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Standing With Palestine: A Poem


Standing With Palestine

All out for Blue and Yellow, 

fully behind Blue and White 

Jingoes bolster every war, 

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reinforce every fight


With hollow words and status quo, 

reassures President Joe

Futile thoughts and worthless prayers, 

from Canada, sends Trudeau


Pardon France, it’s under attack 

from hijabs and bedbugs

Spineless, most of EU 

sends virtual hugs


Rushing to his side

for a prompt morale boost

Rishi stands with BiBi, 

to calm an ego freshly bruised


Modi’s RSS makes light 

of brutal subjugation

Already forgot British aggressions

against their own population?


Turkey flexes some muscle, 

Iran shows some exasperation 

Hezbollah, pundits claim, 

adds to the growing detestation


Ireland and Colombia, 

South Africa and Maldives

possess the moral compass, 

the audacity to say, Stop! Please!


If Egypt, Jordan, UAE, 

Morocco and Bahrain

Recognize Israel, 

they can’t all be insane


The Arabs are not impotent, 

their hands are just tied

Understand their predicament, 

committed to truth they are, deep inside


Investments at home, 

pressures from outside

Tourism is booming, 

why have a dog in someone else’s fight


They are trying their best, 

it’s not courage they lack

Sensitive issues involved, 

please cut them some slack


Saudis were weighing in 

to join the big game

When all hell broke loose, 

what a shame

standing with Palestine

PC: Huzaifah Patel (unsplash)

Rulers don’t care

if masses protest and resist

Knowing full well, 

IDF’s transgressions they dismiss


It takes so much effort, 

manufacturing this consent

On destroying their narrative, 

why are you so hell-bent?


Don’t shift the paradigm, 

try to disturb the zeitgeist

‘Tis no way to fix Bilad ash-Shaam, 

they nonchalantly sliced and diced 


Patience Palestinians, 

America wants a just solution

It’s no easy task, 

vetoing every UN resolution 


Missiles and torpedoes

and warplanes for Israel

It’s war crimes they hide, 

it’s injustices they conceal


Few are fortunate to experience 

Levant’s only ‘democracy’

Supported and abetted 

by Western hypocrisy 


But a free Jewish homeland 

just had to be built

To outsource the ‘problem’ 

to soothe European guilt


Hey shamed witnesses 

of the appalling Holocaust,

You promised “Never again!”, 

Boy! That didn’t last 


Those who denied the Jews 

dignity and equal rights

In their hatred of Palestine

have reached newer heights


Those who once claimed 

that Blacks had no souls,

Are fabricating new stories 

riddled with holes 


Amazing how brazenly 

they all let it slide

To all objective minds, 

what is clearly apartheid


While Gaza is annihilated 

through a calculated plot,

Analysts still debate 

if it’s Genocide or not


Restrict their movement, bomb them, 

lock them up in a cage,

Guess Israel is still the only victim, 

if the oppressed display any rage


They don’t spare anyone, 

the Hawks at ADL

Dare speak truth to power, 

and they’ll raise up serious hell


But Neturei Karta, 

those Guardians of the Gates 

Cry out against injustice, 

God’s covenant as their base


Institutions of critical thought, 

these bastions of free speech

When confronted by students, 

they don’t practice what they preach


Sham podiums 

of de-colonialism

What compels you to sustain 

Israeli exceptionalism?


How are some heinous acts 

above all criticism?

What makes you conflate 

BDS with anti-semitism 


Reporters with legacy media 

engage in fake news

Ignore journalistic integrity, 

just care about more views


What security council?

What international laws?

All completely ineffectual 

for the Palestinian cause

PC: Ahmed Abu Hameeda (unsplash)

You rise up for freedom,

Oh, dear Filasteen!

They crush you each time, 

these wretched shayateen 


They rain on you bombs 

and bring down white phosphorus

Your cries travel far, 

tears fill up the Bosphorus 


Too many terrorists,

amongst the civilians you hide

Use your own as shields,

claims the pro-Israeli side


You behead their babies, 

humiliate their women

Net and Joe have evidence 

you are animals, not men


Why can’t you just live 

in your camps in peace?

Quit missing your groves 

crying for your olive trees


Is it really that bad, 

this settler colonialism? 

My ancestors suffered fine 

through British imperialism 


Slow down. Why the great rush

to escape your occupation?

Help them refine Red Wolf, 

put to good use their ammunition 


You threaten their innocents, 

they have the ‘right to defend’

In white supremacy, 

they have a confidant and friend 


Your fate is decided 

in the halls of Pentagon

Noncompliance punished well 

by Lockheed and Raytheon


You fail to recognize 

your enemy’s illegal existence 

whine about land theft, ethnic cleansing, 

enough of this persistence 


Is breaking free from oppression 

worth all this trouble?

Accept the master 

and embrace your refugee bubble


All the destruction and death 

each resistance brings,

Is still not enough 

to pull at our heartstrings 


How much longer will you endure 

this terrible pain?

What if this sacrifice and suffering 

is all in vain?


The Zionists enjoy 

unwavering supports

Not the least bit affected 

by human rights reports


It’s you alone, 

against God’s chosen ones

Just your brave daughters 

and your valiant sons


Stop rebuking Sykes-Picot,

quit blaming Balfour

How could they possibly predict

the calamity in store 


Or was it their intention 

to pillage and devour all along?

To sow the seed of contention 

between Salam and Shalom 


The design to keep Ottoman lands 

under British mandate,

Did not overtly mention 

birth of a Jewish-only State


Intended to be a safe haven 

for victims of Nazi hate

In a land without people, 

for a people without a state


The Zionist agenda

overlooked the indigenous, 

Conjecturing they would give up 

and leave without a fuss 


The fact that many still 

believe lies so fabulous,

Speaks to their gullible minds, 

it’s simply incredulous


If you are one of those 

who go along with this nonsense

It’s time you brushed up 

on your history, no offense 


All those supporters 

waiting merely for Armageddon 

There is blood on your hands, 

for all the fables you have spun


You don’t mind if they imprison, 

kill, maim, and burn

If it helps hasten the day 

Jesus Christ shall return 


This is not what Eesa,

in his name, would accept 

You are doing God no favor, 

you people inept


If you don’t raise your voice even now, 

you are complicit

If you do, there could be serious repercussions, that’s explicit 


There is no time to waste,

no need to mince words

No excuse to stay neutral, 

no reason to follow the herds

PC: Cole Keister (unsplash)

Persevere! Don’t despair, 

Oh, guardians of Al Aqsa ❤️

Don’t ask for God’s wrath, 

Oh followers of Musa


For those who suggest 

peace is improbable in this land

The harmony of Muslim Spain, 

they don’t fully understand


We are all children of God, 

Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and Jew

Sikh, Buddhist, Tao 

and yes Atheists too


Enough cruelties 

for ephemeral gain,

Way too many 

have already been slain 


Stop all the bloodshed, 

put an end to it now

If you really have the will, 

you’ll figure out the how


Let mothers smile and children grow 

Let Gaza breathe, let hope flow

Settlements in the West Bank

against the law, all need to go


Grant full citizenship,

with all liberties upheld 

Allow the Right of Return, 

that has been withheld 


Release all the prisoners,

tear down all the fences 

Fold away all the checkpoints, 

no need for defences


Stop sponsoring wars, 

hold the perpetrator accountable for all her offences

Feeling sorry for Gazans, after arming the other side

You deserve an Oscar for your unparalleled pretenses


Don’t pretend you love peace and equality, 

you find them mere annoyances

Hide all you want behind diplomacy,

We are well aware of your unholy alliances


Lifeless bodies, 

shattered limbs

Collapsed houses, 

broken things


You pretend this is new, 

forget the Nakba of 1948

What of the bottomless graveyard, 

beneath the house you create


Determined Path, Defensive Shield,

Autumn Clouds, Summer Rains

War is war, brutal and violent, 

doesn’t matter the fancy names 


Mr. Biden, your time is nearing, 

grow a backbone 

Surely you have a conscience,

or is your heart merely a stone?


You permit the murder of journalists, 

doctors and aid envoys

Let them shamelessly flatten hospitals, 

and target fleeing convoys 


Don’t brush this as a “conflict”

It’s an asymmetric war

Would David protect the helpless

Or would he side with the ‘Star’?


Palestinians are human too, 

not deserving of this fate

If not even this, 

tell me what would it take!?


For you to stand up, 

point to the Israeli State

be a man of principle, 

call a spade a spade


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Keep supporting MuslimMatters for the sake of Allah

Alhamdulillah, we're at over 850 supporters. Help us get to 900 supporters this month. All it takes is a small gift from a reader like you to keep us going, for just $2 / month.

The Prophet (SAW) has taught us the best of deeds are those that done consistently, even if they are small. Click here to support MuslimMatters with a monthly donation of $2 per month. Set it and collect blessings from Allah (swt) for the khayr you're supporting without thinking about it.



  1. Amars

    November 14, 2023 at 8:25 AM

    Very accurate description of whats happening at the moment. Good job!!

  2. Wael Abdelgawad

    December 5, 2023 at 2:12 PM

    Very interesting way to tell the story, thank you. P.S. – Colombia, not Columbia.

  3. Sadaf

    December 6, 2023 at 10:50 AM

    Thank you for reading.

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