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Faria Alam

Faria Alam has BA in Education Studies and Masters in Literacy Development and difficulties from University College London (UCL). She is currently an Alimiyyah student at Al-Salam Institute and been a student of Sh Akram Nadwi since 2013. She is also a director at Al-Hidaayah International school, Bangladesh and have experience of working with Islamic schools for more than a decade. She works as a research assistant at CITE, UniSA, researching on Islamic schools across the world. She is currently running an Arabic Playgroup in London and continues research on teaching Arabic to non-native children. She currently holds an ijaazah in Hafs riwayah and a student of Shaykh Abdallah Deeb. She is also teaching Tajweed at the Meheronnisa Centre for Women in London as a part-time teacher. She is extremely passionate about facilitating support systems for young girls and women to pursue scholarship in both the traditional Islamic sciences as well as modern sciences.