Palestinian Boy Used as Human Shield, but… | George Galloway on Gaza

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Used as a shield, but by who? See for yourself, actions of the TSI (terrorist state of israel) and its ITF (Israeli terrorist force). In this photo below, you see how Israel is using a Palestinian child as a human shield on its tank. What cowards! I mean, they have all the military fire-power in the world, and they still need kids to save their dirty little souls from being sent to hell.

What a great indictment of the entire propaganda of Israel that Hamas uses children as human shields!

They have yet to show a SINGLE instance of solid evidence of actual use of this tactic. If it was so widespread, then you would see it on every news channel… after all, IDF is the only propaganda machine allowed into Gaza! Hamas may be everything that its enemies want it to be, but they are still fathers and mothers, and they love their children like everyone else. If they are indeed “Islamists”, then they would be following Islam and not putting innocent children in harm's way. You can't have it both ways: either they are Islamists or they use children as human shields. 38% women and children. Probably another 50% innocent civilians. Seems like there are more shields than militants!

Israel, you can' run, but you can't hide!


George Galloway, a voice of truth, lashes out at Israel and the British media:

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  1. MR

    Can you guys not submit new digg/reddit links of stuff that have already been submitted. Many of the stuff already have been posted. It loses the credibility of the submitter.

  2. Amad

    Actually, MR, if I find an existing digg/reddit on the topic (the picture post is of this post, but the video digg goes directly to the video), I usually will use that. So, I didn’t find the appropriate links here…

    if you have better digg/reddit/su links to the galloway video, post them here and i’ll reroute them.

  3. MM Associates

    I was listening to a lecture, and the speaker stated that these people killed their own PROPHETS…Should we even be surprised about what they do to the Muslims?


  4. MR

    I visit reddit daily more than digg and a lot of the stuff MM submits was already submitted 2-3 days before.

  5. mofw

    It is one of the timeless laws of politics that accusations of the dominant party’s propaganda are actually indictments of their own behavior.

  6. Miako

    Nyan. It should be easy to understand, this use of human shields. In Gaza, the terrorist-politicalleaders (neh, they are both) do not group themselves into army barracks. Instead, they often spend time at home. As this is the only predictable place to find them, there are accusations of them using kids as human shields, because they go home at night to sleep.
    If you take the perspective of an actual soldier, you can see how this makes sense.
    And exactly why it is so outrageous — on both sides. Surely if you know your kids are in danger from being around you in a warzone, you would move them to your relatives’ abode? (note: this may not be possible)

  7. Amad

    Lisa, I received the image in an email, did not know about the date. As you mentioned, the picture and its message is still relevant, even today.

  8. usman

    Salaam, it is absolutely amazing that a non muslim speaks so bravely and boldly…while our own muslim congressmen cant utter a word…only because their jobs might go…subhanallah…

  9. mofw


    stop being so harsh. i think the muslim congressmen are doing MUCH better than the average Muslim masjid board member. give them some credit.

  10. IbnAbbas

    I don’t know if most of you living in America/Canada know anything about George Galloway. mashAllah, he is the most truthful and intelligent MP(Member of Parliament) here in uk and who is the voice of millions. you only have to listen to his live radio show once to see how intelligent and wonderful character he has.

    This is one of his famous interviews with british media where he thrashes the reporter. [MUST WATCH!]

  11. Nabeel

    Sorry if this has already been suggested. How about MM doing an interview with ‘Gorgeous George’ particularly on his work on the Palestine Issue? I’m sure he’d be willing


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