Iraq Soldier Discusses His “Kills”

This is a must watch, eye-opening, video from the Huffington Post.

In the spring of 2008, a conference was held on the outskirts of Washington, DC. Entitled Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan, it hearkened back to the Winter Soldier testimonies held three decades ago during the Vietnam War. Of the testimonies we filmed, this one, by Iraq War vet Jon Michael Turner, was the most compelling and intense.

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17 responses to “Iraq Soldier Discusses His “Kills””

  1. islam blog says:

    Rash actions by these idiot soldiers is exactly what plays in to the hands of the ‘insurgency.’ Where else does the resistance get its recruits from? That said, this is something that bleeds America, and if it isn’t already clear to anyone; an expensive war (that they’re losing), a crippled economy, a worthless currency all spell the end for America.

    An attack on Iran will be the last nail in the coffin. I hope America shoots itself in the foot as that seems like the only way their arrogant, hegemonic ways will end. Empires in the past have done it. Nobody stays on forever.

  2. Aminah Muhammad says:

    Asalamu Alaykum Wa rahmatulahi Wa Barakatu,

    As a person who’s been through war in Somali and who’s faced these soldiers back in 1991 when they came to my coutry to restore peace which never happened. It brings back memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. But I think the American people should know what their soldiers are doing in Iraq. They left after killing many innocent people including my relatives members. I think they’re to blame as much as their commanders are to blame because they’re the ones that did these crimes against the innocent people of Iraq. May Allah forgive all thoese that died for no reason.

    I am glad he came out and told his story, but his reasoning for doing what he did is not an excuse to the crimes he did. Watching this video brought back memories of the same incidents that happened to a lot of in Somali in the early 90’s. A lot of Muslims int he US don’t realize how lucky they are. Many innocent Muslims go through this on daily basis. I am glad I left that life behind but I don’t regret what had happened to me in Somalia because I believe in hardships you only become strong and humble.

    May Allah help those that are suffering on daily basis. Let’s make dua for these innocent people.

    Wa Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatu,

    Aminah Muhammad

  3. Muhammad says:

    Can the Muslims living in the USA, paying tax money that goes to support the war in Iraq, please stand up and voice your thoughts. You have NO reason to be living the ‘American Dream’ while your country is killing your muslim brothers and sisters in Iraq and Afghanistan. How you can continue to quietly support this aggression is beyond comprehension. I guess the life of the Fat Man and the brother on the bicycle doesnt interfere with the good life that is offered to you by America.

    Islamically you have no reaason to be living in that country. Prepare your answers/excuses for Allah SWT.

  4. ibnabeeomar says:

    muhammad, jazakAllahu khayr. perhaps you can give us a logistical plan for 7 million plus people to all do a mass migration, and also coordinate with the muslim countries to make sure they can take everyone on and give them jobs and places to live .. i look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to accomplish this :) id also be interested in knowing where you live so that if inshallah we ARE able to make hijrah, we know which country to go to that has the shariah fully established :)

    also, i believe that posting things like this and bringing attention to them is not being silent. in fact, it is posts like this that help give the platform so that people CAN voice their opinions on the issue.

  5. iMuslim says:

    That is one of the most shocking and disturbing testimonies I’ve ever heard. The thing is, he committed murder, and he is witness to many other acts of murder. Will he and his fellow perpetrators be prosecuted (confessing and being sorry shouldn’t automatically get you off the hook) as a result of this public confession?

  6. ExEx Blogger says:

    I agree with iMuslim. An apology is not enough.

  7. ummafnaan says:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    May Allah continue to grant the Mujahidden the strength and courage to destroy and annhialate these pigs from Allahs earth. Ameen

  8. Ibnkhalil says:

    Is Muslim blood so cheap?
    These people have no moral. They are sick perverts. Where are the human rights commissions? No wonder American soldiers coming back from the war zone have the highest depression, suicide and divorce rates. An eye for an eye and a life for a life…..

  9. PassingBy says:

    nobody cares….even Iraqis believe “American” voters don’t really care. The only way to change this condition is that we change ourselves to practice our religion with confidence and intelligence. There are a lot of self-hating muslims, apologetics, whiners, and self-deprecating flamers trying to reel in support with their dumb founded ideas of right and wrong. We keep playing the defensive. Whenever we raise a concern we are portrayed as “whiners”, while if the issues are raised by the criminals it becomes …almost legit or in this case “that’s sad” ‘shocking” …wow, amazing..did he just say that…the focus almost always goes back to these criminals. What about the dead. When are we going to ask “who were the dead” ?

    Some time a ago, i read a report about how an group killed a few people by accident, and the reporter was able to obtain “statement of apology” from infantry leader, and was able to provide some pleasant details of the “accident” not the “brutal killing” but the accident. But that’s it. The 1000 report never mentions the name of the dead or who his relatives were, no more than a head count.

    The Anglican terrorists will not stop justifying killing and maiming by claiming security. This is similar to what Israelis do everyday. The tail follows the dog. We can educate our children, family, and members closest to us about their crimes, but to make any difference we should first show our neutral position on those who are inspired to kill because they have lost someone or their security is threatened every day. If every american has a right to defend himself when attacked or threatened why shouldn’t an Iraqi!

  10. ummafnaan says:


    What hurts so bad infact is there are ‘muslims’ out there who openely crticise the mujahideen, call them terrorists, etc. What a gross betrayal of our muslim brothers and sisters. As Norman Finkelstein put it beautifully ‘NEVER FORGIVE… NEVER FORGET…’.
    InshaAllah the muslims in Iraq will not stop fighting until every American soldier leaves willingly or in a coffin. Well put IbnKhalil; ‘AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND A LIFE FOR A LIFE’!

  11. Yusuf says:

    Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’oon… may Allah accept them as shuhada’ and place them in the highest ranks in Jannah and grant their families patience.

    Does anyone know if thissoldier and others like him have been contacted and called to Islam since this conference? Or does anyone know of any type of organized da’wah effort like this for these vets?

  12. muslim says:

    7asbouna alah wa ni3ma al wakil

  13. Muhammad says:

    ibnabeeomar when the muslims migrated to Abysinnia were they promised jobs and financial security or did they do it fi Sabilillah? Your faith in Allah SWT should be great and you should know that Allah SWT will provide for you. Your rizq was written 20,000 years before you were created so dont be scared.

    I lived in America from 1979 till the War on Terror. Alhamdulillah America provided me with an Education I could not get anywhere else and it provided me with a life unmathced anywhere else on Earth, so I dont have hatred towards America.

    You have to ask yourself at what point does the love of Islam outweigh the love of America. If the country you are living in, is killing innocent muslims, should you keep quiet and continue paying tax money to continue the massacres. Is your America Dream worth the death of the Fat Man and the Brother on the bicycle?

    What you saw in this video is the testimony of one soldier who is nothing compared to the State and what they are really doing in the muslim countries.

    As I stated earlier, prepare your answers/excuses for Allah SWT.

  14. Muhammad says:

    ibnabeeomar if you get a chance please listen to the lecture titled ‘The Dust Will Never Settle’ by Anwar Awlaki.

    The sahaba wouldnt have been sitting around posting links and thinking they were making a difference, when their Muslim brothers were being killed for no reason.

    You saw what happened when an Australian wore a tshirt that stated ‘Jesus is a c**t’ He was quietly escorted to jail. but when guys like you protest on the streets “Ghandi-Style” about defaming the Prophet by those ridiculous cartoons, we are told Freedom of Speech prevails. I can go on and on but your heart knows and inshallah may it guide you to whats best for you in the Hereafter.

    As Ali RA stated, majority of us will wake up after death.

  15. ibnabeeomar says:

    so we have gone from my posting an ANTI WAR video to me somehow supporting attacks against the Prophet (saw) by doing so? jazakallahu khayr – that is quite a jump in logic :)

    anyway thats my last comment on this issue. i posted an anti-war video, giving a perspective of some soldiers giving some insight on what went – nothing more, nothing less. i’ll leave it at that.

  16. IbnAbbas says:

    Assalaamu alaikum.

    here is another one:

  17. ibnabeeomar says:

    This thread is being closed. The original post is simply to point out a video from a soldier describing what happened. Comments on all unrelated subjects have been moderated out as they do not belong on this topic.