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Abdurahahman Idris

Brother Abdurahman Idris holds a Bachelor's degree in Islamic Economics and dual Master's degrees in Economics and Higher Education Administration. Currently serving as the Chairman of the Quba Center in Sterling, Virginia, he is deeply rooted in a rich educational lineage, having received guidance from his father, the esteemed Sudanese scholar, Sh. Jaafar Idris. This mentorship underscores Abdurahman's unwavering commitment to preserving and advancing scholarly traditions. Immigrating to the United States in the early '90s, Abdurahman has actively contributed to the Muslim community. He passionately delivers impactful Khutba and lectures, fostering religious awareness. His research interests span Islamic History, Tafsir, and the comparison of Islamic Concepts with contemporary ideologies, reflecting his dedication to exploring the intersections between faith and the modern world.