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Top 10 Terrible Khutbahs (and what I learned from them)


The Khateeb's killing it this Friday! …Literally. Dr. O blogs at Muslim Medicine, a site that strives to serve only the freshest grade-A certified ẓabiḥah ḥalāl comedy. Contact your local ḥalāl butcher for more details.  Every Friday morning, Muslims with a Y chromosome (and a bunch with two X's) around the globe get ready for their weekly trip to the Mosque for a sermon, or “khutbah” as ... Read More »

Top Ten Islamic Lectures of All Time (Videos)

I have composed what I believe to be the Ten Best Islamic Video Lectures published across the net up till now. I’ve restricted the list to filmed lectures and those that have been addressed in the English language*. I ask that both Arabic and Urdu speakers forgive me, as I am a well-developed coconut. There are many beneficial speeches that have not been recorded in the presence of a video camera, so in the future I hope to construct an audio-only list, insha’Allah. Read More »

Top 10 Posts of 2009 on MuslimMatters.org

Top 10 by view-count. But not necessarily the Best 10... we'd like to hear from you... what were your favorite posts of the year 2009? And feel free to chime in as to what you would like to see more of! Read More »

Top 10 Posts of 2008 on MuslimMatters.org

The year 2008 saw much for MuslimMatters.org. A new layout, ginormous climb in fanbase, and a whole lot of fun along the way. All praise is to Allah and we would like to thank you for your support and constructive criticism along the way. Here are the top 10 posts for 2008 by view count. Check 'em out if you haven't already! Read More »

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