Bismillah-irRahman-irRaheem. As salamu alaykum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatuhu.

posted by abu abdAllah Tariq Ahmed

What’s your best deed of the day? (Wouldn’t you like to see “my best deed” trending on twitter instead of TGIF?) Pray for those suffering from at least three major earthquakes that have devastated parts of Indonesia and Samoa. Give money for their relief if you have it. May Allah be pleased with the patience and fortitude of the Muslims facing this tragedy. May He give them better than what they have lost. May He make their trial brief and reduce their suffering. Ameen.

It’s IlmFest weekend in Baltimore, Maryland, USA! Hurray for Ilm! Hungry for Ilm? Hurry for Ilm? Humbled by Ilm? Humanized by Ilm?

This weekend’s festival of Ilm led me to wonder how you get your Ilm on? Where do you go? Who do you go to? What’s your Ilm regime, your P-90-I if you see what I mean. Or is it more like Tai-Ilm for you? Is Ilm a gourmet meal for you, a spartan affair, or McDonald’s fast food? Would you walk barefoot across a desert or over a mountain or through a forest with pine needles? Would you overcome obstacles or be deflected? Okay, if not you, then who are your heroes when it comes to seeking Ilm? Share their stories if not your own. :)

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From this week’s Headlines…
The Muppets of Palestine.

Curbing the evil of alcohol one car at a time…

Should more Muslims make films in order to get favorable treatment from western law enforcement? Also, does the F in France stand for “Film Fanatics?” Married woman wants to wear niqab, “Sacre bleu!” But French/Pole pleads guilty to sex with a minor, flees justice but is caught three decades later, and France’s elite rush to his defense? France, it’s not just the brie that stinks.

Maybe more Muslims should join the NRA? Seriously, I wonder where the NRA would stand on Muslims owning or possessing guns, or being entrapped by federal agents into holding guns that were legal for the immigrant when he entered the country (eg, a Pakistani student in Houston who was sentenced to 10 months in a federal detention center under the harshest conditions — including almost constant isolation — convicted on weapons charges even though the weapon belonged to the federal agent who actively entrapped him; the student having no idea the weapon was illegal for him to fire or even hold), or any of a number of scenarios in which the government relies on the picture of a Muslim with a gun to cast that Muslim as a threat to the public. How easy would it be for the government to fearmonger against a dues-paying NRA member?

From the benefits of last week’s open thread
MM Reader “aboo alee” contributed the twitter ID of Al Kauthar instructor Shaykh Abu ‘Abdissalam.

Check out this timely talk by the Shaykh. This article from the British newspaper, The Independent that the shaykh pointed to bears another message that too many Muslims ignore. May Allah subhanahu wata ala forgive us and protect us.

And the shaykh’s tweets also pointed to a cool Muslim-themed release of the Ubuntu/Linux operating system. Something better than being another Mac OS X user? Hmmmm. As Apple’s Snow Leopard abandons my PPC Mac, should I abandon Apple for Sabily? Read a non-Muslim’s review, recommended by the shaykh.

Also, a request for feedback…
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