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M. Saad Yacoob, Guest Writer

Here's what I use as my standard pfp. If first person is permitted in the bio, this is what I usuall: If a man is what he does, then M. Saad Yacoob is a student (of knowledge and other, less useful things), an aspiring writer, and poet. If it is what he's learned, then Saad is a Bachelor's in English from George Mason University and a PhD Student in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University. If he is what he eats, then Saad is currently cake rusk. But, perhaps, a man is not what he does or knows or eats but how he's been formed and who he's come to be. If so, then Saad comes from the land between two rivers and has flowed like water around the world. His lineage may stretch back centuries, but it is like an uprooted tree floating upon the roaring current of a river beset by flood. He is, as his family has always been, a wanderer, liminal in every way.