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French Cartoons – Free Speech or Islamophobia?


This article was first published with a image taken from the French magazine, which depicted a Muslim and Jewish man with the words “Don't mock us”. We immediately replaced the image, as some believed it to be an example of a depiction of our beloved Prophet Muḥammad . Read More »

Quran Weekly | The Superstars Series | Abu Bakr al-Siddiq


The first installment of The Superstar Series on Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (radyAllahu 'anhu). Read More »

Action Alert: Tweet for Peace | “Promote Your Belief for Peace”


“What are they asking (one another) about? About the great news…” Al Naba (78:1-2). The world is asking, where are the Muslim-Americans voices and what are they thinking? Recently we have seen a video go viral and set-off a chain reaction of protest, destruction and death. Initiated by someone, here in the United States, who have taken their collective freedom ... Read More »

Eye on Burma: An Introduction


MuslimMatters is pleased to announce a new, regular series on the ongoing Rohingya crisis in Burma presented by Fiza Asar, a talented communications professional based in the United Kingdom. She is extremely interested in the “other”-ing of certain peoples by media and the interplay of media with politics, culture and identity-making.  Below is the first of inshā'Allāh many enlightening contributions ... Read More »

Perverted Priorities: Who is and who isn’t Muslim


By: Ustadh Suheil Laher “If you don't convert to (my sect) you might as well not convert to Islam!” exclaimed the 'uncle' to the young Christian lady. The lady's husband, a Muslim, had requested his elder friend to come and help explain to her why Islam is so important to him, and why he'd like her, too, to share in ... Read More »

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Advises Europe on its Sliding Economy


Have the tables turned? Read former Malaysian Prime Minister's economic advice to the West. "Europe... has lost a lot of money and therefore you must be poor now relative to the past," he reasons in an interview with BBC. "And in Asia we live within our means. So when we are poor, we live as poor people. I think that is a lesson that Europe can learn from Asia." Read More »

MuslimMatters “Best Eid Instagram Photo” Contest- Win Cash Prizes #MMeid


'Īd is a day of happiness and joy. During the day, we do things that we normally don't do outside of 'Īd. For example, we get up really early and get dressed up in fancy clothes and then we spend an hour or so saying takbeers. We gather with family, friends and community whom we haven't see for a long ... Read More »

Special Ramadan Adab Series | A Matter of Emergency…Or Not?


Special Ramadan Adab Series: A Matter of Emergency...Or Not? Read More »

Special Ramadan Adab Series | Neighbors in Difficulty?


Special Ramadan Adab Series: Neighbors in Difficulty? Read More »

Special Ramadan Adab Series | A Deal…Between Friends!


Special Ramadan Adab Series: A Deal...Between Friends! Read More »

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