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Using Arabic Grammar to Understand the Qur’an

The Quran is indeed a treasure trove of gems, but only for the one who seeks them from this trove with the correct intention, and via correct branches and sources of knowledge, which include the rules of tajweed and other supplementary subjects. Read More »

Arabic Dictionaries and Resources for Students

For students of Arabic, there are a lot of wonderful dictionaries and resources available online and in-print. However, the wrong dictionary at certain stages of learning could lead to a lot of frustration, unnecessary expenditure of time and even ultimately a loss of motivation to study Arabic. Thus, here is a list of dictionaries and resources in English that students of Qur’an and Arabic can use in their studies. Read More »

Arabic for Children Part 2: The Three Kinds of Arabic

The following simplification is needed before we engage in a healthy dialogue about the proper scope, strategy and execution of Arabic educational ventures regardless of the target audience being adults or children. Please note that my writing style is un-academic, popular science-ish by design. So be not offended if it doesn't cater your suave intellectual taste for good writing. Read More »

Discovering the Treasures of the Qur’an with Bayyinah [and new Instructor]

Bismillah [Posted by Amatullah. Written by Shirien Elamawy:  Marketing Director, Bayyinah] She sat in the waiting room on the edge of her chair waiting for the doctor to give her any news about her husband. Her husband was driving home from the masjid with their 5-year-old son, when they got in a crash and the car flipped across the street ... Read More »

Plurals in the Quran

In some very interesting cases, the Arabic language offers multiple plurals for the same word. It is curious that the Qur'an uses both the plural renditions in the examples cited. This necessarily leads to an inquiry into what differences there are between them. Read More »

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