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Ramadan – A Time for Reflection


Too often when we think about Ramadan, we only think about taraweh, suhur and iftar. Many Muslims spend the day sleeping or watching television to "pass the time" and many rush to complete as many Qur'ans as possible. How many of us though, use this extra free time for reflection. Read More »

Everlasting Ramadan – Yasir Qadhi

A short and sweet reminder by Yasir Qadhi from HudaTV about the blessings of Ramadan, the purpose of it for ourselves in relation to Allah (SWT), and what it all means for the Muslim coming out of the holiest month of the year. Read More »

The Best Worship To Do On The Best Night

When Muslims seek the Night of Power (Lailat Al-Qadr) during the last ten nights of Ramaḍān, they often find themselves wondering what the best act of worship is to perform on such a blessed night. Is it praying ṣalāh? Is it reciting the Qur'ān? Read More »

Ramadan Seminar with Imam AbdulNasir and Nouman Ali Khan

4 Videos from a recent seminar in Dallas with Imam Abdulnasir Jangda and Nouman Ali Khan. Read More »

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