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A Personal Account of Hurricane Sandy from New Jersey

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After wreaking havoc on the Northeastern seaboard, people from North Carolina up to Boston are cleaning up the mess left behind Hurricane Sandy. Houses, cars, whole towns have been devastated with destruction, damage, and lost lives. The storm did not pour too much water in the area, but the high winds which reached up to 100mph destroyed big chunks of ... Read More »

Pakistan Floods 2011 | This is the ground reality | The Friday Times


The devastation brought by the recent rains in the province of Sindh in Pakistan has brought major misery to its people already struggling to recover from last years mega flood that deluged Pakistan. The below piece from The Friday Times by blogger Faisal Kapadia who is member of SA Relief highlights his shock at society's attitude to this disaster. People ... Read More »

Update (11): Action Alert | Sindh Pakistan Floods 2011 | A humanitarian disaster the world is just waking up to


The world is slowly waking up to news of a humanitarian disaster in Sindh Pakistan as torrential rains have caused havoc and as of 20 September, 2011 8,185,682 people have been affected (that's the population of New York City or the population of Chicago, Los Angeles, & Houston combined!), 1,495,698 homes devastated, and 6,616,360 acres of land damaged (that's an area bigger than the states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island combined). Having barely put behind them the haunting memories of last year's flood when a fifth of Pakistan was submerged under water, the residents of Sindh are in dire need of your help and support. The United Nations has called for USD 357 million for flood relief and the financial impact could go into billions of USD. Read More »

From The Pulpit | Spider web cocooned trees in Sindh Pakistan after Floods


(Images: Russell Watkins/DFID) The 2010 Floods in Pakistan that caused devastation over a major part of the country, also brought about a strange phenomenon. Apparently, the flood waters caused millions of spiders to seek refuge in trees and other vegetation, where they proceeded to spin webs all around the trees. The trees (pictured in the images) look like huge cotton ... Read More »

Haiti Khutbah: Why Muslims Need to Help

Khutbah delivered on Janury 15th by Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda This khutbah discusses crisis in Haiti and why it is an essential part of our religion for all of us to help out in whatever way we can. Read More »

Letter from Haiti: A Haitian Muslim’s Request for Help

There are wails in every corner of the city. It's just a real living nightmare. They've had to do massive burials and have started to do massive cremations and more bodies are being discovered. Read More »

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