New Yasir Qadhi Video – Treaty of Hudaybiyah

This is a lecture that was delivered in Toronto this July regarding lessons that can be learned from the Treaty of Hudaybiyah in our times.

[google -2198032296315883160]

Please also see the related video by Shaykh Yasir – Muslims in the West, Where Are We Going?

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17 responses to “New Yasir Qadhi Video – Treaty of Hudaybiyah”

  1. Avatar Voyageur says:

    This was an awesome lecture! jazakumAllaahu khayr for putting it up!

  2. Avatar Voyageur says:

    Sitting beside him was Navaid Aziz – my first time hearing him and I was totally convinced for him to be an AlMaghrib instructor. maa sha Allaah. I should check to see if that one has also been posted up or not

  3. Avatar Ar-Rumaysaan says:


    As salaam ‘alaikum.

    Here you go:

    May Allah protect all of our du’aat in the west and guide them to what’s best. Aameen.

  4. Avatar Voyageur says:

    Wa alaykum as Salaam warehmatullaah

    Ar-Rumaysaan! you totally rock.

    Back to the topic –
    I think this lecture and then the Q&A that followed it really put our perspectives aright
    sometimes ppl just get carried away…

  5. asSalaam ‘alaykum

    I have the QnA as well……

    I think it’s another 20-25 minutes

    QnA was nice

  6. Avatar Shama says:

    awesome lecture – jazakAllah khair

  7. Avatar AmatulWakeel says:

    mashaAllah that was awesome.

  8. Avatar AmatulWakeel says:

    Please post the QandA inshaAllah!

  9. Avatar ... says:

    Br. ibn alHyderabadee, i want to listen to Q & A? u have it on ur site,? can u share the link, i couldnt find this audio on ur site JazakAllah Khayr

  10. Avatar ibnabeeomar says:

    the q/a will be posted on MM soon insha’Allah

  11. Avatar Moiez says:

    Can we ask our own questions on this blog about the lecture?

  12. Avatar Moiez says:

    Shaikh Yasir With all due respect and this is a question and not to argue with your knowledge but are we in an treaty to not be able to do anything? Isnt the reason Rasoolallah(SA) didnt do anything because he gave his word? If Rasoolallah(SA) was not even thinking about a treaty would not he help the muslims that entered the camp? One final thing isn’t it because the Hookm of Allah(Azawajal) did not come down the reason the muslims did not attack Abu Jahal in Mecca or because it is Al Haram? The only reason Im asking is because I feel like we can do something if we just have a common goal which is help the ones being oppressed by fighting against the oppressors, we have the right to fight if we are invaded right? and the right to help the brothers and sister that are being invaded?
    And again I want to make this clear these are questions not arguements for I have a VERY HIGH respect of you and your knowledge and only dream of getting there right now… so please shed some light on my perspective inshallah
    Jazakallah Khair

  13. Avatar Abu Muwahid says:

    Do you think that Muslims without any covenant should waylay the kuffar and make ghanimah of their property just like Abu Baseer and the other sahaba that joined him?

    Also, I think that the speaker forgot to mention that any peace treaty between the home grown tawagheet and the tawagheet from amongst the cross worshippers is not worth the paper it is written on and does not affect the Muslim Ummah.

  14. Avatar restingtraveller says:

    still waiting for QnA inshaAllah :-)

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