Shaykh Yasir Qadhi | A Vision for the Muslim Community

This lecture is from the United Against Malaria event organized by United For Change.

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  1. CaliMuslimah

    Very uplifting and genuine reflection of the Muslim state in America.

  2. ummmanar

    Assalamualukum MashAllah very inspiring and encouraging speech for our children. This is what our kids need to hear to stand up for their rights and to be a proud Muslim american, what a great feeling, is that for your father to witness while he is alive. This is the result of his hard work MashAllah it is a blessing from Allah (SWT). I love your lectures what an asset you are to our umma. may Allah (SWT) protect you and your family from evil people and reward you with jenatal ferdus and may Allah (SWT) increase your knowledge to educate us as well. Jazakallahukairn may Allah (SWT) give health and long life to you. I hope you get to experience your kids success as your father did.


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