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With nine years experience in mainstream news media -- first in radio, then web and social media for both print and television -- Mustafa Stefan Dill was an early advocate and practitioner for applying social media techniques to mainstream journalism. Dill has lectured on online journalism and social change at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore, India and has been featured in Online Journalism Review, The Media Center's Morph blog, J-New Voices, motherpie.typepad.com, and participated as a panelist in a national web seminar by the American Press Institute. In August 2010, Dill planned his escape from the newsroom environment launched a new consultancy offering PR, social media and new media strategies for a wide range of clients, with a specialty in serving Muslim and interfaith organizations and NGOs working in Muslim regions. Dill reverted to Islam in 2002.

Muslims, Supporters Mobilize Against Lowes For TLC Ad Pull

Muslims and other outraged consumers are flexing their social media muscle over the news Friday that the home improvement chain Lowes pulled its advertising from TLC's “All American Muslim” TV series after pressure from a Florida-based right wing conservative group. The Twitter hashtag #LowesHatesMuslims developed overnight, and while semantically not ideal, it seems to be the one with the most ... Read More »

Hate, Money, Community: Exploring CAP’s Islamophobia Report With Wajahat Ali


The report released in August from the Center for American Progress — “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America” – meticulously tunnels through the maze of anti-Islamic sentiment. Muslims looking for a quick-fix answer or a magic wand that will make Islamophobia go away will have to look elsewhere. There are no solutions here, but that's a good thing: it forces Muslim individuals and policy makers to shake their complacency, apply their own creative mental rigour and draw up their own strategies. Read More »

Reclaiming The Perceptions Of Muslims, pt. 4 – Analyse Your Press Release; Serving Non-Muslims

Review everything covered in this series so far -- the lack of grassroots civic involvement, a self-referential Islamosphere, and a less-than-stellar level of engagement with non-Muslims through media, ranging from oppositional stances to ineffective messages -- from the point of view of a non-Muslim that's asking questions, seeking answers, turning to us for guidance, and it's clear we're not meeting that need, either. We're not building bridges. Read More »

A Tale Of Two Press Releases: MPAC And CAIR On NPR’s Williams

Journos know that every press release has an agenda, and they learn early in their careers how to smell the spin: but the contacts and sources journos keep in their smartphones are the ones whose spins are the least aromatic. Read More »

Reclaiming the Perceptions Of Muslims, pt. 3 — How Muslim Organizations Fail With Media

For nine years, Islamic organizations have spewed out thousands of press releases saying "Islam Is A Religion Of Peace" (what I call "IIAROP" releases), and yet Islamophobia has never been higher. So you tell me if this is an effective and complete strategy with proven results. I think not. Read More »

Reclaiming The Perceptions Of Muslims, pt. 2 — Understanding The Media

It is entirely within our grasp to stop playing the 'victim of media' card, set the example, create the alternative story, realign the perception. We can take back control of and own our public media destiny if we're willing to do the work. We can blame the media all we want, but what have we offered them as alternatives? Read More »

Reclaiming The Perceptions Of Muslims, pt. 1 – Be A Citizen

If Muslims are not willing to be known and be identified as fellow citizens -- fully participating in and concerned about our civic community -- then the only Muslims our neighbors will ever know about, are those Muslims that make the news when they commit senseless violent acts. Read More »

Cordoba House “Ground Zero Mosque”: PR & Path Forward Part-1: Public Relations Analysis

A rudimentary lesson in any PR crisis management campaign is to monitor the news about you and address the concerns, esp. in this day and age of lightening fast social media. But CI seems much more interested in flaunting the support that comes their way rather than scrubbing the media to find concerns that need responding to, an imbalance that must be corrected. Read More »

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