Brass Crescent Awards 2008: Nominations Open

The BCAs are back. Open nominations provide us all with the means to shape the Muslim blogosphere into a more productive place, insha'Allah.

Visit the website, to place your nominations by October 24th 2008. The voting round opens in November. It'll be interesting to see who gets called up this year.

Notice that the “Best Ijtihaad” category has been scrapped. For the best it seems, as not many scholars are into blogging, and ijtihaad is not a word to be lightly tossed around.

So, any ideas about who and what to nominate this time round? Our affiliations are clear; so we shall remain silent. {wink}

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  1. Amad

    jazakAllahkhair ilmsummittee…

    Btw, I think we should have a vote for the best post on MM one day.. just to see what sort of flavors people like… :)

    For the benefit of everyone, what other blogs, and what other articles here or outside MM, are people nominating?

  2. Blogger

    I went last night and today to check out the poll and it is not even up yet (Satuday here in Australia, nearly zuhr).
    Anyone know what is up?

  3. iMuslim

    Umm… don’t remember! But a significant period methinks. Like… either a few days, or maybe longer. Allahu ‘alam.


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