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Spruce Forest

Asma was always one to focus on what was missing: the sun on a cloudy day, the tiny smudge on her otherwise beautiful painting, the single wrong answer on a test. She feared imperfection like it was a debilitating disease. And it showed. Read More »

Being a People Pleaser


So what’s wrong with being nice? Just like with anything taken to the extreme, being too nice can hurt you when people take advantage of you and use you because you are too nice to say “NO”. Read More »

Lessons in Staying Behind – Part 3: When the Earth is Strange

The feeling of strangeness from the one who is in a state of grief, fear or worry because of sins is due to them possessing a living heart. Their heart feels that even the non-living things around them are strange and is filled with mixed feelings of isolation and dreariness. This is the reaction of a living heart to sins. Read More »

Patient: The Ummah. Diagnosis: Attention Deficit Disorder

Think about it - how many weeks ago did the Gaza crisis occur? Yet how quickly has it faded from our minds? It saddens me to know that we are so easily swayed, so swiftly distracted. However, there's something I learned from the Gaza Crisis and how we reacted to it. Read More »

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