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Mama can I get Unlimited Internet on my iPad and other Internet Safety Issues


The fact is that 93 percent of kids are online. Even if parents limit or ban internet access, kids have access at school, through a friend's smart phone, libraries, and schools. The internet is a tool that our children need to use and master with wisdom dispensed by parents. We need tech-savvy youth who will grow up to be leaders ... Read More »

Parenting Series | Part IX: Teen Idols – Crushes, Love & Heartbreak


In this last segment of the Parenting series, Umm Reem discusses the importance of communication with our children, how to handle preteen/teenage crushes, and provides some special advice to the parents of girls. Read More »

Parenting Series | Part VIII: Sexual Activities Beyond the “Norm” – What Should We Teach Our Teens


Now let us proceed to additional topics that we should discuss with our pre/teens. Unfortunately, these topics are introduced to 10-year olds in public schools (as I mentioned in Part V(b)), hence the parents should be prepared to discuss these issues with the children at home. Read More »

Parenting Series | Part VI: Sexual Education from an Islamic Perspective


It is never easy to talk to the children about sex or sex related issues. In fact, even more difficult is to decide at which age we should educate them about these issues though we must realize that Sex Ed is more than just explaining intercourse to the children, and it may not be as difficult to get to the real topic if we keep taking care of the smaller issues related to it from an early age. Read More »

MuslimKidsMatter: What makes you a special Muslim Kid?

The following is a clip from a documentary called Abraham's children – following the lives of 6 Muslim American kids – can you identify with any of these children? Disclaimer: background music. I didn't know that every tenth kid in NYC is Muslim. It is a tough time to be a Muslim kid especially if you attend public school. But ... Read More »

Parenting Series | Part V: Why Parents Need to Provide Sexual Education to their Kids

head in sand

When parents ignore their role as educators, others take over and play with innocent little minds in the way that suits their vulgarity best. Read More »

Parenting Series | Part IV: Connection with Qur’an and Instilling Islamic Character


Many people wonder when is the best time to begin a more structured relationship with with the Qur'an. Read More »

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