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The Earth’s Complaint (Part 1) | MM Treasures

earth-1 (1)

“We were making the future, and hardly any of us troubled to think what future we were making. And here it is!” MM Treasures are posts on MuslimMatters that we believe are overlooked 'gems' that NEED to be read, especially by our new readers. Original post from 2007 is here.   In H.G. Wells's, “The Sleeper Awakes”, Graham, a troubled insomniac in ... Read More »

Wherever There is a Wall of Separation, I Want to Tear it Down | Cross-Post and Commentary


I asked Shabbir if he was having problems with his father. “Yes, plenty,” he said. “My father needs to understand this is not a Punjabi village. This is Washington, DC, the capital of the United States of America.” He paused and then said: “My father should know I am not an FOB (freshly off the boat). I was born here. I am an American.” Read More »

Bonnie: A story of a woman struggling with death and depression


Half of this story is truth and half of this has not yet happened.  Let me tell you the true part first. When the doorbell rang a few weeks ago I sent my 3-year-old daughter and autistic 5-year-old son running after their father to open it.  We were expecting their aunt, and what we saw instead was our next-door neighbor ... Read More »

Suicide bomber strikes Pakistani mosque during Friday prayers, killing 48 and wounding 85 | AP

As I was sat trying to come to terms with the ongoing violence in my city of Karachi, the news of another blast in the tribal areas of Pakistan hit the wires. Pakistan, a frontline state in the Global War of Terror, has lost almost 35000 citizens to bomb blasts and other events of violence in the last ten years. ... Read More »

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