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“Our blog has now become, for many of its readers, a primary source of information for political, social, and theological issues of relevance to the Muslim world.”
[Yasir Qadhi]

“MuslimMatters is one of those da'wah projects that has made a great contribution, catering to the needs of intellectual Muslims and non-Muslims during some very exceptional circumstances.”
[Yaser Birjas]

“Muslim Matters, more than any other forum I know of, has the potential of turning into the unified voice of reason for the mainstream Muslim community in the United States.”
[Nouman Khan]


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MuslimMatters is tax-exempt nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) that provides educational material, social commentary, and religious inspiration related to Islam and Muslims through its group blogging platform,

[1] You may deduct donations from your federally-taxable income; our tax ID# is: 26-3248086.