After #TweetlikeABC and #FauxNews: Jon Stewart’s Take on Palestine-Israel Coverage

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  1. Ninja Turtle

    Light-hearted approach to a heavy situation. Better than futile debate and/or pretending it’s not happening. He’s telling it like it is: assymetrical.

    May we put weight in our dua’as for our Ummah. Violence towards Muslims is a sign we were warned of. May we use this month of Mercy to be in utmost remembrance and repentance to the Sustainer of this Universe. If we are safe from harm in this dunya, we will be questioned harshly of our duties in the hereafter.When one part of the body suffers,a ll of the body is in pain.

    • Hyde

      In all honesty I think this was an inappropriate video to be posted on such a an egregious situation.


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