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Anti-Muslim Bigotry on the Island: Sri Lankan Muslims in the Face of a New Civil War?

sri lanka

Still reeling from the after effects of a long-standing civil war Sri Lanka seems poised for yet another, this time with another face attributed to the enemy – the minority (9%) Muslim population of the island. Read More »

1000+56 Words, Explained


 I feel like this message is far too important to me and far too sensitive for all of us for me to leave it unexplained. —– Where were you when it happened? For me, it was the classroom.  I was in 5th grade when the Twin Towers were attacked.  The school day had just begun when the first plane hit, ... Read More »

Religious Discrimination at Work

Religious discrimination in the workplace

She didn’t know that the $20 scarf she wrapped around her head that morning would result in a $25,000 lawsuit . She walked into the job interview for Morningside House of Ellicott City: a confident, well educated professional. Excited, about to graduate from nursing school and after spending years caring for other’s children as a childcare worker, she was starting a new chapter of her life. A heartfelt prayer to Allah mumbled under her breath and she opened the door. Read More »

Why We Love Islamophobia


It is well-known that those who are most successful in teaching about Islam—to Muslims and non-Muslims—are those who do what’s “un-cool” (often referred to as “the right thing”), yet there exists a growing movement amongst Muslims to publicize and condone wrong in the name of making Islam look “cool”. Read More »

Islamophobia is Stupid: Part III

Islamophobia T

Islamophobia is stupid: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4   The Messenger of Allāh said, “The believer does not defame, abuse, disparage, nor vilify.” (al-Tirmidhi) So it is official, Islamophobia IS stupid! Well, at least the Associated Press (AP) rejected the term (along with Homophobia and “ethnic cleansing”) in their most recent update to the ... Read More »

Christian Groups and Rabbis put up Pro-Muslim Subway Ads


Pamella Geller and her fellow Islamophobes made headlines a few weeks ago with their vitriolic anti-Muslim advertisements in NYC subway stations and else where. Their message equated  Muslims to “savages” and “jihad” to terrorism. To respond to this bigotry , a remarkable group of Christians and Jews have started a counter campaign which encourages tolerance and love for Muslims. Exemplifying ... Read More »

My Take: It’s time for Islamophobic Evangelicals to Choose


At a time when U.S. embassies are being attacked and when people are getting killed over an offensive, adolescent and puerile film targeting Islam - beyond pathetic in its tawdriness – we must begin to own up to the reality of evangelical Islamophobia. Read More »

French Cartoons – Free Speech or Islamophobia?


This article was first published with a image taken from the French magazine, which depicted a Muslim and Jewish man with the words “Don't mock us”. We immediately replaced the image, as some believed it to be an example of a depiction of our beloved Prophet Muḥammad . Read More »

Mocking the Prophet, How Should We React?


How should we Muslim react to mockery of our Prophet Muḥammad or should we even react at all? Just like the cartoons few years ago, the Muslim response to the recent film has been very diverse.  From the very mild of responses to the very violent ones, what's most noteworthy is the enormity of the response.  Despite the consensus that ... Read More »

Texts of Terror? An Interfaith Dialogue


It's no secret to anyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, that this issue is the number one misconception about Islam in this post-911 age. It's also no secret that this is number one question that Muslims get anywhere they go. Read More »

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