Welcome to this week's edition of MuslimMatters.org's art feature! JazaakumAllahu khairan to everyone who submitted their photos.

If you want to see your work on MM, then either email us your images to art[@]muslimmatters[.]org or submit them to our Flickr group.waiting

Waiting, by Mansour Ali

smilingscholarsSmiling Scholars at the Our Spiritual Goals in Life

About The Author

Zainab bint Younus (AnonyMouse) is a young Canadian Muslimah, originally from the West Coast of Canada. She writes about whatever concerns her about the state of the Muslim Ummah, drawing upon her experiences and observations within her own local community. You may contact her at anonymouse@muslimmatters.org She is is no longer a writer for MuslimMatters.org.

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  1. Zainab

    I really like the first one, but the rest are amazing as well.


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