Warith Deen Mohammed Passes Away Today

wdm.jpgWe have just received word that Imam Warith Deen Muhammad passed away today, rahimuhullah. Here is an update from the Associated Press:

CHICAGO (AP) — A nephew says Imam W.D. Mohammed, the son of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad, has died.

Sultan Muhammad says his uncle died Tuesday. He didn’t immediately give further details but says the family will issue a statement.

W.D. Mohammed moved thousands of blacks into mainstream Islam after breaking with the group his father founded. He went by both Warith Deen Mohammed and Wallace Muhammad.

Sultan Muhammad confirmed his uncle’s death, but did not immediately offer details. He said the family planned to issue a statement later in the day.

The Cook County Medical Examiner said 74-year-old Wallace Mohammed was pronounced dead Tuesday. Mohammed went by both Warith Deen Mohammed and Wallace Muhammad. An autopsy was planned for Wednesday.

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We ask that you pray for his forgiveness.

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56 responses to “Warith Deen Mohammed Passes Away Today”

  1. MR says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

    He died in Ramadan. InshaAllah Jannah is his final resting place!

  2. Yasir Qadhi says:

    Salaam Alaikum

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon…

    This man was a history-maker, a living legend for American Islam. May Allah overlook his mistakes and forgive his sins, Ameen!

    I spoke about him for a few minutes in the lecture I delivered a few months ago about ‘Islam in America’; I believe that many are too quick to judge him and overlook where he came from and what he did.

    This is indeed the month of forgiveness…


  3. usman says:

    may allah have mercy on him and grant him the highest level of jannah

  4. Lateefah says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon

    He was a great man who did so much for his community. He will be missed. May Allah forgive him of his sins and grant him a place in jannah.

  5. Yaser Birjas says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon

    May Allah forgive him and have mercy on him.

  6. Inna lillaahi wa inna ‘ilayhe rajioon!

    SubhanAllaah his brother Jaabir Muhammad, longtime manager of Muhammad Ali and founder along with Ali, of the first free standing mosque in Chicago, Masjid Al-Faatir just returned to Allaah at the end of August.

    It is truly the end of an era, and what a reminder of our true purpose is death.

    Regardless of differences of opinion about a variety of issues, as someone who living here on the South Side of Chicago has had the opportunity to work closely with some of Imam Warith Deen’s family members and many of his students, and had the opportunity to be with him at various events on numerous occasions, I can bear witness of his tireless efforts to support good works in the community, and to call people towards the truth of Al-Islam. It probably goes without saying, but almost everything that almost all the major Muslim organizations started doing after 9/11 thinking they were at the vanguard of some new approach, Imam Warith Deen had been doing for many years before that. (Again, most of which I agree with, some of which I’m not sure about.)

    Imam Warith Deen Mohammed is an important figure in the history of America, not just Black America or Muslim America.

    May Allaah (swt) forgive him for any sins or mistakes and enter him into al-jannah.

    The Prophet (saw) said “If Allaah were to guide one person to Islam through you, it would be better for you than the red camel. (Bukhari and Muslim). Tens of thousands of people, and many many hundreds of thousands if you count those people’s descendants and the ones who they guided were guided to Islam through the courageous and patient efforts of Imam Warith Deen.

    Here is an interesting excerpt from Taylor Branch’s Pillar of Fire on the amazing tale of how Imam Warith Deen was able to move the Nation of Islam into Sunni Islam. This is one of the rare exceptions in our time of the old-style da’wah and spread of Islam in which unique leaders were able to shift the beliefs of entire tribes by the force of their personality and leadership.


  7. Abu Bakr says:

    For his sake, I sincerely hope he repented before he died.

  8. Abu Zayd says:

    This is indeed sad news. May Alah forgive him and give his community strength.

    I have always felt that his community needs extra attention and care from our side. I have been giving one of their masajid in Jersey City, a small and humble place, one Friday khutbah per month for the past 2 years. While most Muslims in our area ignore and dismiss their community, I have found that if you reach out in the proper way, and with wisdom, it is greatly appreciated. One particular problem in many of their communites is their approach to Prophetic hadith, and I chose to give all my khutbahs there based on the Arbaeen of Imam Nawawi. After some initial hesitation, I have begun to see a profound appreciation of tthe beauty and depth of the Sunnah among our congregants.

    All it takes is a little love and reaching out. We should all reach out to anyone we know affiliated with their community and express our condolences and support.

    Dr Abu Zayd

  9. Amad says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna alehi rajioon. May Allah reward him for all his good deeds and service to Islam, and forgive all his sins and shortcomings, and enter him into Jannah. And may Allah provide patience and mercy to his family.

  10. AbdelRahman says:

    My first thought was that he died during Ramadan. Insha Allah, Allah forgives his sins and grants him Jannah. Also, may Allah give us all such a noble time of death, during the best month insha Allah.

  11. Inna lillaahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

    May Allah forgive him and have mercy upon him.

  12. SaqibSaab says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’un. May Allah have mercy on him.

  13. IbnAbbas says:

    Ameen to all dua’s.

  14. Asim says:


    May Allah forgive his sins and let it be a reminder to all of us, especially me, that death is near.

  15. anon says:

    I’m confused- was this person a normal Muslim? I was under the impression he had bizarre beliefs- can you clarify?

  16. Nouman Ali Khan says:

    We pray Allah rewards him for all the people he lead to his deen despite the monumental challenges that lied before him

  17. Amatullah says:

    inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. Allahumma Ameen.

  18. sisterindeen says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. Ameen to all the du’as.

  19. Ibrahim says:

    May Allah give him what he deserves.

  20. Nasrin says:

    May Allah give him what he deserves.

    I second that.


  21. Danish S. says:

    May Allah Have Mercy on him and enter him into Jannah.

    Please remember Imam WD and his family in your du’a during this Blessed month.

  22. Abu Sabaya says:

    May Allah give him what he deserves.

    I second that.


    I third that.

    I must say that I am quite surprised at the enthusiastic praise that the ‘Aqidah teachers on this thread are heaping upon this man considering the beliefs he has expressed in his own words.

    I’d say that someone like ‘Ali at-Tamimi is more of a” living legend for American Islam,” and I haven’t seen him being praised in such a manner.

  23. Abu 'Umar says:

    May Allah give him what he deserves.


  24. Imran says:

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon

    I agree that he had some strange beliefs and he made some really bizarre statements over the course of his life as illustrated by the link above. May Allah (swt) give him what he deserves.

  25. A Reader says:

    May Allah give him what he deserves. I would second what Abu Sabaya said: how can ‘Aqeedah teachers be asking for his forgiveness?

  26. IslamDeenUlHaqq says:

    [quote] This is indeed the month of forgiveness… [/quote]

    Yes, its true what you say ,Yasir Qadhi, Ramadan is the month of forgiveness but the forgiveness encompasses whom?
    The Prophet salallahu a’layhi wa salam, was forbidden to ask Allah swt for forgiveness for his parents, who died upon kufr.
    The person who you praise is the same one who said:

    [quote]Moses, being pursued by Pharoah’s army, struck the water and the Red Sea parted, so the Book says, and Moses and his people walked across on dry land… Brother and sister, you will never convert intelligent people to religion today with unrealistic symbolical stories like that [/quote] See Lectures of Emam Muhammad, pp. 118-119.

    [quote] ‘If any revelation I receive, anybody else can get it, just read Qur’an and God will show us revelation if we’re sincere. [/quote]Recorded statements, May 14, 1993, Manchester, UK

    [quote] Implies prophethood to Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, calling them, “men of divine wisdom” who predicted the future “in the name of God” [/quote] Muslim Journal, January 7, 1994, p. 7

    Shame on everyone who ask forgiveness for this mujrim.
    If you were ignorant about his deviation, then read about his kufr beliefs before asking Allah to forgive him.
    And if you however knew about his kufr belief and still ask for his forgiveness, as Yasir here is doing, then I can only say ; IF you have no shame then do as you wish.

    May Allah swt give victory to the true Muwahideen and give defeat to the exposed defeatists, the ones working along with kuffar to weaken the true understanding and implementation of Islam

    Allahumma Ameen

  27. Qas says:


    I tried to go over each and every source in that article to see whether it is valid or not. Most of the sources have no online link. The ones in famous publications are not available in the archives as well. Therefore, the Imam might or might not hold the views expressed in that article. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt.

    May Allah have mercy on him and us.

  28. just a brother. . . says:

    I’m not very knowledgable like our beloved Shaikhs, but i would just like to say who are we to make the final decision on this brothers fate with Allah azza wa jal. The most recent quote from the Imam on that website is from 2000. Only Allah knows what was truly in this brothers heart in his final moments. This is the same brother that guided Imam Siraj to islam, and i feel in this blessed month of Ramadan we should try and be a bit less harsh on others. If the Imam died with the beliefs of the above quotes in his heart, than that is between him and Allah swt, but if he had repented for those remarks than who are we to judge anybody. Also i don’t feel it is appropriate to be so harsh on another believing brother of this ummah, especially one who has helped strengthen the deen for thousands across the world as our brother Yasir Qadhi has. I feel we are too quick to point out the “faults” in others, rather than giving the benefit of the doubt to our fellow muslims. It is quite saddening to see the disrespect for knowledge. If anything shaikh Yasir is only a human like the rest of us, so if he has made a mistake (which i’m in no place to determine) than we must realize that we all make mistakes and Allah swt is the most merciful.
    May Allah have mercy on us all, and improve the state of our weak and segregated ummah.

  29. Aboo Suhyab says:

    [QUOTE]May Allah give him what he deserves.[/QUOTE]


  30. Amad says:

    Can someone quote the hadith on remembering good about the deceased?

    And I don’t get the ali timimi comparison… When Allah takes him away, hafidullah, as we will all go away, we will not express any lesser of sentiments…in fact, over the pages and comments, one can find praise and reminders of him while Allah preserves him. And we grieve for him being taken away from us to prison all the time. No doubt he is a treasure for the Ummah… May Allah release him back to us from the pangs of injustice.

  31. Imran says:

    Those quotes have references on them so I don’t doubt they are true. Even if he made the last such statement in year 2000, we don’t have any evidence to suggest that he recanted those beliefs in the years after. So the question remains – is it proper to ask Allah (swt) for his forgiveness when we know that he has made statements that reek of kufr and when there is no evidence to suggest that he repented before he died?

  32. Azeem says:

    May Allah reward him for his great efforts in the din.

  33. abdul-alim says:

    Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

  34. Yasir Qadhi says:

    Salaam Alaikum

    This person has just died, and I personally refuse to begin or participate in a discussion of this nature, especially in such a manner and on such a forum and with such brothers.

    It is so easy to find such quotes, which really all Sunni Muslims would disagree with, and no one defends, yet to look at the bigger picture and see what he has done requires a larger heart and a sense of history. Allah will judge him… and He will take into account the courage and commitment that he had to ‘pure’ Islam; the bravery that was required of him in order for him to change the course of his father’s movement from blatant kufr to recognizable Islam (even if it still had elements of incorrectness in it). No one forced him to do this; in fact there was no pressure on him from within or from without to change the teachings of the NOI. He had inherited an empire, with all of its fame, and glory, and prestige. He could have avoided any controversy and lived a very comfortable life following the footsteps of his father.

    Those brothers who are writing from overseas, or even us ‘immigrant’ Americans (even though the term doesn’t apply to second-generation Americans, but you get my point) who don’t interact much with the African-American community: all that I ask of you is to visit a NOI temple, and then visit a masjid that respects Warith Din as their national leader, and you will see with your eyes the difference between the two, which is greater than the difference between night and day. This difference, after the blessings of Allah, is due SOLELY to this one man’s desire to bring his father’s followers from kufr to Islam, and if he made mistakes (perhaps some very large and major mistakes) in the process, in the end the result was accomplished. His followers today – and I know many of them, as do all activists and community leaders in America – do not even know these quotes that you so adeptly manage to dig up from your sources and so eagerly proliferate amongst others, nor do they believe him to be such (even if he himself might have uttered such statements years and decades ago). They do not view him as being the Mahdi or Messiah or anything more than an ‘Imam’, a mentor whom Allah blessed them with and who managed to lead them away from blatant heresy to the worship of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger. Were it not for this man, millions (yes, millions) of people in America would believe that Allah came down in the form of a man by the name of Fard Muhammad and that His final prophet was Elijah Muhammad; millions of those who claim to be Muslim would not be praying five times a day, they would be fasting in the month of December, they would be unconcerned about performing Hajj – in fact, they would not even be saying the shahadah.

    But through him, Allah guided an entire population of people to believe in Allah alone as being worthy of worship, that the Arabian prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam is the final messenger and his Sunnah is worthy of being emulated; they pray five times a day facing the Kabah; they fast in Ramadhan, and go for Hajj. Because of the blessings of Allah, and then the efforts of this man, African-Americans now constitute over 30 % of Muslims in America. Even those who have left his movement to more orthodox or traditional understandings of Islam credit the fact that it was HIS initiative that allowed them to be exposed to the Sunnah, even if he himself did not take them that far.

    And all of this was done because he genuinely felt that his father was wrong, and that the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam was right.

    So, I say clearly and unabashedly, with conviction and sincerity: may Allah forgive Him! May Allah drown out the mistakes that he made in all the good that he achieved! May Allah overlook his shortcomings! May Allah raise his ranks! May Allah allow his legacy – the legacy that he is actually remembered for, and not the ones that strangers cut and paste from his quotes – to live on and to be even more perfected!

    In conclusion, I do recommend that the more open-minded and interested readers read through Dr. Abul Hakim Jackson’s work: Islam and the Blackamerican: Looking toward the Third Resurrection.


    PS This is the month of fasting, we really should have better things to do, and as I said I find it extremely distasteful to be speaking in such a manner about a person recently deceased, for the reasons stated above. So please understand my absence from future discussions of this nature.

  35. Asim says:

    props to Sh. Yaser for making that clear! JazakAllah

    Don’t hate..appreciate..

  36. Shaheen says:

    Quote from Sheikh Yasir:

    ”It is so easy to find such quotes, which really all Sunni Muslims would disagree with, and no one defends, yet to look at the bigger picture and see what he has done requires a larger heart and a sense of history.”

    If the quotes are not being disputed, what is the ruling on the one who made such statement? If there is no proof that that man died on beliefs contrary to that, surely that person died upon disbelief and hence no forgiveness must be asked for such a person and and such a person must not be presented as a hero in the light of Islam.

    I find it very difficut to take that a famous daee would ask for forgivenss for this man.

  37. Asim says:

    Do you understand how much this man did for the sake of Islam, and how many thousands upon thousands were guided because of his actions? How can you even think of saying that.

  38. H. Ahmed says:

    Jazakallah khair Shaykh Yasir Qadhi for that powerful clarification.

    It is so disheartening that on such a post simply stating the news of his passing – that we have so many people judging him/his saying without even knowing his history.

    To find brothers here (whom i am pretty sure know very little, if anything of the African American Muslim experience, particularly that specifically of Imam WD Muhammad) asking that ‘Allah to give him what he deserves’, or worrying about him repenting “for his own sake”… is appalling.

    How many of us can claim that any of us will enter Jannat without Allah (swt)’s Mercy? Who among us actually believe that we deserve paradise after we pass away?? All the knowledge we have been blessed to study – all of the communities that we have grown up or surround ourselves with, the scholars we have and study from today – are only due to Allah’s rahma. None of it is from any of our own sole doing.

    May Allah forgive us all for our shortcomings!!!

  39. just a brother. . . says:

    Honestyl i expect more from Muslimmatters to allow such a distasteful conversation to go on in the wake of a mans death, who may i point out has not even been 24 hours since his passing. . .
    I understand giving people the freedom of differing views, however this really should not be the time or place for it. Also i don’t believe personal attacks on anyone should be allowed, or at least not so openly and without any proper adhaab whether it be a on a man who has just passed away, one of the handful of islamic scholars in our country who holds such weight amongst so many, another muslim brother like me or anybody else, not even a kaffir with whom we don’t agree with at all…

    Just a bro…

  40. Bint Bashir says:

    MM do censor posts maybe thiswould be a good time to enforce that.

  41. Shaheen says:

    No one has disputed the charges of disbelief against the person. So, the question – ‘is it allowed to approve kufr as Islamic and seek forgiveness for someone who has committed so many kufr’?

  42. Gohar says:

    Reminds me of the prodigal son story. As muslims we can learn more by reading this one post of Yasir Qadhi than we would from a hundred lectures and articles. Thank you MM.

  43. may Allah forgive us says:

    Please do censor MM. Instead of questioning a brother’s deen who just passed rahimahullah, make duaa that you yourself die upon Islam.

  44. Nasrin says:

    It is very odd that the 2 things that the NOI and Sunni Muslims have in common are their feelings towards this man.

    Allah is the best Knower.

  45. Shaheen says:

    I am still waiting for someone to dispute the charges of disbelief or can I take that there is no dispute about that?

  46. […] MuslimMatters.org – Sh. Yasir Qadhi, Sh. Yasir Birjas and others […]

  47. Ibn Fellah says:

    Any of the Salafi Super stars remember the booklet JIMAS came up with, once upon a time, in which they expressed what they thought of him back then?

    And masha Allah do our salafi superstars only limit aqidah to text books? As always I guess.

    Anyway the man is no more, May Allah give him what he deserves, ameen.

  48. MR says:

    You guys do know that Black Muslims like Imam Siraj Wahhaj came to Sunni Islam due to the works of Imam Warith Deen Muhammad as willed by Allah (swt).

    Source: Imam Siraj Wahhaj in this video:

  49. JayshAllah says:

    Shaheen–I will dispute the charges of disbelief against him.

    I have seen the article written against him which is posted on Islamic Awakening and promoted by Abu az-Zubayr.

    Now, before I begin, I want to make it clear that I do not agree with the words of Imam Warith Deen on many of these points. HOWEVER, my point is that these allegations are NOT enough to pronounce takfeer of a fellow Muslim.

    I certainly am not a scholar or even a student of knowledge. But from what little I know about Islam, the scholars have said that in order to make the blood of a Muslim halal (i.e. accuse him of apostasy), there must be CRYSTAL CLEAR proof, statements on which majaz cannot be done! So with this in mind, I will reply to the quotes being used against Imam WD, and show how easy it is to do majaz on them, ESPECIALLY since it is HIGHLY LIKELY that Imam WD did in fact mean something metaphorical, as it is well known that he did not claim to be the Son of God, God Incarnate, the Imam mehdi, etc.

    So let us begin…quotes will be in bold.

    1975- Publicly declares himself “the Manifestation of God”. “Yes, I myself am an Immaculate Conception. You say, “This man is crazy.” No, I’m not crazy… After we explain it to you, you’ll know that I’m not crazy. The world has just been in darkness. I can truthfully say that My physical father was not My father. I have never had a physical father…You say, “Who is your father?” Speaking in the language of the New Testament, My Father is God…I am the Manifestation of God.… All praise is due to Allah.” [1]


    Firstly, we notice the date of this statement, which is 1975. This is during the transition period, from NOI to Islam. This alone gives shubha (doubt) away from doing takfeer and making his blood halal.

    Secondly, there are many ellipses (…) in this quote. Most times when people do this, it is in order to take the quote out of context.

    Thirdly, recognize that this is proof that Imam Warith Deen repudiated his father, a false prophet.

    Fourthly, Imam Warith Deen clearly said “Speaking in the language of the New Testament”, which means that he is doing majaz. If you open up the New Testament, you will see that the believers are called the children of God. This is what Imam Warith Deen was speaking of. I *know* for a fact that he does not believe that he is the Son of God like Jesus [as] is said by the Christians to be the Son of God.

    Fifthly, yes this seems like a strange usage of the word ‘father’, and why would Muslims use the New Testament style of speaking? Well, this is in 1975, and you are unfamiliar with the situation amongst blacks.

    In conclusion, this ‘proof’ is REJECTED of you. The blood of a Muslim cannot become halal based on a quote full of ellipses and doubt!

    1976- Claims he is recipient of divine revelation. “The Book (Bible) says that there is another kind of water (sweet water) which is not salty, that comes from above: that is divine revelation. The water that God gives is divine revelation and He reveals it to His prophets.” [2] “I am baptizing you with the water that God has given me. It is the water of revelation, of divine knowledge.” [3]


    This quote does not say that he claims to be a recipient of divine revelation. This is a deceptive juxtaposition of quotes! Imam Warith Deen left his father because of his father’s claim that he revealed revelation!

    It is much more likely that Imam Warith Deen was talking about the Quran here.

    Again, too vague and isolated of a quote to make his blood halal.

    1977- Claims Islamic plural marriage is haram. “The teaching of Muhammad and the teaching of the Qur’an is that “one is better for you if you but knew.” No other Prophet did this for the polygamist mankind. It was Prophet Muhammad who worked against polygamy.” [4]


    2+2 does not equal 75.

    It is interesting that you couldn’t just provide the quote directly, but had to insert your commentary to muddy the water.

    The fact that Imam Warith Deen said that the Prophet [s] worked against polygamy does not mean that he (Warith Deen) thinks that polygamy is haram. Don’t many people claim that the Prophet [s] worked against slavery, but not that it is haram?

    I disagree with Imam WD and I believe that polygamy is mildly recommended in Islam. But this is not a matter of kufr.

    1978- Denies miracles of the prophets. “Moses, being pursued by Pharoah’s army, struck the water and the Red Sea parted, so the Book says, and Moses and his people walked across on dry land… Brother and sister, you will never convert intelligent people to religion today with unrealistic symbolical stories like that [5]


    This is not clear at all. It is not clear if he denied the miracle. Rather, he said that you will not convert people with such stories, which is his own personal opinion based on the non-muslims he talks to.

    You might be saying that I am doing taweel of his words, but is this not what we must do before we pronounce takfeer and make his blood halal to us?!? Is it not said by the Islamic scholars that the statement must be clear without any other possible meaning behind it?!

    Endorses false prophet Rashad Khalifa. Offers followers “20% discount” on purchase of Khalifa’s works. [6]


    Just your words. No quote.

    In any case, promoting the works of a group does not mean wholesale approval of said group. Secondly, oftentimes people sell the books of certain groups because they are unaware of the beliefs of said group. For example, at ISNA there was a Qadiani group but most people didn’t realize who they were, so would buy books from them! This doesn’t mean that whoever bought books from them is Qadiani!

    Receives Rabbi in “brotherhood”, has him address Muslims from the mimbar. [7]


    So what?

    I even heard that he let some non-muslims pray in the mosque. Oh wait, that was the Prophet [s]!

    Endorses Qadiani translation of Quran. [8]

    No quote, and not clear kufr either. Many people use the translation of Quran by non-Muslims. I wouldn’t recommend it or approve of it, but I don’t think it is a matter of kufr.

    1979- Denies return of Jesus and proclaims himself, “Masih-Mahdi”. “Jesus did his work… he’s not coming back here–never! That’s not the way of God. But his type has to return, another birth like his has to happen, has to happen, to produce his type again. So that his type will be able to see, the lies that have been told concerning his birth. It’s not him but its the same as though he’s the original. I know how Jesus is born because I’ve been born that way! So you can’t tell me how Jesus was born, I’ve been born that way!”

    “…well then you’re a Prophet; no I’m not, well you’re a Messenger of God, no (laughing) I’m not, well what are you? I am Masih-Mahdi, I am the Christ-Mahdi–believe it or not! … You know, for a long time people have been hoping to fulfill the prophecy. The prophecy of the return of Christ or the return of the son of Mary and the presence of a Mahdi who would bring the religion to its original purity… they’ve been looking for that, it’s here now, what they’ve been looking for is here now–But can they appreciate it?”
    This would be a very incriminating quote, but wait a second, it’s one of the only ones without a source at all!!!

    1980- Proclaims himself, “the Mujeddid” [9] ,


    He was a reviver of the faith in America, bringing more people to Islam than any other American in history. Thousands and thousands–nay, millions–have converted to Islam because of him.

    Anyways, I would think it is weird if someone calls himself a mujadid since it is showing off, but I don’t think it is proof for kufr.

    In any case, I would like to see the direct quote, instead of just your paraphrasing.

    states, “If you want all the hadiths, then you should leave this community because I’m telling you, right now, I don’t accept all the hadiths. They have made too much trouble and confusion in the Muslim society.” [10]


    Nobody believes in all of the hadeeths. There are some hadeeths which are dhaeef and mawdoo.

    1981-Claims those who desire plural marriage are, “cursed by God.” [11]


    Provide the full quote.

    Every time you provide such a small snippet, it usually means you are hiding something.

    Claims women’s hair is their hijab. “It is believed in the circle of learned scholars in the religion that the hair on women should be covered… Here in our community…we don’t make any big to-do about it. If some woman is seen with her hair uncovered we don’t raise the roof, because I understand that where there is some sex appeal in women’s hair, there is also religious symbolism attached. This symbolism is good but I don’t think we should enforce these laws too fanatically. If we do we might cause people of higher intellect to underestimate our intelligence. They might think we are superstitious or fanatical people and we don’t want them to think that.” [12]


    Nowhere did he claim that women’s hair is their hijab. He clearly says that the scholarly opinion is that women should cover their hair. And he is merely saying that we don’t make a big deal if a woman doesn’t do this, because they don’t want to come across as fanatical. Perhaps this is a matter of giving time to people to adjust to the faith, or to focus on more pressing concerns such as people on crack cocaine, which is a more relevant problem to the black community.

    Again, no clear cut kufr.

    Do I disagree with minimizing the hijab? No. Do I think these quotes are crystal clear proof of kufr? No.

    1983- Endorses Christmas. “During the season, I do send “Season’s Greetings” cards to Christians who are my friends, or my in-laws and relatives…and I send them to my Christian relatives and friends on Christmas Day. If any Muslim gives their relatives gifts on Christmas, I don’t think they should worry about it- they shouldn’t have any bad feelings because they are celebrating Christmas.” [13]


    This is not “endorsing Christmas”. Such sensationalism. If a Christian gives a Jew a gift on Hannukah, does this mean that he is endorsing the holiday? No, not necessarily. Yes, I understand that the scholars have said that giving gifts might make them think we approve, but here we are talking about the intention of the individual; it is possible to give gifts without endorsing. People do it all the time in America and Western countries.

    Anyways, the scholars have allowed us to receive gifts on their holidays, and I believe they have even discussed about giving gifts although the ruling is against that. Whatever the case, this is based on a wrong understanding, and not a case of clear cut kufr with which we can kill hm.

    Claims Christians need not follow Islam. “There are some scholars… I’ve heard some people who call themselves scholars in the religion say recently and I have heard this,… that the scriptures I quote referred to earlier times and later scriptures came and cancelled that. That now if anyone rejects our religion, he doesn’t go to paradise. I disagree. I simply disagree. [14] … I don’t feel that all Christians have to have my religion to improve their lives. I don’t feel that… I feel that some Christians are living very good lives. They have very good morals, they have a good sense of direction and I wouldn’t want to disturb that for them. As long as they are doing well I’d like to see them continue to do well.” [15]


    Again, 2+2 does not equal 234. He did not claim that Christians don’t need Islam. This is your assertion based on inductive reasoning, which is not valid for killing someone for apostasy.

    He could be talking about Ahl al Fatrah, which could include Christians who may go to Paradise when they are tested in the next life. Again, make excuses and see if there is any way to ward off takfeer!

    [quote]Claims, “The word has come down from heaven–follow Imam W. Deen Muhammad. Either do that or wear the dog collar and eat dog biscuits.” [16]


    Need to provide the entire quote. I don’t think he was speaking literally. It is an odd and inappropriate wording, but we must inquire ‘what is meant by it’.

    Claims, “If Jesus had lived to see 40, he would have died to Jesus and become Prophet Muhammad.” [17]


    I don’t even understand this. How can I do takfeer on a statemnet I don’t even understand?

    Claims, “The Quran doesn’t say that Prophet Muhammad is a messenger to the angels or Jinn, but to the people… Prophet Muhammad was sent to Naas, not to the Jinn.” [18]


    I don’t know if the Prophet [s] was a messenger to jinn, and I don’t think a lot of Muslims know this matter. This is the first time I even thought about the matter.

    1984- Calls for establishing his own school of thought: “…we are going to have a school of fiqh and that school is raising up, or growing up right now with the growth of this community, under the leadership of your Imam and my Imam Warith Deen Muhammad. Yes, Imam Warith Deen Muhammad.” [19]


    Is this even his quote??? It sounds like a quote of someone else speaking about him.

    In any case, so what? Is it haram to think of creating your own school of thought? Imam Abu Haneefa [ra] did it. Sure, Imam WD is horribly unqualified for this, but the intention itself does not constitute kufr.

    1986- Claims, “The Muslim community also has a community obligation to serve the best interest of other communities: Christian, Jewish and even the Socialist community.” [20]


    So what? Now your extremist bias is coming to play. This is just your ideology. We Muslims in America believe that Muslims should benefit all of humanity.

    Denies existence of Jinn: “Muslims do not believe that there are some foreign worlds existing out there somewhere. We don’t believe that there are some foreign creatures sharing space with us. We don’t accept the notion of other creatures in another dimension whose nature is not like ours. We don’t believe that there are creatures who can do things to us but we cannot reach them unless we find some way to plug into their foreign dimension. The real Muslim cannot accept that kind of idea. You cannot work voodoo on a Muslim because the Muslim is not vulnerable to superstition.” [21]


    I looked at the source of the quote. Since when can you kill someone for kufr when the source of the quote has been passed down to three or four people before it is relayed to you?!

    1987- Declares, “But my position is this: in our society, I have learned by experience, so I have differed with shiekhs, I have differed with leaders of Al-Islam, I have learned by experience in this community, that there is no guarantee, that a Muslim marrying a non-Muslim woman is going to have anymore success in bringing these children to Al-Islam, than a woman will be marrying a non-Muslim man… ” [22]


    Again with the ellipses!!!! In this quote he is not saying that a Muslim woman can marry a non-Muslim man. If he did, then bring up that quote! But until then, we reject this as evidence to shed his blood!

    Declares, “I have no problems with the Pope; I respect him and honor him.” [23]


    So? You can find similar quotes from many Muslim scholars. Do you pass takfeer on all of them?

    1988- Denies prophetic miracles. “We know that as much as man fears the fire, we know that Mo..Abraham was put in the fire. That not right? Yes, Abraham was put in the fire. And when they looked in the, when the those who put him in the fire came to see how he he was fairing, how he was doing there, whether he was ashes or not, they found him there unaffected. Fire hadn’t touched him, fire hadn’t bothered him a bit. Instead, instead of him experiencing heat, see God made the flame cool on Abraham. (laughter) Now we know that’s metaphorical, that’s symbolic.”


    No source cited. No attempt even made to cite it.

    1989- Proudly shows off grandchild from marriage of his daughter to a non-Muslim. [24]


    Declares Islamic scholar Muhammad Ibn Uthaimeen, a “suspect of heresy” for referring to non-Muslims as kaafirs. Says Ibn Uthaimeen is “a worse enemy on the Muslim than the Christian or the Jew.” [25]


    A horrible and ugly statement, but we see such statements made by our Sufi brothers all the time. It is not enough to declare them kufaar.

    1991- Proclaims: “We consider President George Bush to be an honorable man. We commend his actions in ordering the surgical strikes on Iraqi military installations. These efforts to avoid excessive loss of human life are appreciated.” [26]


    A politically stupid statement, yes. But have not our Ulema said similar things, like Shaykh Al-Albani [ra] saying that the Palestinians should abandon Palestine, etc?

    Declares: “We (Muslims) are obligated to seek peaceful co-existence with Christians and people of Faith..the similarities are so much more important that we need not focus on the differences. We see Christians and Jews as people of the Book. We should not ask them to take their shahadah…” [27]



    Endorses homosexuals during American Public Radio (APR) interview. [28]


    No quote provided.

    1992- Endorses Farrakhan: “I will never denounce him as long as he says he wants to be a Muslim.” [29]


    This clearly shows that he thinks of Farrakhan as a kaafir. He just doesn’t want to condemn him, for fear that this will make him flee from the religion.

    Declares, “We love our distinction as a people, our racial distinction…we want racial dignity and racial distinction. We want cultural distinction. We want that. Even within Islam we want that. We don’t want to copy the culture of another Muslim…we also stress that we owe an allegiance to the Christian people. Also we have to understand that our religion did not come to establish itself over everybody else.” [30]


    Nothing to rebut here. Nothing which is clear cut kufr.

    Speaking at ISNA headquarters: “Mohammed says he does not favor intermarriage between indigenous and immigrant Muslims because African-Americans have suffered greatly at the hands of white America, and they need time by themselves as a race for the psychological scars of racism to heal.” [31]


    Is he speaking in third person again!?

    In any case, does this constitute kufr? No. In fact, we have Muslims who claim that Arabs should not marry non-Arabs.

    1993- Declares: “If we look at the broad definition for Muslim, we have to say that even though a Christian may be worshipping Jesus the Christ Prophet more than he is worshipping Allah, he or she may be Muslim in their spirit. They may still be Muslim, though the orientation has now dominated their Muslim urge. The person carrying a heavy cross may be a Muslim inwardly. So it is for a Jew, or a Communist, or a Buddhist, or a Hindu.” [32]


    Again, he might be speaking of Ahl al-Fatrah, and the idea that some people might have a grain of Iman in their heart even though they do not say it with their tongues.

    Declares: “Farrakhan respects Islam and he does a lot of good, he is friendly with us and we should be friendly with him.” [33]


    So what?

    It is like saying “Will Smith respects Islam and he does a lot of good, he is friendly with us, and we should be friendly with him.”

    Declares, ‘If any revelation I receive, anybody else can get it, just read Qur’an and God will show us revelation if we’re sincere.’ [34]

    This goes back to the earlier quote, which shows that he meant the Quran, not specific revelation down to him. And he is talking metaphorically here anyways, not in the sense that you will get another book of revelation to you. I believe he means ‘inspired’ by God.

    1994- Implies prophethood to Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King, calling them, “men of divine wisdom” who predicted the future “in the name of God”. [35]


    Implies prophethood? What sensationalism! Whoever claims that Imam WD thought of MLK or Frederick Dogulass as prophets of God, needs to be shot in the head.

    Denounces interracial marriage and women’s hijab. “Imam Mohammed said he would not encourage mixed marriages. “Marry your own race and people you are acquainted with.”…


    Just like how some Muslims say that Arabs should only marry non-Arabs.

    Covering hair in the mosque for prayer is needed, the Imam explained, but in the public when out shopping it is not a big deal. He noted that a sister can be more seductive with her hair covered than uncovered.” [36]


    Again, no clear quote of him saying that hijab is not mandatory. Rather, he might just be saying that the sin is not a big deal which someone should dwell on. I disagree again, but not enough proof to declare kufr.

    1995- Sends condolences and prayers for deceased Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. [37]


    Just PR.

    1996- Denies miracles of Allah. [38]
    No quote.

    Declares: “We are very proud of the strength of Prime Minister Shimon Peres.” [39]


    Could be just based on Imam WD’s faulty understanding of the situation in Israel-Palestine and fooled by Shimon Peres’s peace initiatives.

    1997-Expresses deep love for bishop. “Looking Bishop Burke in his eyes, he said, “I leave a piece of my life with you and I take a piece of your life with me each time I come and I’m loving it more and more!” [40]


    Not clear cut kufr.

    1998- Says paradise is on earth. “In the beginning, God put us in paradise and so shall it be in the end,” Mohammed said. And, pointing a finger to the sky, he added, “Not necessarily up there.” [41]


    We have Muslims who deny that Allah [swt] is above the seven heavens!!

    Responding to charges from Jews and Christians that Muslims are enslaving Christian blacks in Sudan and Mauritania: WD tells the Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), “I think now the evidence is so convincing that I have to, it is my obligation to get with those who are sincere about finding the truth and doing something about it.” [42]


    Umm, so what? Abu Bakr [ra] freed slaves!

    Mourns at Jewish burial grounds in Auschwitz, Poland, where he is invited by the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding: “As a Muslim I felt very comfortable there.” [43]



    1999- Celebrates “Savior’s Day” with Farrakhan. “I couldn’t resist coming here knowing that (The Nation of Islam) was observing this day. I haven’t lost my friendship with Minister Farrakhan.” [44]


    Imam Siraj Wahhaj explains that all of this is just a matter of trying to persuade more NOI and black people to accept true Islam. Imam WD converted THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people to Islam, and this was because he REALLY thought about how to do this. If he had just come out all guns firing against Elijah and WD Fard, then he would have been killed and nobody would have converted. So instead, he was trying to transition the black people to true Islam, even spreading the story that WD Fard converted to Sunni Islam under the name Abdullah. All of this was a matter of reconciling the hearts.

    Prays for “peace” at Jewish Wailing Wall. [45]


    So? Salah al-Deen [ra] made peace with the Crusader states. We should all pray for peace. Yes, I believe in the abolishment of the state of Israel, but I also believe in peace ruling supreme in the end.

    2000: Selected to lead Washington Area Muslims for Eid Al-Fitr Prayer at DC Armory.

    So what? So he doesn’t follow the UK version of Islam, so what? Not everyone lives in a ghetto on welfare.

    This article completely reminds me of those written by madhkalis against Syed Qutb trying to show how Qutb [ra] was a kaafir for mocking the prophets, etc…again, an issue of quotes out of context.

    edited for personal attacks

  50. JayshAllah says:

    I noticed a typo in my last post. I meant to say “Do I agree with him on minimizing the hijab? No.” I accidentally wrote ‘disagree’ instead of ‘agree’. Please don’t to takfeer of me!

  51. Umm Reem says:

    Please don’t to takfeer of me!


  52. Abdul Sattar says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    The people who read Sh. Yasir’s incredible response and still have problems..need to do one thing…GROW UP. Living in the texts and passing judgement on the people will neither get you closer to Allah nor better you in your da’wah. How many of you would ask Allah to give you “what you deserve”. No – I do not want what I deserve, I want Allah’s mercy. So how could anyone be so hard-hearted as to ask that Allah give someone who declared the Shahadah, “what they deserve”. If Allah gave any of us what we deserved, we wouldn’t even be alive today. May He forgive us.

    Shaykh Yasir’s response shows what happens to a mind when it has proper knowledge and is the balance to deal with people. Some of your responses show what happens to minds that have a little knowledge who think they are the Aqeedah Guardians of the Ummah. Grow up and take your queue from a man who knows what he is talking about.

    Knowing the terms Rububiyyah, Uloohiyyah, and Asma-wa-As-Sifaat and rattling off Aqeedah terms and using it to pass judgement, if it makes us harsh with the believers and a mean person who’s character doesn’t match the Prophet’s Rifq, gentleness, and humility – may well be a witness against us. Use your ‘aqeedah to love Allah brothers, not to hate His slaves.

    I say this to myself and you – Fear Allah.

    Abdul Sattar

  53. Abu Hossan says:

    Jazaak Allaah khayr Shaykh Yasir for clearing up this miasma of confusion and distortions. This is why a little knowledge is dangerous. And this is why the deen is preserved by the people of knowledge.

    May Allaah forgive the short comings of our leaders and our scholars and exalt their status in this world and the hereafter.

  54. The comments on this post will be closed. Both sides have been able to adequately make their points on this issue, and there is not much benefit in continuing the discussion from here on out.