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    • This helps us to ensure that readers with time sensitive questions receive a more prompt response.
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    • Providing age and location gives advisors a better understanding of your circumstance and particular environment;
      thus they can provide a response that is appropriate for your current stage in life.
  4. Question word limit: 500 words
  5. Avoid fatwa-like questions:
    • Readers should be aware that advisors are not obligated to articulate a fatwa (i.e. religious edict) on a given issue.
      Please avoid asking questions in a fatwa-soliciting format – “is it permissible to…” exc.
  6. Keep your question simple:
    • Please be sure to keep your question concise, and refrain from asking multiple questions pertaining to different categories in one form (such questions are not as likely to be answered). If your question contains multiple parts (but within the same subject), use numbers or letters to demonstrate that (1. 2. 3. or a. b. c.).
  7. Expected response turnover time:
    • Questions will be filtered according to category and urgency in a timely fashion.
      For now, response to questions will be posted on MM once every month.
      However; urgent questions will be given priority, thus the expected turnover time (from the time question is submitted) is 2 weeks.

These guidelines are meant to facilitate the process for advisors to respond to questions, and so that reader audience can also benefit from both questions
and answers.

MuslimMatters.org invites you to submit whats troubling you to our professional lineup of counselors for help and guidance. This service is free, voluntary and confidential. We will maintain strict confidentiality and will use our best efforts to insure that no information is contained in any published question or answer that might disclose the identity of the reader or any person associated with the reader's question. Although we accept all questions, we may not be able to answer all due to the overwhelming number of questions we receive. This service is only offered for individuals who are 18 years or older. If you are younger than 18 years old, then please have one of your parents or guardians submit the question on your behalf.

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