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Toqa Badran & Aydin Anwar, Guest Contributors

Toqa Badran is a recent graduate of Columbia University where she earned a degree in political science and anthropology, and advocated for the rights of minority students. She will be returning to the university as a graduate student to study the history and cultures of Muslim societies, especially in premodernity. Her grassroots organizing has mainly dealt with anti-colonialsm and advocating for the rights of economically, politically or religiously subjugated people globally. Aydin Anwar is an Uighur American and Outreach Manager of the Save Uighur campaign under Justice For All, a 501(c)(3) human rights non-profit dedicated to issues on Muslim oppression. During her youth and college years, she had worked heavily in East Turkistan advocacy by raising awareness through media, film, public speaking, and working on relief efforts for Uyghur refugees in Turkey. She has spoken on multiple media outlets, with her most notable piece on Now This garnering over 100 millions views worldwide. Aydin holds a BA from Duke University in International Comparative Studies.