The Muslim Creed: a Poem

This is a poem that I wrote about 8 years ago.  It is a very modest attempt to summarize the Creed of Ahlus-Sunnah in poetry format, something that was done by many Muslim scholars in the past.  I pray to Allah almighty that you find it beneficial and that it’s done for His Sake alone .. Ameen!

this is a summary of the creed
of the sect who from the hell shall be freed

the saved sect and the victorious group
the party of the Companions and the troop

follow the sunnah of the last Prophet
so on the last day you maximize your profit

and follow the consensus of the salaf
not the deviation nor the innovation of the khalaf

the pillars of Imaan are six
without which your Islam needs a fix

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Belief in Allah, His angels and revelation
His Prophets, the Last Day and predestination

Belief in Allah is believing in His Lordship
As well as in His Right to be worshipped

And to believe in His Names and Attributes
this is what tawheed constitutes

We affirm what Allah affirmed for Himself
Without any addition or subtraction from ourself

We do not alter the meaning without a proof
nor do we deny his attributes like a goof

We do not speak of the how on the other hand
nor do we say He has a hand like our hand

We say there is nothing of similitude to Him
Yet we affirm sight and hearing unto Him

And know for sure that there is no one
who is more truthful or more trust had won

than the Prophets of Allah who teach
how Allah is described with eloquent speech

The Surat of Ikhlas is one third of Quran
in reward to the believing man

Aayat al-Kursi is the best of verses
the protection from Shaytan and his curses

We believe that Allah has no beginning nor an end
He is above His Throne yet near us my friend

His knowledge has encompassed time and space
It’s in everywhere and every place

He knows the past the future that no one else can tell
And what did not happened if it were to happen as well

His Hearing and His Seeing we affirm
Your belief about this should be firm

His Will that we should submit to
the scholars say is divided into two

One is the decree good and bad
toward this have patience and don’t be sad

the other is His religious command
the one you should obey and understand

We affirm that Allah loves and can be loved
this is different than reward for the beloved

Love is from His Attributes of Action
Which depend on His Will and His Reaction

Like His Anger, His Plotting and His Revenge
His acceptance, His Hate, this is not strange

His Mercy has reached every place
But shall remain for the believer in His Face

And don’t forget to affirm His Speech
which, on Judgment Day, the far and near will reach

The Quran is His Word not created
This is what in the narrations was related

And whomsoever should want more of this
Should read the Quran to attain the real bliss


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4 responses to “The Muslim Creed: a Poem”

  1. Daughter of Adam (AS) says:

    This is brilliant masha’Allah! I love seeing English poetry that reflects the kind of poems that scholars have used to memorize various fiqh and arabic rules with. So neat and a wonderful continuation of that tradition!

  2. I can’t help but smile when reading poetry. MashaAllah tabarakAllah

  3. shadan says:

    MashaAllah may Almighty raise ur intellect mr n mr juz for d sake of Allah Ameen ya rabbal Ameen

  4. Umara says:

    Masha’Allah, this is simply beautiful. May Allah Swt. reward u greatly for this, Ameen!

  5. SabrunJameel says:

    Masha Allah, very nice!

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