muslim November 4 Experience / Photos

So, tell us where you voted, how long the lines were, how did you feel, and if you were an obvious Muslim (like a brother with a long, flowing beard or wearing a thowb --- how cool would that be--- or a sister with a hijab), whether you got any "VIP" treatment or endearing looks or the opposite, and so on. And if you want, you can tell us who you voted for. Read More »

A Coin Toss with Juan the Super Shuttle Driver

Due to unexpected family matters, I found myself on a midnight cruise leaving George Bush International (oxymoron) Airport with Juan (not his real name), a Nicaraguan Super Shuttle Driver who was, in his own way, informed about national politics, and an active participant during presidential elections. “Did you know that Bill Richardson is part Nicaraguan?” he asked me.  “I thought ... Read More »

Brass Crescent Awards 2008: Nominations Open

The BCAs are back. Open nominations provide us all with the means to shape the Muslim blogosphere into a more productive place, inshā'Allāh. Visit the website, to place your nominations by October 24th 2008. The voting round opens in November. It'll be interesting to see who gets called up this year. Notice that the “Best Ijtihaad” category has been scrapped. ... Read More »

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