Social Networking Action Alert #5 – 01/15/2009

Please see this link for complete Gaza coverage, this link for all DIGG action-alerts.

This action alert relates to the “Social Networking” in the 60 min ACTION GAZA plan.

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OK everyone it’s action time again! Here is the latest list of links that you should check out, and if you like them, DIGG ’em. Please do this small part in getting the truth out!

Digg (adding comments helps too):

  1. Gazans waving white flags shot dead as they flee their homes
  2. Israelis ‘shot at fleeing Gazans’
  3. Israel Strike Hits U.N. Complex in Gaza Strip
  4. WAKE UP AMERICA! Israel is Killing Children With Your Tax Do
  5. Israeli human rights groups speak out
  6. 100 Survivors Rescued in Gaza From Ruins Blocked by Israelis
  7. Anyone who justifies this war also justifies all its crimes
  8. The Gaza Ghetto Uprising
  9. Facts About Hamas and the War on Gaza, by Norman Finkelstein
  10. Tom Friedman offers a perfect definition of terrorism.
  11. RAW : baby got burned to death in Ghaza (Graphic)

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