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The Day I Became The White Bull


We are more hurt over the death of one celebrity, then we are over the death of thousands of our brothers and sisters around the world. When we see an inhumane tyrant who is killing children in front of their mothers just for a little bit of power, the least we can do is despise it in our hearts. When you see your brother and sister saying and doing filthy things, at least feel a sense of disgust in your heart. Keeping in mind though, that you hate the sin, because of your love for the sinner. Unfortunately we have strayed so far from this point, that the only time we feel hate or disgust, is when we despise a particular individual; we have learned to hate the sinner, and could care less about the sin. Read More »

Shaykh Yaser Birjas | Khutbah Talking Points for Syria Crisis

Burial shrouds, symbolizing bodies of the protesters who were killed during protests in Syria, are seen at an anti-Syrian government protest in Cairo

My dear Imam and Khateeb, by the time you read this perhaps another 10 more innocent lives have already perished in Syria. Do your part. Take an action. Tomorrow. Read More »

Sons of the Sanussi

There are a great many similarities between the genocide perpetrated by the forces of Mussolini in his vain attempt to re-enact the Roman conquest of Libya and the actions of Qaddafi today. Read More »

Let’s Talk about Real Oppression against Women

Bismillah Let's talk about real oppression against women: Congo- aka Rape Capital of the World: “Rape is used as a weapon of war in Congo. Armed groups rape to terrorize and control women and communities and to humiliate families. It's calculated and it's brutal.” [1] “These women are raped with bayonets, wood and even guns. 80% of fistula cases in ... Read More »

Yaser Birjas | Injustice and Consequences | Libya

A short talk by Yaser Birjas about injustice and its consequences in light of the unfolding situation in Libya. Read More »

21 Shots and the Pursuit of Justice: An Imam (Luqman Ameen Abdullah) Dies in Michigan

Four months have passed since the death of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah. But among his community, his legacy lives on. The soup kitchen he initiated continues to serve the homeless and hungry by the dozens on a weekly basis. Among his followers, there is an odd sense of acceptance. Read More »

Patient: The Ummah. Diagnosis: Attention Deficit Disorder

Think about it - how many weeks ago did the Gaza crisis occur? Yet how quickly has it faded from our minds? It saddens me to know that we are so easily swayed, so swiftly distracted. However, there's something I learned from the Gaza Crisis and how we reacted to it. Read More »

February 23rd: 9am Hearing for Dr. Aafia Siddiqui — Why you should be there!

Did the Prophet Muhammad sull Allaho alayhi wa sallam say that only those who complete their hijrah, and build a fantastically just society, and fight many battles, and have many long years of service, that only those persons would get the reward of their intentions? Free Dr. Aafia Read More »

Gaza University Destroyed, Professor Rayyan & Family Murdered: Are Some Freedoms More Sacred Than Others?

The Israelis were so terrified of this one man, who probably weighed less than two hundred pounds, that they felt the need to drop a two thousand pound bomb on the apartment complex where he lived, killing him and eighteen other members of his family, including nine of his children. Men, women and children, murdered with unchecked savagery. Read More »

Confronting the Trials of Our Time – Between Extremism and Passivism

When these same scholars advised young Muslims to turn their efforts to dawaah in their own communities; to work at purging the evil that had crept into our communities, these young Muslims snapped. How could these “old, out-of-touch scholars” tell us “just do dawah”. So they instead turned to extremism and terror... and the condition of the Muslims worsened significantly as the country enacted emergency martial laws which deprived the citizenry of many civil and human rights.. Read More »

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