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By Bint Alam

Throughout our lives, in various phases as we grew, there were people whom we admired. The back of our school diaries, the drawers of our study tables, the inside of our cupboard doors, all were filled with their pictures, photographs and sometimes autographs. They were the superstars!

No matter how much we denied with our tongues, our attitudes quite well manifested the deep sense of love we had for them in our hearts. If our hearts would be examined well, somewhere, in some corner, a strong aspiration to be a superstar would have been found. Be true to yourself, it is a fact!

So here I am to help you be a REAL SUPERSTAR inshā’Allāh, your DREAM come true…

Lord of the Worlds: As Muslims, we strongly believe that there is One true God, the Most Perfect, and the One above all imperfections. When we submit our wills to Him through Islam, we break the shackles of this world and start living in the expanse of the hereafter. Thus, our thinking spectrum broadens and we start thinking big and wise. This pure concept of the Almighty is the first step in you being a superstar!

It is always the scenario in the superstar contests that most of the participants actually fall off the list and only the apparently best remains. Thus, it is true that not all can be superstars in the context of the limited dunya. But when you know Allah ‘azz wa jall’s attribute of being above all limitations and imperfections, that is when you can truly realise that it is not impossible for Allah to make all human beings superstars, though it is impossible for those on the judges’ tables as they are human beings like us with strong limitations and imperfections!

You are a superstar in your own way: As Muslims, we submit ourselves in total submission to the Lord of the Worlds. We become full-time slaves of Allah instead of slaves of mankind. Thus, we believe each one of us is given various kinds of blessings according to which we have our responsibilities. The more the blessings, the more the responsibilities. As a full-time slave, you are continuously busy in striving to fulfill these responsibilities in front of Allah ‘azza wa jall. Remembering the fact that you work HARD for none but Allah is the next step in you being a superstar!

If only those with beauty, wealth and health were deserving of the title of a ‘Superstar’, then that would automatically negate our first point. Because if this title was limited to these people only, it would mean that our Lord has done an injustice on us—and our Lord is above all imperfections, subḥānAllāh. Thus, the ones with more blessings do not necessarily gain the love of Allah, but the ones who fulfill the responsibilities that come with these blessings for Allah’s sake, will attain His love. Therefore, no matter what profession, what status you have in this world, whatever situation you are in, be grateful to Allah and do what your situation demands from you only for the sake of Allah, and you will be a superstar in His Sight. And if you gain the status of a ‘Superstar’ in the Sight of Allah, what other Oscar award do you require? SubḥānAllāh, this is indeed the best way of becoming a real ‘Superstar’ in the sight of the best of Judges, the Most Just of Judges, our Lord Allah (subḥānahu wa ta‘āla).

So, I wish you all the best in your journey towards becoming a superstar!