Reinstate Debbie AlMontaser as Principal of KGIA

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We, at, call upon Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein to reinstate Debbie AlMontaser as the Principal of Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA). We cannot let bigotry and right-wing conspiracy allow a respectable and qualified candidate to be forced out of her rightful position.

According to AlMontaser,

“In early August of this year, under pressure from The New York Post, The New York Sun, and right-wing bloggers, representatives of the Mayor, the Chancellor, and New Visions demanded that I resign as KGIA’s principal,” said Almontaser in a prepared statement to the press and public. “They threatened to close down KGIA if I refused. The next day, I submitted my letter of resignation.”

Rabbi Michael Feinberg is quoted as saying:

KGIA was Ms. Almontaser’s vision and she was unarguably the right person to lead it…That she is not principal today is solely the result of attacks upon her by marginal, right- wing groups, who charged her and KGIA with hostility to Israel and Jews. We state emphatically that those groups do not represent the views of the mainstream Jewish community in New York City.

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23 responses to “Reinstate Debbie AlMontaser as Principal of KGIA”

  1. Amad says:

    Let’s support our sister inshallah.

  2. Muslim Apple says:

    I support Almontaser and think it was wrong for her to give in to the bigotry and step down as principal.

    I had a post called: Debbie Almontaser: Cowardice in the Face of Prejudice

  3. Amad says:

    I’ll add both of you, MR & Muslim-Apple. I know we have all written about it before… but let’s add another little post about this and REFRESH and REENERGIZE!

  4. H. Ahmed says:

    I also fully support her. Ive written posts about her and the KGIA school before. (

  5. Abu Omar says:

    We see these disgusting Zionist extremists, like Daniel Pipes and Joe Kaufman, taking every and any chance to attack and undermine Muslims for not supporting their idol (i.e. Israel) or endorsing the murderous neo-conservative foreign policy. If you are not with them, then you are against them. So they will attack any prominent Muslim figure and try to paint them with the brush of fanaticism and terrorism. Even relatively light-weight figures like Rep. Keith Ellison, Ibrahim Hooper, Nihad Awad, and most recently Dr. Esam Omeish are demonized as extremists and lumped with Qaeda and the usual suspects.

  6. […] Reinstate Debbie AlMontaser as Principal of KGIA […]

  7. .. says:

    i can almost swear that i saw a flier somewhere saying that she is coming tto NYU on sunday- is that true??????????????????/ anybody has the info? pls let meknow i can come on sunday inshaAllah

  8. Solomon2 says:

    My opinion is that schooling is a local issue. Yet I have seen one Islam-themed classroom in the NY area, and its curriculum was of the Islamofascist type. You can’t blame the community for being sensitive, not after 9-11. I disagree with Feinberg because numerous non-Muslims have defended AlMontaser, but the Muslim community has not helped matters by casting the dispute as a “rights” matter rather than one of sensitivity; that just makes things worse!

  9. Amad says:

    What the heck is “Islamofascist” type? Do you think we should call the organizers of the “Let’s hate Muslims” week by Horowitz and gang as judeofascists? Should the Israeli hawks bent on destruction of life and property of Palestinians be called Israelofascist?

    Throwing pejoratives and nonsensical terms such as islamofascist around typifies ideologues and Islamophobes.

  10. Solomon2 says:

    Islamofascist type: instruction blackboard to elementary school kids reads “Death to ” – is there any need to read further?

  11. Amad says:

    It means there are some lunatics among Muslims, just like there are lunatics among Jews and Christians. Heard of the kids in Israel taught to hate Arabs and consider them sub-human from an early age as well? What new term do we have to coin for that?

    Islamofascist means nothing. IT is a stupid right-wing neocon creation that is a pejorative designed for some bigger form of stereotyping. You know that.

    And we won’t allow this sort of stereotyping on this board.

  12. Amad says:

    Solomon: All you have been doing on this board recently is to make inflammatory comments. You know what that is called– trolling. I am sure there are plenty of your types on LGF to schmooze with.

  13. Solomon2 says:

    Amad, you asked a question and I answered it: I gave my definition of Islamofascist instruction. Why do you keep bringing up the subject of Jewish and Christian extremists? They are not killing American soldiers, suicide-bombing civilians, rocketing cities, or piloting airplanes into skyscrapers.

    Is it because you are so insecure in your Muslim identity that you cast about wildly for external justification for support? The Muslim neighbors I grew up with never needed to do that. They knew who they were, they practiced Islam without hurting or hating anybody, and they say they raised their kids the same way. I think they once tried to tell me their religion had moved while they themselves stayed the same.

  14. Amad says:

    Solomon2, we are done. It is you who throws around wild speculative information that pertains nothing to the subject at hand, ONLY to inflame and troll. Yes, extremists from Jews and Christians have done many killings… you can start with Israel, where the whole Israeli army is a state terrorist army. The doctor, goldstein, who killed Muslims in the mosque. Sabra and Shatilla carried out by Christian extremists backed by Israeli government. The examples go on and on.

    More on this nonsensical word only used to inflame hatred by the neocons:

  15. istigfar Yarro says:

    insha Allah I support her

  16. Solomon2 says:

    Does the question of support for Ms. AlMontaser take precedence over addressing the concerns and sensitivities of the local non-Muslim community?

  17. Amad says:

    Concerns & Sensitivities, but not bigotry which is at works here.

  18. Solomon2 says:

    Perhaps if one addresses the C & S, the bigotry issue will decline as well.

  19. Mary Folck says:

    Thank you Debbie Almontaser for your courage and contribution to the awakening of the human species.
    Until our sick American culture wakes up to its demonizing patterns we will move closer to extinction and now is the time for spiritually driven people to emanate authentic self respect. Authentic self respect requires familiarity with our dark sides and too many Americans are so confused they do not know how to get to that familiarity so that they can learn how to neutralize it. The suffering of the species lies in this dark side.

    Know that your well being is in the hope of many Anglo Americans.

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