Islamic Art Feature: Pick of the Week 5/24/09

Welcome to the another edition of's regular Islamic Art feature. If you want to see your work here on MM, then either email us your images to art[@]muslimmatters[.]org or submit them to our Flickr group.

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Little Planet, by Irman Fauzi

Little Planet, by Irman Fauzi. Info: The image consists of a series of pictures of Amaliah Mosque, taken before Jumuah Prayer. These were converted into a 160 degree panorama image, creating this little planet.

Friday prayer at Minara Masjid in Mumbai, India

Friday prayer at Minara masjid in Mumbai, India. Info: The photo was shot from the Kutbe - Kokan Maqdoom Ali Mahimi Flyover using a Tokina Fish Eye lens.

Jama Masjid, Delhi

Jama masjid, Delhi by GrandecapoEstiCazzi. Info: The Jama masjid, the biggest mosque in India, stands on a rocky elevation. It's huge gateway looks down at you like fastidious connoisseur from an immense platform which has steps that lead up to it.

A view for the Queen, by puzzleyou

A view for the Queen, by puzzleyou. Info: The Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) in Lahore Fort.

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  1. Umm Fulaanah

    These pictures are soooo amazing….
    And yes, they ARE getting better and better…


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