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How Mars Became Haram: A Guide to Freaky Fatwa News

Haram Mars Header

So there’s a fun new fatwa being covered in the international news, and it goes like this: Mars Is Haram. Read More »

Does IDF (Israel) produce BBC and US News Headlines? Media & Gaza


Consider the headlines that everyday Americans (and increasingly British) see in their papers and news outlets. Is it any wonder that the majority of casual-observing Americans may actually think that Palestine as Goliath and Israel as David in this conflict? Gaza: Palestinian boy 'killed by Israeli gunfire' (consider the quotation marks around this BBC headline) Four dead in Gaza Strip fighting (sounds like a ... Read More »

An Elusive “Normal Muslim” on American Media Highlights the Need for Islamic Finance Gurus

Finding a Muslim speaking or acting normally on a mainstream broadcast is a rare feat; but the upshot of winning at "Muslim Mainstream Bingo" can be quite rewarding. Read More »

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