While this article was triggered by a defamatory piece by the Quilliam Foundation, I decided to tackle the issue holistically, by not only discussing the fatal flaws in the article itself, but also the problems with the organization itself, and more importantly, the fundamentally flawed attempt by the UK government to impose their own stooges as leaders for the Muslim community.

PDF Version of article is available for download here: Refutation of Quilliam’s “Alert” on Islam Channel (PDF)


A few days ago I was reading a rather inflammatory piece: a piece that was billed as an “alert” (packing “urgency”) about issues that were no more urgent than my need to redo the paint in my kitchen. It was a piece that combined innuendo, hot-button words, labels, guilt-by-association, and extreme fear-mongering. In its tone, it resembled writing that would typically be more comfortable appearing on LGF, jihadwatch,  frontpagemagazine or Harry’s Place (in UK).

Unfortunately, this wasn’t Robert Spencer frothing. Rather, the organization issuing the “alert” was the “Quilliam Foundation” (QF) [alternative pronunciation “kwahyt laym foundation”], which formed last year, and billed as a “counter-extremism think-tank”.  The alert was called “Quilliam Alert: Islam Channel and the promotion of extremism“. For those of our readers who are not aware, the QF is two-man show composed of two ‘ex-radicals’, and funded by the UK government on British taxpayers money for a cool 1 million British pounds.

“Ex-Extremist” Cottage Industry

The QF is just one more episode in the tortuous saga of  the “ex-Muslim-extremist-gold-rush”. While the world economy is souring, and large multinational corporations are declaring bankruptcy, the cottage-industry of “ex-Muslims” or “ex-Muslim-terrorists” or “ex-Muslim-extremists” is still alive and kicking, and always adding to the millionaire-pool. From Walid Shoebet and Kamal Saleem in the States, to Maajid Nawaz and Ed Hussain in the UK, it is basically the same set-up. Here’s how the “ex-extremist-who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire” reality show works: (more…)