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Shaykh Wahaajuddin Mohammed, Guest Contributor

Shaykh Wahaajuddin Mohammed is one of the imams of Tawheed Center in Farmington Hills, MI. He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and completed the memorization of the Quran at the Islamic Institute of Elgin (Illinois) in 2003. He then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he began the formal study of the Islamic sciences and completed his Bachelor’s in Management from Georgia Tech in 2010. He briefly served as the Head of Quranic Studies at the Good Tree Academy in Dallas, Texas before relocating to Farmington Hills, Michigan in September of 2012, where he has since served the Tawheed Center community. In 2018, he completed the Shahaadtul ‘Alimiyyah program at the Masjid Madinatul Ilm in Canton, Michigan, receiving formal authorization (‘ijaaza) in the major books of Hadith and Islamic sciences, and received a separate formal authorization in the ten modes of Quranic recitation. He resides in Michigan with his wife and children and continues to serve the Tawheed Center and greater Detroit community by teaching, leading and speaking throughout the area.