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MM Arts | Poetry Day | 03-24-12


Welcome, it's our monthly Poetry day again! If you want to share your verses with everyone here, kindly email us at poetry[@]muslimmatters[.]org stating your name, along with your poem.  As soon as your poem is selected for publishing, we'll let you know so that you can keep an eye out for it, inshā'Allāh. JazakumAllahu khayr for sending in your poems! Without ... Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter | A Special Project by Nur Kose


One of our regular contributors to Muslim Kids Matter monthly posts is young Nur Kose. Today she writes to us about a special project she's working on, to make it easy and simple for kids to learn more about the Deen. Find out what she's been up to and what makes the classes so special, māshā'Allāh. :) We wish Nur ... Read More »

Is the Fast of ‘Ashūrā’ Similar to Passover or Yom Kippur?

The fast of ‘Ashūrā’ was prescribed before the fasts of Ramaḍān. The Jews observed it and so did the people of Arabia before the dawn of Islam. It is related by Imam Bukhāri on the authority of Ibn ʿAbbās that when the Prophet came to Madīnah he found that the Jews observed the fast of ‘Ashūrā’. He enquired about it from them and was told that it was the day on which God had delivered the Children of Israel from the enemy and Moses used to keep a fast on it as an expression of gratitude to the Almighty. The Prophet thereupon, remarked that Moses has a greater claim upon me than upon you,' and he fasted on that day and instructed his followers to do the same. Read More »

Yahya Ibrahim | The Sunnah of Love


An important dimension of domestic marital problems, as I see, is that the Sunnah of Love and Gallantry seems to be overlooked or dismissed as a long-gone era. The Sunnah, that is taught at times, seems to overlook amazing instances of passion, valor, fidelity and sacrifice in the name of true love. Instances from the life of the Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam and his companions builds a comprehensive system of devotion – a Sunnah of Love. Read More »

Common Mistakes Women Make During Hajj or Umrah


by Asma bint Shameem Asma is a Hajj Guide with a reputable Hajj Traveling Agency Mistake #1: Thinking that their iḥrām is the 'cap' they wear over their head Some Muslimahs do not know what iḥrām means and they think it's the cap that they put on over their hair, They don't take it off no matter what, thinking they will “break their iḥrām”. ... Read More »

Lessons in Staying Behind – Part 7: To Bring Joy to Another Muslim

It is narrated in the hadith; "The most beloved of people according to Allah is he who brings most benefit, and the most beloved of deeds according to Allah the Mighty, the Magnificent, is that you bring happiness to a fellow Muslim..." Read More »

Saying “I Don’t Know” is Half of Knowledge

Before issuing any fatwa, or any judgment for that matter, one must know the related principles and modalities. Issues that appear very simple are often times surprisingly grave, especially when we consider the implications of changing them. Read More »

Sunday Open Thread | Love your Prophet, Revive his Sunnah

"Whoever revives a Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practice it, will have the same reward of those who practice it without their reward diminishing." Read More »

‘Eid Al-Adha: Important Reminders

timthumb (2)

Many of us can attest to the fact that the spirit of celebration during ‘Eid-ul-Adha is subpar, to say the least, when compared to the Muslims’ spirit during ‘Eid-ul-Fitr. In fact, the underlying reason for this phenomenon may not be as secretive as we think. Read More »

Bosnia: Ramadan Experiences & Customs

Are Ramadans in Bosnia different than elsewhere in the Muslim world? Only as much as Muslims in Bosnia are different than the rest of their brethren, if we are talking about issues which really matter. The blessed month of Ramadan provides us with a prism through which any particular Muslim experience can be disassembled to allows us to remove from it that which is malignant, and reassemble it into a better, healthier structure. So lets turn the lights in Bosnia on and see what we get. Read More »

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