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Examining Israel’s ‘Right to Defend Itself’


Barack Obama, when commenting about the recent warfare in Gaza, stated that he supports Israel's right to defend itself from Gazan rocket attacks. He declared, almost chided,“Israel has every right to expect that it does not have missiles fired into its territory.” The Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird, also sang the same tune and reiterated the identical position. This has been ... Read More »

Young Jews Disrupt Netanyahu at Jewish General Assembly

Read More »

AlJazeera: Netanyahu humiliates Obama again

The Obama administration must understand that the Israeli prime minister is essentially a right-wing Republican. Read More »

Antiwar.com: Britain Ousts Israeli Diplomat Over Dubai Forgeries

Citing compelling evidence that the Israeli government was responsible for the Dubai assassination, and the forgery of British passports used in the assassination, Foreign Secretary David Miliband announced the ouster of an Israeli diplomat from the nation. Read More »

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