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Parents at Taraweeh – Making it Work

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Ramadan 2013 Posts The usual scene at taraweeh is children running around in the prayer area, tweens in the hallways, and teens in the parking lot. At the masjid I'm attending, the imām said some very wise things: Taraweeh is sunnah, while looking after and protecting your children is fard. He urged the fathers to watch the children while the mothers ... Read More »

Muslim Patrol vs. Muslim Snow Patrol

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In any society of Muslims there is always a whole range of people present within it. Here in the West one way you can categorize Muslims is into three distinct types: the minority that are actively trying to present a good image of Islam, the minority that is actively trying to present a negative image of Islam and the absolute ... Read More »

Safe Mosques: An Invitation for American Muslim Leadership to Create Safer Schools & Centers

Homeland Security Safe Mosques

Mohamed Elibiary is a national security expert advising the homeland security enterprise and Texas-based Muslim community leader. With more than a week past the Boston Bombings, public emotions are beginning to subside. But many Muslim communities are still left dealing with their fear of a backlash or hate crime at their masjid (Mosque) or Islamic school. In response to the ... Read More »

UnMosqued ReMosqued: Western Masajid and the Search for Community

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In many communities, the very place that was meant to bring Muslims together has become an anathema for the community— associated with fighting, control, and divisions like little fiefdoms. Read More »

We Are All Slaves of Allah


Once, while in class at college, an Arab girl I was sitting next to said quite loudly to another, “Hey, give this paper to the 'abdah” referring to a black girl in the class. I wondered if she was even aware of what she was saying in English. Did she think that 'abdah translates to “black girl” and never thought ... Read More »

Got a Survival Kit? Help for Muslim Apostates ©


Given the popularity of da’wah (inviting to Islam) programs in Masjids across America, it’s quite shocking that so few have after-the-da’wah programs. Unfortunately, convincing a non-Muslim to accept Islam is the “end of the journey” in most Masjids…while this moment is just the beginning for the one who accepts Islam. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | Muslim Kids Strive for Somalia Relief


  By Nur Kose In November 2011, a group of kids, including myself, decided to work together to raise funds for building a well.  When we heard that the Zakat Foundation of America would be able to build a well in Somalia if we could raise $2,500, we couldn't wait to get started.  It was tremendously exciting to think that ... Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | An Account of Halal Project’s Fundraiser at CSU Northridge

17-year-old Maria Khan tells us about Halal Project's latest fundraising dinner at CSU, Northridge. Hena Zuberi, our Editor-in-Chief, was also amongst the speakers at the event. Find out more inside! Read More »

Umm Zakiyyah | Prejudice Bones in My Body

“Good,” she said so matter-of-factly that I was momentarily confused. Blinking, I held the phone’s receiver as I processed this simple response that held little connection to what I had just said. It was months after the 9-11 attacks, and I had just shared with my friend my distress over Muslims being unjustly detained and imprisoned on charges of “terrorism,” an injustice that affected mostly immigrant Muslims. “Now they’ll know how it feels.” Read More »

Hate, Money, Community: Exploring CAP’s Islamophobia Report With Wajahat Ali


The report released in August from the Center for American Progress — “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America” – meticulously tunnels through the maze of anti-Islamic sentiment. Muslims looking for a quick-fix answer or a magic wand that will make Islamophobia go away will have to look elsewhere. There are no solutions here, but that's a good thing: it forces Muslim individuals and policy makers to shake their complacency, apply their own creative mental rigour and draw up their own strategies. Read More »

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