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The Supplication of Zakariya: Lessons in Making Dua


Preserved in the Qur'an are private conversations between Our Master and His Servants. These were the conversations of the prophets and the pious – of Mary, Abraham, righteous men and women who remain unknown to us. My favorite example is the example of Prophet Zakariya [as] in the beginning of Surah Maryam. A favorite surah among many, Maryam has powerful ... Read More »

Ali's Advice to His Son


The following is an excerpt from the text Mukhtaaraatul Adab (مختارات الأدب) which was taught to last year's Dream students by Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda. أَوْصى الإمامُ عليٌّ وَلَدَهُ الحَسَنَ قال      يا بُنَيَّ أُوصِيكَ بِتَقْوى اللهِ, و كَلِمَةِ الحقِّ في الرِّضا والغَضَبِ.  يا بُنَيَّ مَن حَفَرَ لأخِيهِ بِئْراً وَقَعَ فيها, و مَن أُعْجِبَ بِرَأْيِهِ ضَلَّ, و مَنِ اسْتَغْنى بِعَقْلِهِ زَلَّ و ... Read More »

Why We Are Tested: The Psychology of Suffering & Misfortune – Part #3


This is Part #3 of a multipart post: You can find part #1 here  and #2 here   Sixth: The factors that assist a person to be successful in the test through calamities are the following: Gratitude and a realization that it could have been much worse. A tribulation, however great it is in magnitude, in it there is some ease and compassion because ... Read More »

Why We Are Tested: The Psychology of Suffering & Misfortune – Part #2


This is Part #2 of a multipart post: You can find part #1 here    Thirdly: Abundant trials and tribulations in this world is not a sign of one's disbelief or Allāh's displeasure with him. On the other hand, most of the people who are inflicted with calamities are the pious and the righteous. The Prophet was asked, “O Messenger of Allāh, which ... Read More »

Why We Are Tested: The Psychology of Suffering & Misfortune – Part #1


  The main maqsad or purpose of the human being in this life is to submit to the will and decree of Allāh and worship Him from his first breath to his last. Allāh through His immense wisdom and prudence has decreed the people be tried and tested in various ways in order for Him to develop their psyche and ... Read More »

Cashing in on Taqwa: Secure Duniya, Secure Akhira


Things happen. They always do. You had planned otherwise but Allah subhanahu wata'ala has planned better things for you. The brother may have all the qualities you were looking for but it just didn't work out. Or that degree you worked so hard for didn't land you a job. It is possible that someone, with whom you planned to stay forever and raise children, left you stranded. Maybe you have difficult parents who just do not understand. Funds might be lacking and there's a household to run. Grades are not what you want them to be in order to get into a certain professional school. Someone dear to you passed away or you just lost the “apple of your eye”, your little angel whom you had to bury with your own hands. Read More »

The Supplication Series: The Forgotten Piece of Flesh

The supplication that the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) taught us for our hearts. Read More »

You Are Perfectly Created

The work of Allah who has perfected everything (He created)." Qur'an 27:88. The perfection of man and woman includes the human spirit; human will; human emotional capacity, intellectual drive, innate curiosity, desire to excel, ability to love without bounds; and our yearning for Allah, even when we do not recognize it. What does it mean when we must reconsider our self-conceptions and see ourselves as perfectly created? Read More »

Sunday Open Thread 1-3-2010 | 1-17-1431

This morning I had the good fortune to hear the dars of the shaykh of Dar ut Taqwa in Maryland. And alhamdolillah, he shared a particular wisdom I wish to share with you... Read More »

Taqwa, Shukr, and Layl-at al-Qadr

A few weeks ago, I was asked to deliver one of the most difficult khutbahs of my life - a preparing for Ramadan khutbah on the Friday just before the start of Ramadan. How can I possibly motivate people about Ramadan? This was compounded by the fact that I myself was not yet mentally prepared for the onset of Ramadan. Truth be told, more than the forgiveness and virtues of the month, most of my personal discussions simply lamented the fact that the fasts this year were going to be SOOOO long. Read More »

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