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Israel and Apartheid | Part 4

Aparthied Israel

This series has barely scratched the surface of the human right abuses Palestinians suffer on a regular basis. These articles have focused mainly on the discriminatory practices in the OPT in order to highlight the apartheid nature of the 45-year-old occupation. Read More »

Israel and Apartheid | Part 2


This article explores the different apartheid policies designed and enforced by Israel in the Palestinian territories to oppress Palestinian Arabs and give preferential treatment to Israeli Jews to maintain the domination of its race. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | Freed Palestinian Prisoners Visit Doha School, Recount Experience


By Reem Shaikh Reem is a 10th grade student at Al-Arqam Academy in Doha. A couple of months ago, several Palestinian prisoners were released in exchange for Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier. While everyone seems to know every detail of Gilad's life and his freedom, few talk about the Palestinian prisoners, who by most accounts, suffered more terribly in Israeli ... Read More »

(UPDATE- NEW VIDEO) Video – Israelis Demonstrate Against Turkey, Express Pride in Security Forces

Remember how the celebration of a few Palestinians on 9/11 was flashed around the world to dehumanize them. Why isn't this video that shows Israelis demonstrating in front of the Turkish Embassy and expressing satisfaction with their security apparatus [Source], without regard for the death of innocent humanitarian volunteers making the same rounds? The support for Israel's action among Israelis ... Read More »

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