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Imam al-Nawawi: Think Before You Speak


While it is true that great good can come from the tongue, it is also true that the tongue can stir up immense enmity and strife. Read More »

Ramadan for the Self-Righteous

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A surge of the sanctimonious. A pandemic of self-righteousness, if you prefer; and that too one that seemingly peaks to its most destructive during the month of Ramaḍān. Manifestations of which include the thinly veiled ahems of “Ramaḍān *cough* Muslim” when a brother decides to start frequenting the masjid for all five of the obligatory prayers. Read More »

Backbiting Daw’ah Organizations: 3 Steps to Fighting Zombies

When an organization chooses a business model and others disagree with it to the point of backbiting the individuals behind the organization, questioning their intentions, and mocking them explicitly or implicitly on a regular basis, I have a problem with them. Whenever I encounter these types of individuals, I consider them to be plague-carrying zombies, out to eat the flesh of others, as well as spread their disease to them. Give them a chance, and they'll probably eat your flesh as well when you turn your back on them (pun intended). I have three ways of dealing with these iman-draining freak shows... Read More »

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