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Sunayna Agha

Sunayna Agha is an Executive Chef, restauranteur, recipe developer, and humanitarian. Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, she grew up surrounded by large family feasts, influenced by her Grandmother's traditional cooking. She went on to spend her formative years studying in Singapore. It was this travel and worldly exposure that allowed her to gain an appreciation for the various customs and cultures. Her attention soon turned to the local cuisines and the different cooking techniques used in various places. While still in college studying Architecture, she established a small catering business at the age of 18. This experience finally inspired her to pursue food and culinary arts as a career. It was not long before she set her sights on the well-known food capital of the world, New York City. It was here, she went on to train under renowned Michelin star chefs. She has worked with some of the most prestigious chefs and has had the honor to serve celebrities, dignitaries, and statesmen. She has received glowing reviews from the press and those in the culinary world.